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September 15th, 2020

I at least want to create a super mega short mini skit video. (where are you even going)

Don't make light of Vtubers, OSTER.

I've already decided what I want to do for the second Tesroset stream (music talk, as befitting a Musical Vtuber), but when you consider thinking up the script and recording the voices and filming the movement and editing the video, it's so hard, Vtubers are so amazing it doesn't even make sense.

I want to make them move, but I'm still super embarrassed recording their voices by myself.

Busyness is steadily tightening around my neck, but I wanna make Tesroset-chan move... Sniff...

Let me do OSTER big band project...

The arrangement of every part of Jump Up, Super Star! is so perfect, I can't believe this song exists.

The arranging is so sexy.

If I made a song like this, I'd have infinite fun with recording.

Jump Up, Super Star! is a godly song.

Even if have to make the whole world my enemy, I don't want to make the whole world my enemy.

I always get excited when starting something new. I'm glad that no matter when, I can become a first-grader any time...

It's like, with this sort of thing, it feels like everyone's making content all together... It's like, this kinda thing... This is it...

This is late, but it's possible I'll use images tweeted with this tag in streams, so please be aware. :folded hands: #TesrosetArt
If anyone who already drew art has a problem with that, please let me know. :bowing woman:

I'm a prodigy, so I made Miracle Paint when I was 4.

5 years since Labradorite
6 years since Music Wizard of Oz
8 years since Fox's Wedding
9 years since Gossip
9 years since Alice in Musicland
10 years since Piano Girl
11 years since Love Ward
12 years since Marginal
13 years since Miracle Paint
17 years since I was born

[Jun: "Huh, is that right, hop... OSTER, you really like women a lot, huh?"]
Egging me on every time I make a yuri song.

I've been sluggish day after day and haven't been able to work at all... No stamina to put on stamina.

I'll collect any unneeded 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000-yen bills you have for free.

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