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July 29th, 2020

I actually am curious about the dividing line between curry and vegetable soup. If you gradually add a thick curry flavor, it's a mystery as to when it becomes curry. Like when you're dozing off, how it's unclear how much you're awake and conscious and how much you're asleep. Even if you go to bed with that curiosity in mind, your senses can't observe the moment you fall asleep.

Don't you wanna forgive and love yourself, contradictions and all, for being so human? That makes you invincible.

Then what's that make you for making music relying so heavily on feel, eh? Eheehee, I dunno.

There surely aren't a lot of things in this world that you can cleanly draw a line between, which might be why I like the idealistic laboratories of math and physics.

Surely, all things in the world become solidifed the moment you name them. That's why people fear not being able to go anywhere if they give something a name. But things that are unclassified and unnamed scare us instead because they're unknown. People must walk alongside fear. You'll be worrying until death whether the pot in front of you is vegetable soup or curry.

Where does friendship end and love begin?
Where does vegetable soup end and curry begin?

I also wanted to be murmur twins in high school. And I got to become mumur twins at the start of this year, so my dream came true.

What I want to be in the future:
Elementary school: Pilot
Middle school: Pianist
High school: Composer
College: Composer
My twenties: Furry lady
My thirties: Maaya Sakamoto's "Backlight"

When I encounter a good song, I think "I want to become the composer of that song."
When I encounter an outrageous song, I think "I want to become that song."

I'm not smarter than a 5th grader, so I want a 5th grader to teach me stuff.

It's troubling how I can't do anything else when I'm making music.

You get scrapes just by living.

Me good at arranging strings. #Dominowns

It was an ordinary Blackadder chord... (Blackadders are wild)

Isn't Caug/Gb kinda wild???

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