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October 9th, 2020

I even had surgery, so I wish my back paid would read the room and cure itself.

Not givin' in to back pain!

I would like to lose weight, of course, but I mostly just want a regular amount of stamina to play outside all day.

I'm exercising well, but I'm also eating well, so I'm not losing any weight at all. :flex:

Who needs heating when you have Ring Fit?

I'm too great. [Ring Fit results: 28m23s, 148.80kcal, 1.92km]

I'd like to take on all sorts of new jobs in the future... Awaiting a job where I can soak in a hot spring smiling and eat food.

I want to bike up a hill being hit by sunlight, but I need to get my bike repaired so air can go in it.

Because of all the Ring Fit I'm doing, I keep trying to press in the steering wheel when I drive.

If you focus on counting all the things you don't have, there's truly no end to it, so I'm always wanting to praise myself for the things I worked hard on and can be proud of.

If you do your best and live, good things will happen, so you gotta do it!! Gonna have a chat with my back and do some relaxed Ring Fit today...

[Retweeting "three grinning dog sisters" fanart] Want to be this soon.

Didn't feel good enough to get anything done today...

[Toro: "I see! Claire-san is sexy!"]

Not feeling good. :pensive:

Gonna write lyrics! Lyriiics! Come on down from the skyyy!

At the very least, I can't imagine them as the songs of someone who says stuff like "Dorian scale sounds sketchy."

Listening to my own songs and being like "This ain't a song by somebody who doesn't know theory!" (fierce singing-own-praises morning)

Dorian scale sounds kinda sketchy.

The world of music has all kinds of scales, and all I know is that using them well can make an amazin' solo or melody line... I don't know about scales...

Music is fun 'cause it makes noises when you place notes on a piano roll.

It's so easy to understand on a piano scale, where the distance between notes is displayed uniformly. Sometimes it just feels good to be like, I bet it'd sound good if I put a note in this gap and have all the notes crash into each other.

I like augs a lot, but maybe it's chords on whole-tone scales I like... Perhaps slash chords and 7-5s are also on the whole-tone scale?

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