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October 13th, 2020

Whatever I do, whether I'm satisfied with it is top priority.

It's nice to think in terms of "cute" rather than "good" or whatever. I wanna draw art I can personally see as cute.

Can't cure my habit of staying up 'til morning. [4:28 AM]

I was so nervous in the moment before stream, but I'm super energetic now... So simple-minded...

I wanna draw Tesroset-chan, and I wanna draw the dog sisters too! Gotta make a video also!

I made some good progressions and got overstimulated again today.

The stream's over! We were able to summon the odious Calamity Canon, so I'll upload the video tomorrow! Look forward to it! :peace sign:

[Retweets Vtuber Sister Claire linking her stream]

Things are getting spicy!!!

It's starting!
[Real Time Composition Stream] Canon Progression Corruption Stream [#TesrosetTransmission]

Better make preparations for the stream... I'll at least set up some basic chords first.

How to streamers ready themselves to stream...?

[Retweeting a highlight from the Mario 64 streams of attempting to do Little Penguin Lost fast by dropping the baby penguin from the top, but failing a bunch] After this, I remembered that the proper way isn't to drop it off, but to just fall down holding it.

I know you always have to consider your own enjoyment first or you can't keep up anything for long, so I wanna take things easy.

I'm Tesroset-chan. ///

Sickness that makes you wanna meet people. (rampaging)

And I do try to avoid saying "I'm worthless!" as much as possible because it hurts the people who like me.

I mean, even if someone says I'm being contradictory, it doesn't really matter, since in my mind that's just the truth.

The feelings of "I'm awesome!" and "I'm worthless!" are constantly coexisting in me, so even though I'm not trying to lie when I say I'm awesome or when I say I'm worthless, there are times when I get sad thinking how people won't get that and think I'm being contradictory. (making up invisible enemies for myself to fight)

Am I a masochist for streaming despite having no confidence that I can entertain people? But part of me also wants to build confidence by taking the challenge anyway, so there's a bunch of feelings battling it out.

Every time I stream, I get super nervous. There's always this feeling like "what do I do if I can't do this?"

Starting tonight at 9 PM, I'll do a stream of making the Canon progression sexy.
[Real Time Composition Stream] Canon Progression Corruption Stream [#TesrosetTransmission]

(I fell a billion times and eventually succeeded.)

I'm a Vtuber who's good at Mario 64.

Composition OK

Longing for others. :heart:

Tonight. [Poll]
- Composition stream [56%] - Game stream [24.3%] - Chat stream [19.7%]

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