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July 25th, 2020

[Jun: "The taste of kisses... I had one for the first time in ages, and my face went all limp..."]
Girl on her private account.

I'm just playing the songs I made over and over going "Whatta great song" and not progressing at all.

It's probably around 200% humidity in my house right now.

Even if you try to be a good person, that ideal of a good person is just what you think a good person is, and could even look like a bad person to someone else. It's impossible to make all people accept you, so find people you can get along with. People I can get along wiiith! It's meee!

A good person is someone who's good in your point of view.

A living person is one who's not dead.

I'm a pain in the butt otaku, so I like talking about things with no one answer.

When a character begs not to be killed, it can also be really good at showing their humanity in the eleventh hour and attachment to life, and when begging not to kill someone the character loves, it's beautiful at expressing how they want to put their lover first. They're both good.

It could also be a character who wants to stop the person they love from becoming a killer, right???? The world of otaku-imagined situations is boundless...

It suddenly occurred to me that by asking them to imagine a scene for the line "Don't kill [subject not required in Japanese]!", otaku could probably be divided into two groups: those who imagine the character themselves begging for their life, and those who imagine someone who loves that character pleading not to kill them.

[Jun: Once, I got rejected by a girl who was suited for stylish boba, so I moved to the futon to forget, hop.]
One of those weirdly-expressed sentiments where you get what they're trying to say.

Knowledge is water. You can't hoard it all for yourself.

Forgot the tag. #Dominowns

Sorry, I can't make it to the Bug-Off. I'm making tragic pop with a bonanza of perverse progressions.

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