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July 31st, 2020

What else? Let's make a youthful bingo and fill it all in. I'm gonna be adolescent 'til I die...

Running along the river in the evening, shouting at the ocean, lying down and looking at the stars, gazing at the morning sun from a high place... Since adults are more able to act freely and take responsibility for themselves, can't they be youthful all they want?

I'm in my thirties, but I'm full of motivation to start my youth right now.

I'm afraid of a world that can't laugh at and accept Pocari commercials, or Isabelle's non-relevant topics.

Vocaloid producers are good at having pet cats and grilling meat.

Puella Magi augā˜†dim

Let's make my own anime!!!

I wanna do an anime theme song. Don't you ever wanna do an anime theme song?

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