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October 11th, 2020

Telling a woman a line like "you may not be beautiful, but I love you" feels like telling a man "you may not have any skills to make money, but I love you"... Personally, I'd just feel hurt, not happy.

I've seen people say "outward beauty is lost with age, but inner beauty never changes" as if that's something that's supposed to make women happy, but I just think how I wouldn't be happy at all to be told that, and the nature of beauty just changes with age is all, I'm beautiful every second you dumbass.

People all attach their own values to physical affection. Having your hand held might mean that person thinks you're special, but then maybe holding hands isn't a special action to them.
And you see, I've got a major interest in the conflict and unease that arises from that.

Guess it's a bad habit of mine to gush over little details...

The physical affection of two girls that get along well holding hands, the way it's special and yet not special, it's truly sublime and magnificent... Don't you think, Kameyama-kun?

I wanna see yuri freak Ukyo-san [from AIBOU: Tokyo Detective Duo] who detects the subtle wrongness of two girls trying to hide their relationship around others and gets fixated on little details.

I'm not gushing over how the two girls are holding hands. I'm gushing over the fact that the two girls both feel that they have the sort of relationship where they can hold hands.

I saw a tweet about how there's been many cases of people getting stimulated by sex and having a stroke, and I thought "I might die while listening to music."

Here's this week's!
[Official MV] trick and treat feat. Kagamine Rin/Len - OSTER project

If you just say "it's about gemstones that fight," it sorta sounds like it's for little girls...

Is there any person who could nicely answer the question "What kind of manga is Land of the Lustrous?"...??

If you do Ring Fit after walking for an hour, it's exhausting. (discovery)

Roset-chan having curry in her pot at home, but smelling a stew scent wafting through the residential area which fills her head with stew instead.

Roset-chan getting rained on the second she goes out for a walk and all her fur getting soaked.

Roset-chan's howling is so crappy and cute... (??)

Yesterday, I was a god of productivity... Today, I might be a god of conductivity.

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