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July 24th, 2020

My Rin-chan is cute and could make infinite complicated-yuri songs...

Why do I myself like Friendship so much? I like that kind of yuri that's fleeting and direct and severe and fragile...

Isn't it the same with romance? Isn't Rin-chan in Friendship painful??

Of course, you can put in effort to get people interested in you, but if you target someone else's feelings which you can't do anything about and it doesn't go your way, it'll break your heart... So if you're going to set a goal, I think it's good to better your own skills to be satisfied with yourself.

Creature who just learned that if you type "creature," it comes up with emoji of creatures. :cat: :dog: :fish: :dolphin: :bee:

But they're also creatures who can't control others' feelings, so they ultimately have to accept things themselves. :cat:

People are creatures who can't live if they don't actually feel needed by someone. :cat:

:piano: :explosion: :t-rex: :volcano:
T-rex destroying a piano.

I couldn't do a night stream because I watched Jurassic World...

"As long as you believe, dreams never die" is such a cruel phrase brimming with hope.

Anybody who wants to see some composition, come visit. [Followed by a stream of making a new "tragic pop" song.]

Kentucky Fried Nipples [Chikubi]

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