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July 27th, 2020

Music is something you create while running wild.

[Re: Dorami-chan tweet] I'm LOLing at how strangely popular this got.

Making music is fun and it's agonizing! It's fun agony!

Am I a baby?

I took a nap and I'm sleepy!!! Dammit!

Making music is lethally difficult, so I want 100 million yen in my bank account every time I finish a song.

I was thinking about making a song, but if I started streaming now, I'd definitely get sleepy in the middle, so I'll do it in the evening or at night...

Not needing any practice at all to produce clean sounds is what makes DTM the best.

Maybe that's why so many people learn it?

Piano is a godly instrument that anyone can play and produce a uniform sound from.

Crying ain't gonna make time move anything but forward, so I gotta keep making my new song...

Why's time gotta only move forward...

Listening to old Doraemon songs makes me remember the sound distortion when you recorded to VHS... Also the feeling of scratching off "do not ovewrite" warnings... I'm gonna cry.

I'm always indebted to Do#rami#-chan [C#AE#].

Dorami-chan being a minor chord immediately makes the idea of making a cheery theme song for her following that scale impossible...

Dorami-chan [CAE] → Gloomy character
Do#rami-chan [C#AE] → Chipper character

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