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July 7th, 2020

Music? She's in my bed right now, buddy.

People who call urrequited love fun must be so strong-minded, I don't get it at all... I wanna be loved by music more.

Maybe "liking" to me is a feeling of suffering. Because of how much I like it, I get more and more detail-oriented, and chase my ideal, and suffer. Liking something is a fun and painful cruelty.

The fact I can make music makes me suffer, and it saves me.

I'm saved by the fact I can make music, too.

As long as people tell me my music saved them, I want to do the best I can.

If your life is exhausted, doesn't that mean you can't make music?

Even if my life is exhausted, I shall make music.

It's often thought in composition that the more complex chord progressions you use, the better, but the more complex chord progressions you use, the better.

If I win 500 million yen in the lottery, I'll do OSTER "BIG BAND" project 2.

I'll need to do music for another 5000 years.

So cool... I want to be Yoko Kanno-san... At least 0.00001 of a Yoko Kanno-san...

#Tanabata #TanabataWishes

You're also free to repeat that 5-minute song 5 billion times if you want.

Spending however many dozens of hours making a song, making a video, only for it to be listened to for 5 minutes. Maybe 1 minute, if they stop partway through. But I give it all for that moment.

Even though it'll get messy again someday, we clean. Even though we'll get hungry again someday, we eat. Even though we'll die someday, we live to the fullest. Just to make moments that shine, we live.

I want composing talent. (because I want composing talent)

RT @MONACA_kosaki Man, I want composing talent... Should I write that on a tansaku?

No one can beat me in lack of self-confidence!!

I'm confident in the fact I'm not living a life so stellar that I can deny someone else's personality or way of life. It's good to have confidence in yourself.

People who fail to recognize that they don't know anything about individual people's circumstances, and say things like "___ people have serious issues" to categorize and deny entire groups, have serious issues. (recursive function)

[Timmy: "The current price for turnips is 29 Bells per turnip!"]
Until the rain stops falling, I can't return...

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