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September 11th, 2020

I'm probably just a nostalgic figure to many people, but I feel in my bones how I've become known by people from many different eras for many different reasons, so I want to make the effort to get eyes on me however I can, which is why do my best tweeting dumb gags.

Nonsense tweets can go little a viral.

Private Liszt vs. Public Chopin

Haaah, found it.. It was somewhere I'd definitely never put it normally... No telling what I'll do what I'm drunk, I suppose.

When I get drunk, bad things happen like getting bruises I don't remember or losing things, but it's so much fun that I drink anyway...

It's because I got too drunk last night...

The disgrace of losing a hair clip in your own house...

I want to wake up in the morning with Roset-chan's looks and vocal cords.

Maybe sexiness lies in how many half-tones can be hidden in the chord progression???

The inner voice of 13→b13 is too sexy, and going a half-tone down to land at the next chord's 9 is super sexy...

Feels like I'll find it sexy just from seeing numbers.

By the way, the chords in the part where I was getting overstimulated:
F#m7-5 | B7(#9,13) B7(#9,b13) | Em11 Eb9(13)
Key of C.

I don't know what might get people interested in me, so I'll just try doing everything.

When you do stuff, you create more opportunities to be seen.

Decided to upload the highlights I assembled.
[Musical Vtuber] Tesroset LIVE Episode 1: Highlights #TesrosetTransmission

Even promoting the heck out of myself and putting "Vtuber" in my name, there are still people I'm not reaching, so I'm gonna promote the heck out of myself, forgive me...

I was told the key entering the chorus and at the end of the chorus was weird, and indeed, I wasn't really conscious of it, but it is weird. Mysterious key change.

Listening to this for the first time in a while after being complimented for it yesterday...
[VOCALOID] Friendship [Kagamine Rin]

Finally sorting out my channel.

[Retweeting Roset fanart] Let's all draw Tesroset. (and I'll be happy)

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