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Translations of tweets from @fuwacina. For an archive of other Vocaloid-related Twitters I no longer keep up with, go here.

July 6th, 2020

That spread more than I expected, which is cheering me up... Real grateful.

Vocaloid... Vocaloid?! You know Vocaloid?! Isn't Vocaloid great?! I love stuff like, you know, like OSTER project, her Miracle Paint and Love Ward are so nostalgic, huh! Eh... you don't know her?? Oh, well, sure...! She's so obscure, after all! Aha! Ahahahahaha!!

[Timmy: "The current price for turnips is 33 Bells per turnip!"]
How good would it be if this were a dream... [Spoilers: this low of a price on Monday means she's guaranteed a small spike later in the week.]

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