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July 28th, 2020

I smell so good after using shampoo that I'm LOLing.

The state of the Toro Puzzle world is so awful that it makes the world I'm in radiate beautifully. Thank you, Toro Puzzle...

[Jun: "Um, so hey, speaking of women... When I bought a woman at the supermarket, I didn't have change, so I paid with a 10,000-yen bill, and my wallet was bursting with change!"]
Humans being bought and sold on the cheap.

When I say I make music, people often ask "So you must have absolute pitch and stuff, right?", but I absolutely don't, and I just follow desires like "hoooOOOoooh, this sound feels goooood ♡♡♡" to make music.

Even if I don't know what the notes I imagine even are, if I can imagine it, I can make music. So everyone look at me and cheer up.

I have no connection between the way I picture sounds and the names of musical intervals, so that doesn't trip me up at all, but what's that say about me as a musician?

I'm super weak at music theory, so when I see the word "dominant," my pulse stops and I die.

The toypi sound in Keyscape is supreme. I've never seen anyone abbreviate "toy piano" as "toypi."

[Retweets a Keyscape 26% off sale] Keyscape will enrich your life. Believe.

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