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September 4th, 2021

And Tsurumaki Maki-san will forever be a pro hunter who loves spread shots.

I've never played Touhou, so Marisa and Reimu have become characters who teach random facts on YouTube to me.

Competitor Roset saying she doesn't want to die, yet not healing!!!

Did my best to draw art!

Today marks one year since I began as a Vtuber. :party popper: I'll keep on doing lots of fun things, so thanks-ski! :heart: #TesrosetFirstAnniversary #TesrosetArt #TesrosetTransmission [Top-right: "I don't wanna die!!!!"]

[Retweeting various reminiscences in the tag] I'm grateful for everyone's thoughts, so grateful...

Ahhhhh, I just got an idea for another stupid stream project... I've got no time to do stuff, so don't think of anything more... Please...

I'll do an anniversary stream tomorrow, so see you then!

It was fun doing a bunch of different stuff!!!! #TesrosetTransmission

I made a tag, so I'd appreciate if people talked about memories like what jokes they liked, or what streams stuck in their mind. :bang:

I hope there are people who have Sunday prayer, then celebrate with drinks at Mecca.

Is this the modern-day holy war?

Seeing "Mecca" [as the name of a restaurant] next to a Christian church on Koshu Kaido really hits my funny bone.

It's sad how when I make a song in my dreams, it's gone when I wake up.

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