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September 12th, 2020

I want to learn a bunch from somebody who's on a repeat playthrough of life.

I know I'm only cornering myself when I think like this, but cornering myself so I try hard might be a fitting apporach for someone prone to slacking off like me. I don't know. I don't get life. It's only my first playthrough so it's hard.

It's easy to say "it's fine to rest, you don't have to try so hard," but when you start considering how nobody can make up what you lose by resting or not trying hard, it feels like there's no way you can stop, right??

I often think about how even those fun and happy times that help you live optimistically have to be actively sought out, so any time spent hesitating feels like a waste...

When you're hurting! When you're sad! Warm your heart with memories of fun and happy times and live!

Life is the intergral of "now."

I'm fantasizing about being kidnapped by a dark furry surgeon and waking up remade into Roset-chan.

[Retweeting a group photo by Bayachao of "Makemon-ized" people, featuring Roset] Roset-chan is good.

Another one of those days.

I like people who will enjoy the food no matter where you take them, especially since then wherever they take you, you can enjoy the food too.

My gag tweet got popular, so I crudely promoted myself... I'm a crude woman...

I recently became a Vtuber. Thanks in advance.
[Musical Vtuber] Tesroset LIVE Episode 1: Highlights

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