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July 8th, 2020

I'll stream some song-making tomorrow or the day after.

An important announcement about Cat and Balloons: The kitty in the lyrics is the type to chew candy in their mouth. This ends the important announcement.

Let's give myself special permission to do nothing on days I upload a song.

These times after I finish something where it's like I'm out of fuel and can't do anything are such a waste, so I wanna break out of them, but I can't get motivated to do anything...

I wasn't going for that at all, I really didn't know.

C a t A n d B o o b s
[Picture of definitions for the English word "balloon," pointing at the one that says "(American slang) boobs, breasts." "Eh?"]

Imagine your OTPs with my lyrics...

I'm quick to have Lesbian Song fantasies, but when I make everything this sickeningly sweet, my biased CPU unfortunately can't allocate any memory for a man to go in there...

Cat and Balloons sounds like a yuri song about girls who were friends as kids but separated when they changed schools having a chance reunion when studying abroad in Paris, and while buying each other matching necklaces and hitting it off and sharing a fancy but cramped apartment room, they catch glimpses of each other's fragility, and a feeling of "I want to protect her" begins to bud (character limit)

I have something to report to you all.
It's a personal matter, but I have uploaded a new song, so please listen to it.
I'll continue to cooperate with Bassline and Chord Progression in walking the path of a pervert, so please give your regards.

:cat: :balloon: :cat: :balloon: :cat: :balloon: :cat: :balloon: :cat: :balloon: :cat: :balloon: :cat: :balloon: :cat: :balloon: :cat: :balloon: :cat: :balloon:

Enjoy my new song!

An accumulation of endless work with a mouse.

Listening to the backing on its own led me to discover far too late a bassline I'm not fond of, so let's just un-discover that!!!!!

Listen to this mouse-made backing I worked so hard on. #Dominowns

I put two -sans on. :cat: :smoke puff: :smoke puff:

The beautiful and lovely illustration is by shnva-san (@shnva06ka)-san! Thank you very much! :clap: :clap: :clap: :balloon: :cat: :smoke puff:

I did my best under the restriction of not having a backing sus4 sample for the acoustic guitar... Why no sus4...

It's a new song! Give it a listen. :cat: :balloon:

[New Song] Kawaii big band jazz made with all the might a mouse can muster! :sax: :trumpet: :guitar:
A song about reclaiming a lost spring. :cat: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:
Cat and Balloons feat. Hatsune Miku
YouTube / NicoNico
#Dominowns #OSTERsanCD

30 minutes until my new song.

I'm testing out Twitter's scheduled post function, but how am I supposed to check if it's actually scheduled...

While I listen to music that I worked really hard to make sound like it's live, I keep thinking "I wonder what this'd be like if it were played live"...

It appears 6 PM is most convenient for everyone, so I'll release it at 6 PM.

6 PM made a combeack...

Seems like there might a lot for 8 PM?

There's some real competition happening in this poll.

I think I'll use this poll to decide.

What time will my new song go up?
- 6:00 PM
- 7:00 PM
- 8:00 PM
- 9:00 PM

In the first place, "better" or "worse" with regards to anything is a question of personal tastes. Maybe all that exists in this world are likes and dislikes?

The more ketchup you put on omelette rice, the tastier it is.

Is a joke that needs explanation second-rate or not...?

It's the same as "the more red pepper you put in curry, the tastier it is."

[Re: "complex chord progressions" tweet] It seems some people are taking this tweet as a serious opinion, but I hope you read it with the nuance of "the more energy drinks you drink, the healthier it is."

This is sudden, but today, believe it or not, I'm uploading a new song!!!!!!!

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