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April 25th, 2021

This Monster Hunter game... I could play it forever if I tried out other weapons.

It's super amazing how just saying "a train departure jingle with a bad-feeling last chord" can make you imagine a typical train departure jingle.

It's not "the chords are complex so they're beautiful," it's "chords that sound beautiful have a complex structure when you untangle them."

I can't give up composing until I make you cry!

I wanna refine this sense so I can better output it so bad... I want to shape with my own hands the furthest ends of the beauty I imagine.

I'm so blessed to be attuned to finding the movement of chords beautiful... I can be like "this is something I firmly love."

It's so nerdy to cry at chord progressions as opposed to sympathizing with lyrics or whatever.

Wanna make people cry with music so much.

Tear-inducing progressions induce tears...

Put an AAAA-san OSTER on T-shirt-san. (???)

RT @q07a_ "Want to wear an AAAA-san T-shirt. (put an OSTER project T-shirt on AAAA-san)" ← Roger that!

[Retweeting the trio photo] I super love this photo... Want the age of being able to assemble all together to come soon...

Want to wear an AAAA-san T-shirt. (put an OSTER project T-shirt on AAAA-san)

RT @kiro247 AAAA-san wearing an "AAAA" T-shirt is too funny.

I went to M3 aimlessly, but it was fun getting to meet people and talk... Thanks to those who talked to me... :heart: And I wanna put out a CD soon.

Since I can't talk about music much in daily life, it makes me into an otaku who goes wild over just having her music talk be understood...

It cheered me up to meet people... Thank you, people...

RT @Hommarju In addition to the princess (@fuwacina), Rough-kun (@uno_roughsketch) joined too. 4 away from getting everyone together...

RT @Hommarju The princess (@fuwacina) came to visit.

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