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September 3rd, 2021

You may have lots of substitutes, but if you were chosen out of those many substitutes, I insist that you think about the reason for that.

I'm well aware the world would keep on spinning without me, but I want to do my best to meet as many people as I can who think "if she went away, things would be kind of bland."

Night is a thought laboratory, so there can sometimes be a bad chemical leak or fiery explosion that injures your heart. :band-aid:

Maybe it's because I can feel how the world goes on spinning even if I'm not there? Or because I can feel reality and my memories moving apart? Why do people possess the feeling of loneliness in the first place? "Night" is the time where you start thinking about this kind of thing endlessly.

I'm at an age where I've had the sort of experience several times where I go to the town I used to live in and it's gone without a trace, but why does that make me feel so melancholy, anyway?

I've felt since I was a kid that my mental age'd never change and I'd never be an adult, but whenever I notice my nostalgic feelings growing, I realize I'm aging after all... Ain't that just tragic.

I'm at risk of that when I do chat streams, so I have to be careful about it. (since Tesroset Transmission is a channel for youngsters, you see)

I'm an old-timer already, so I want to spend a whole day reminiscing on popular old commercials and games and TV shows and songs and weeping.

Even if I'm sacrificing my physical condition tomorrow, I drink heavily. That's life.

Maybe I get sentimentally sympathetic because those feelings deepen the older you get.

There's a limit to the things that can come true, that can be achieved in your life, and every time you pour your lifeblood into something, you're giving up something else. That's life.

The older you get, the more your heart is drawn to hellish works...

Just did the job of watching The Wind Rises again and saying "So this is what yearning for the sky gets you..."

Pant... pant...

I've been drawing all day...

(Everyone... The one-year anniversary of Tesroset Transmission is in two days...)

Let's make a band out of artists who can't get verified.

I didn't receive a verified checkmark, but I did gain about 400 followers. And then it occurred to me. That every one of your follows is the greatest, most brightly-shining verified checkmark of all.
That aside, please give me a verified checkmark.

Don't come to me askin' "what're you doing, Okii-san?" I dunno either. What're you doing, Okii-san?

Otaku that wants to join in when you talk about space.

Representative Works from 2007: "VOC@LOID in Love" "Miracle Paint"
Representative Works from 2021: "This is a message from Twitter." "This is a message from Twitter. 2nd season"

[Re: Message From Twitter 2nd Season] Thanks for the 10,000 likes. It's become one of my representative works. (?)

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