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June 18th, 2021

The Viral Vocaloid Producer Ranking is a ranking of Vocaloid producers whose original songs go viral, not a ranking of Vocaloid Producers whose nonsensical jokes go viral on Twitter. [Screenshots of some of her viral tweets - the sexy song video, gargling dry highballs, that old U I know]

Let's go together, to space...

Thank you for your assistance in avoiding 0 members... :folded hands: :folded hands: :folded hands:

It seems you get more custom emotes the more memberships you get... When I gain memberships, I also gain emotions...!!

Only having four custom emotes to start with, all I can do is laugh.

[The "w" and "草 (kusa)" both represent laughter.]

I set up [YouTube] memberships, hwoooooh...

If I become rich, the first thing I want to do is make my songs entirely live.

Paying mind to this kind of thing is very much an occupational disease, but whatever songs I listen to, I wonder about whether it's live or sequenced, and if the strings and pipes are live, I'm like "They've got money!!"

It's also amazing how it's standard for existing songs to be recorded with a full orchestra and also have a pursuit variation...

I see people asking to add new monsters, but the sound design in Monster Hunter seems like it'd cost an absurd amount of money, so thinking how much it costs to make just one monster gives me shivers...

Maybe not so much Monster Hunter as a whole, but broadsword is absolutely a rhythm game.

Maybe it's simply that it's electrified, and it's just its movements that are fast... I only fight the regular breed when it's not electrified, so the BPM's different... Monster Hunter is a rhythm game, after all...

Feels like Apex Zinogre's tail strike hitbox comes even faster than Zinogre's.

I think I can get under 5 minutes on Apex Zinogre... My days constantly hunting Zinogre weren't a waste.

Monster Hunter's way too fun.

The appearance of a desire for my fave to eat delicious things...

I drew Claire-san, and she showed up in my dream... So this is what they mean by "if you draw them, they'll appear"... [typically meaning "you'll get them from the gacha"]

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