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June 14th, 2021

Stream's over! Couldn't get my time down as usual, but it was fun...

I'm protecting Kamura.

I've prepared a presentation.

["Why is Valstrax hard?
- Pure attack power
- Strength of combo attacks
- Lots of multihit damage i.e. Dragon Spirit Blast
- Speed of attacks coming out
- Hardness of body
- Smallness of weak point"]

:clock: Tonight at 8:30:
It's a rare Monday, so I'm going to relentlessly hunt Valstrax. Thanks in advance. #TesrosetTransmission
[Monster Hunter Rise] Learning While Doing Valstrax Lecture [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

This'd be the first page of the Roset-chan doujinshi.

What's your name?
When was your first experience?
Is this your first time doing something like this?
Well then, first off, could you hold C7 with your left hand?

Thus, the art I draw is me assembling my favorite followers, or drinking with them in a fantasy world, or having my fave eat eclairs, or whatever other desires I have... No, that's fine, isn't it? Right, yeah, that's fine... (resolution)

I can look at other people's works and find things about the design I find cute, but it won't come bubbling out of me!

Every time I draw, I'm like, people who can draw are so amazing I don't even get it, and first of all I can't even come up with stuff like composition, and even just the stage where I come up with something to draw is too hard.

Monster Hunter update! Come quick!

I have pretty good odds of remembering my dreams, so for a time I looked up info on dream fortune-telling, but it wasn't accurate very often, and I have to wonder how the heck I'd look up a dream like today's.

In dreams, often it's not only the setting, but your thoughts that are glitchy too.

Had a dream where a follower suddenly tweeted a picture of an adult toy, and there was a reply saying "LOL'd at it being white," and I thought "Is it being white laugh-worthy...?"

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