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April 27th, 2021

Should I start streaming hunting Teostra in under 5 minutes...? (impossible)

I'll wait forever for Deviljho.

My trauma of hunting Kushala Daora in the jungle in Freedom Unite returns.

Thank you, Monster Hunter...

Elder Dragons!!!

Here comes Rise...

Waiting for Monster Hunter. [announcement stream including version 2.0 of Rise]

(I did in fact get a LINE message like "I laughed a ton" after uploading it, which made me happy)

But I legit do hope there are people who I make laugh with that sort of thing.

What, did you post you singing the Zinogre BGM to search for others who find the same things beautiful?

The musical artform is just so massive, so I keep searcing for others in that massive world who find the same things beautiful, and keep broadcasting to that end.

They say music transcends language, but there are countless languages among the genres, and you can't hold a conversation with someone using a different language, so it's valuable when you can talk with the same language...

I'm a female Vtuber.

They're talking about chords...

Makes me wanna do something conceptual...

AAAA-san's CD is stylish not only in its songs, but its very existence.

Living again today.

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