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April 26th, 2021

I'm great for making songs.

Wanna keep up the pace and aim to be a 3-minute hunter... People good at greatsword are so cool.

Zinogre's stronger. (??)

Did Diablos in under 5 minutes...???? [Screenshot of 4:51]

At this age, I'm so grateful for people I can meet after a long time and have fun with as if we're just picking up from yesterday.

This person who hunts Zinogre in 5 minutes makes pretty good songs.
[Cute Big Band Jazz] Cat and Balloons feat. Miku Hatsune - OSTER project

Music is the best...

CD of Monster Hunter vocal covers (not making this)

While you were singing "Zinogre, Zinogre," everyone else was releasing CDs at M3.

[Retweets Zinogre BGM cover] Check out OSTER project's latest work.

It has a Romantic sound.

The Fukutoshin Line departure jingle that I always thought sounded like Chopin's √Čtudes.
Fukutoshin Line Shinjuku-sanchome Track 3 Departure Jingle "Mysterious Waltz"

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