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July 30th, 2020

I feel like people who can grab hold of success are super stubborn people who can keep persistently going no matter what anyone throws at them, so I'm gonna be stubborn and persistent too, to the point that people are like "You're still at it?" I'll do it 'til I'm dead.

I can't handle the kind of person who sees a good friend putting in effort to change and starts feeling inferior and getting aggressive. I feel like doing that just makes your own life more miserable, but does it really satisfy them? Rather than pull down the legs of others, climb up on your own legs. :leg: :leg:

[Photo of a TV show: "Question: The thing that kills genius is average people good at ___"]

It occurs to me that the shaking of earthquakes is an ideal way to explain transverse and longitudinal waves.

I went viral, so let me advertise myself!
I want to advertise myself, so let me go viral!

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