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June 24th, 2020

If I can make it through the month, I'll stream making a Bubblegum K.K. arrangement...

It's the same for art, and manga, and movies... They're the crystallized effort of people who have endured all sorts of hassle. That's why creations are to be revered.

The music everyone can just listen to casually took a ton of troublesome doing this and that and whatsit to make, y'hear.

I mean, having the minimum knowledge to produce sound with a DAW, thinking up a melody, considering chords, coming up with phrases for each part, understanding how to use each of your synths, writing lyrics, doing mixing and mastering, and having to make stuff like lyrics sheets and strings-horn sheets and chord sheets is just such a high bar, y'know??????

Making songs with your ears alone is seriously tiring, so people who want to make complex songs should really study composition theory.

Composition is so nonsensical, I'm gonna snap.

[Toro: "When you're deep kissing in your room, you have to keep quiet so your neighbor doesn't kabedon you, meow."]
Accurate information.

Having to do both is one of the hard parts of being a composer-arranger...

Retakes when making a super-difficult rhythm game song: "Please add more notes."
Retakes when arranging: "Please have less notes."

If it's for me to wear, I prefer a swimsuit that hides my body lines, and if it's to put on someone else, I prefer a swimsuit that doesn't hide their body lines. Thanks in advance.

During an interview back when I made Summer Idol, I remember being asked "OSTER-san, what kind of swimsuit do you like?", and I wasn't sure if they were referring to what I'd want to wear or what I'd want to have Miku-chan and company wear, and it made me super nervous.

My name came up in this survey because it got a lot of votes, so just the fact my song is part of a lineup of many famous songs is a victory for me, and I have no regrets...

Take this survey, please! (not saying to vote for Summer Idol for questio

RT @_MitchieM Take this survey, please! (not saying to vote for Ageage Again for question 2) [Question 2 asks to pick from a selection of "Beat the Heat! Cheerful and Energetic" songs that were the most voted-for in a prior survey.]

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