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September 16th, 2020

Lately, on Vtuber streams and such, when something's funny I see lots of "kusa" ["grass," a play on what "wwww" looks like] comments, yet "w" [short for "laugh"] is pretty much an endangered species, which makes me feel the changing of the times. Even knowing that, I do think it was nice that with "w"s you could express the intensity of your laugh by how many you used, and yet say "kusa" quite a bit myself. (kusa)

I need to make a dummy Roset-chan too so I can stream with Tesro-kun.

RT @iroha_sasaki Fuwacina-san's activity level is 530,000. (scouter exploding)
Only those who act can take action.

[Reblogging Roset fanart] I'm happy to see the Tesroset art tag getting more use... I want them to grow to be beloved... :smiling face: :smiling face: :smiling face:

I'm just a baby. :baby:

I don't understand how I'm looked up to by some amazing people.

[Retweeting Tesroset manga] The chord progression in this sexy book is in fact the same progression I was going like "it's so sexy" about in the stream.

When mixing swing and straight like this, I used to think it had to be one or the other, but it's not like that at all...

I just noticed, in the section of Jump Up Super Star between the end of verse 1 and the start of verse 2 (1:25~), the rhythm is straight but the trumpets are swing???

I'm grateful to get introduced by another Vtuber... So grateful...

RT @ringo_0_0_5 [Kujo Ringo, retweeting a Tesroset highlight video] What folly that I'd failed to notice that the esteemed OSTER had begun as a Vtuber.
It feels like only yesterday I was listening to Love's Saki-Sakiā˜†Revolution and following Shibasaki Saki, or weeping over her collab with Mitchie M, Maison Hatsune.
To see this kind of thing happen often lately makes my feelings burst...

[Jun: "I see! The final blow is tragic!"]
She's from my generation.

Who out there knows Brachistochrone curves include cycloids, but can't explain why cycloids are Brachistochrone curves? Meee! :raised hands:

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