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October 12th, 2020

If I get good at art, it'll add to the things I can do by myself, so I wanna get good soon.

Today, I finished up a song, drew art, and fit rings, so I pass. :pass symbol:

When I see people with high creative abilities putting out work, I secretly get super antsy, but feel like I'm doing comparatively well myself, so I want to work hard a bit more calmly...

I think it'll be written in the history books how I was able ot collect 120 stars in Mario 64.

[Retweeting the angel/devil fanart at 4 AM] This is me now.

Weapon... (Mario 64)

RT @a2see My wife was still awake when I got home, so I told her OSTER-san became a Vtuber, and she immediately responded "It's obvious what she does, and she's got a weapon? She's the strongest!", and I was like, she sure understands the nature of Vtubing.

The steak kind was cheaper than the curry kind per gram, so... I thought it would be okay to use for curry too... But that meat... its soul must have believed it was being bought to be turned into steak... Rest in peace...

There's something I've always wanted to go to church and confess...
The other day, I wanted to make curry with good meat, but they weren't selling much meat intended for curry, so I cut up Japanese Black beef meant for steak with a knife and made curry with it. Have mercy on me, Lord... Lord, forgive me my transgression...

Sorry for not spending on mobile games and only spending on beef.

I sweat out about 5 billion liters.

Just 'cause I go for long doesn't mean I can burn calories... [Ring Fit results: 30m19s, 124.16kcal, 0.74km]

The more super-spicy ramen you eat, the more fat it burns away, so it's 0 calories in practice.

An illustration of a person hungry at 2 AM. #TesrosetArt

[Devil Roset: "Kehehehe! Let's eat that fatty tonkotsu rame!"
Angel Roset: "No way! You should eat super-spicy ramen loaded with capsaicin to burn away the fat!"
Tesro's stomach: *rumbleeeeee...*]

Surprised myself by how much I can't draw cutely at all.

I want to make a good Roset-chan and an evil Roset-chan too. (?)

First vocal recording with Tesroset-chan. (backing chorus)

I have your children. If you want them back, send the multitrack data for a complete stereo mix (at least 48k 16-bit). I'm sure this must be a busy time for you, but thank you for your cooperation.

I am OSTER. No matter what anyone says, I'm OSTER.

I'm the only Vtuber in the world who composed trick and treat!!!!!

Hey, please gimme... (monetization)

I don't want any misunderstandings, so to add a postscript, it's only like this because it's being treated as a creation of the company that I entrust with managing the copyright, but saying it like that would have been awkward.

I'm covering a song by a third party, me.

[Photo of her trick and treat YouTube upload, then under the Monetization option: "This is a cover of a song composed by a third party."]
No... This is mine...!! It's mine!!!! Give it back!!! Give it baaack!!!!!

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