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July 9th, 2020

Is "touching your sweet neck" perhaps not wholesome??? (asking for a friend)

All I can do is fantasize about studying abroad in Paris reunion room-sharing childhood friend yuri.

I do both lyrics and composition completely by instinct.

I dunno anything about lyrics...

And lyrics demand a completely different kind of skill at accurately expressing feelings with words, so it's even harder.

There are only so many words, so even if you select the closest ones, there's always a margin of error that adds up and results in misunderstandings. It's too hard...

If feelings are continuous analog waveforms, words are discrete digital waveforms. You might sample something very similar, but there's always missing information.

The lyrics to Cat and Balloons came out of an effort to be wholesome, stylish, and cute...

I like the potato salad they sell at supermarkets and convenience stores that are a little sour with smaller potato chunks more than the potato-loaded kind my mother makes... Sorry, mom...

I put the video together based on the illustration that was drawn for me, so I want praise.

Want to keep upping my upload rate.

This video is getting more views on NicoNico than YouTube, so I'm feeling like I really do need to put more effort into having people watch on YouTube.

[Picture of Cat and Balloons in Nico rankings] First place! I'm happy! Thank yooou! :clap:

[Jun: "Huh? OSTER, are you thinking "I wanna go out and self-quarantine!" right now?"]
I'm being tested.

A meteor shower happened today, so I'll stream composition tomorrow. :sweat drops:

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