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September 14th, 2020

Should I put out a collab Tesroset-chan doujin by myself...? (overturning the concept of "collab")

I love this comment so much.
["I'm addicted to the feeling of "eros popping in naivete"! I wonder if people get what I mean by that? The elements of "purity" and "naivete" seem as a glance to be contrary to eroticness, but when they're combined with eroticness, they become a kind of "catalyst" that drives toward a bewitching feeling.
On the other hand, it fulfills a role of "bravado" that envelops eros; the word "manliness" seems approrpiate.
It brings about a wholesomeness like the refreshing light of the sun shining on a California beach in the middle of summer, while youthful teenagers beneath it bite into apples grown with the nutrients of Californian soil.
"The harmony of purity and eros"... That's probably one of OSTER project's charms, isn't it?"]

Ever since seeing this image, I've kindly told even my cats "You guys are going to the Animal Realm. ♡"

[Retweets the 2017 tweet the "Animal Realm" picture was referring to] Original reference in RT. :clap:

I'm not saying anything greedy like "I want 100 million yen in tips," God, so at least, at the very least, give me enough assets that I could give 100 million yen in tips and be totally fine.

Unexpectedly, the crappy manga I drew yesterday is getting views...

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