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July 26th, 2020

The moment I stop thinking about it, the world returns to normal and I can put my feet back on the ground. Maybe not thinking is a valuable skill too. I wanna not think.

I occasionally have moments where I suddenly don't have the feeling that I exist here, or feel like I no longer understand my existence as if I'm in darkness with no sense of direction, but everyone has those, right?

I super remember being around 5 or 6 and thinking "Why am I alive as a living creature right now? Why do I have a body and a spirit? What'll happen if these disappear?"

There are moments when all of a sudden, I'm like "Why did I make music my occupation...?" It's like wondering why you were born as a human. The kind of question you won't be able to figure out, but that drives you nuts when you start thinking about it.

I'm mad. :angry face:

Oh yeah, I forgot that if you don't hit the save button after doing anything in Drum Tree it resets your tones, so when I reloaded the project, they were all gone.

Should I wear a T-shirt with the QR code for my new song printed on it and jump and wave my arms in front of the Shibuya live camera...???

I'm glad so many people listen to the work-in-progress, but I need to come up with a way to make them listen to the finished version too... What should I do...???

It is written in the Records of Ancient Matters that the more the bass moves, the better.

Unintelligible basslines show their true radiance among unintelligible progressions.

The bass is an instrument that flies through the sky.


I'm a creator of unintelligible basslines. #Dominowns

Click this URL to get 100,000 yen right away! (spam)

How does this sound??? [Link to subscribe to her YouTube channel]

You wanna do some good work, eh?!

I'm the best at making music sexy...

The song that's so sexy it makes my hands shake. [Retweets "tragic pop with a bonanza of perverse progressions" preview.]

I dunno why my hands are even shaking anymore...

The song I'm making now is so sexy my hands are shaking.

I haven't written any sexy lyrics lately, so my hands are starting to shake.

If you want to be happy for a day, go to the barber.
If you want to be happy for a week, buy a car.
If you want to be happy for a month, marry.
If you want to be happy for a year, buy a house.
If you want to be happy for life, buy Spitfire Chamber Strings.

I dedicate myself to making tweets that cause people who gave serious consideration to their meaning to regret it.

The weight of words isn't so much in what they are, but in who said them, their thoughts, their circumstances, their fundamental perspective. For instance, there's a different nuance between when we say "paisley" and when Goku says "Paisley."

If you wanna make songs like me and you're starting now, you should definitely play a keyboard. (Screw-Up Taecher)

Being slower than keyboard-playing is an unavoidable reality, so as a mouse-user, it's been a fight for survival, optimizing every individual part of the work...

Production costs can vary a bit for individual jobs, but I think it'd be tough to do this as a job if I weren't as fast as I am at mouse-composing. Domino saves me. :folded hands:

(Today I displayed an unsightly scene of worrying a ton over key change patterns...)

(But I do make tons of mistakes.)

Praise me more. ///

RT @amege630_m She's fast at placing notes and tuning, and fast at coming up with accompaniments and different rhythm patterns, and fast at fiddling with other parts accordingly, and super fast at feeling out and selecting ideas (cutting down iffy ideas and finding a new answer)... She's optimized in all areas, so I'm like, this is what a pro looks like. And not a hint of any mistakes. Yikes.

RT @amege630_m I was watching OSTER-san stream composing, and her speed is on a whole other level... Do all pros end up like this?

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