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June 23rd, 2020

Everyone is a born genius, so it's good to live saying you're glad you were born a genius.

Glad I was born as a genius...

Made a genius song.

RT @art_vie_keisuke I believe dimM7 = mM7(-5)!
m, dim, and aug depend on the root note letter (i.e. C), while M depends on the 7. But since dim is already a tetrad that contains A, it ended up getting mixed up with (-5), so writing it as "dim7" originated as a way to distinguish them. :light bulb:

Music's really hard since just changing notes by a half-tone super changes their sound and function, I can't make music.

When it comes to dims, 7 becomes A. Let's try understanding it that way. But then when you write dimM7, what happens with the composite notes????

C Eb Gb B → CmM7-5?????

That last one's wrong, huh...

C Eb Gb A → Cdim7 (C diminished seventh)
C Eb Gb Bb → Cm7-5 (C half-diminished)
C Eb Gb B → CmM7 (C minor major seventh)

I don't get theory at all, and even when it's explained to me, I'm a dummy and usually don't get it.

RT @zussie_piano The thing I absolutely can't comprehend about chord naming. [Video about how the difference between C/C7 or Cm/Cm7 is adding Bb, yet when it comes to Cdim, Cdim7 adds A. And if you add Bb to Cdim, that's called Cm7b5.]
I've said this 5 billion times.

Does anyone understand the feeling of being afraid of being left behind by society, yet more afraid of making contact with society?

I want to use a supercomputer to load up ultra-huge synths in 0 seconds.

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