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June 15th, 2021

Thank you for the godly game console that is the Nintendo Switch.

First-time playthroughs are overwhelmingly valuable, and I love them a lot, but it's painful how that superb time is limited...

Because of the fatal bug where you can delete game data but not brain data, you can only enjoy first-time playthroughs once, so fix that already.

Nagito Komaeda's such an amazing character.

Those who haven't played Danganronpa, at least try it up to when you get outside the school.

Satisfied after watching the Nintendo Direct, I made my return to Kamura Village.

BotW is a game about enjoying strolls.

When BotW2 comes out, I'll be one of those people who's satisfied not progressing the story and just strolling around the open world again...

Hey, I'm the same age as Legend of Zelda.

Mario Party boards are so nostalgic...

I saw Kazuya Kiyoshi joined the fight.

When the composer does the mixing, they're like "Ahh! I worked hard on this part, so I want it to be heard!" and make all the parts ultra-loud, and all those who listen to it die.

I want to teach others about Monster Hunter, and I want others to teach me about Monster Hunter.

Streaming is fun, but I get so few chances to talk to people usually that it's really exhausting, I realize... But it's fun, so I wanna...

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