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June 25th, 2020

Don't know much about mountain goddeses, but I slept with all of them.

I saw a tweet about how gods of mountains are goddesses, so they like hot guys and don't want women to come, but what're you just assuming the mountain goddesses are straight for?

It's Yuri Day? You should've told me sooner.
OSTER project - kissing fish feat. Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka

It takes from my lifespan every time I make a wild song, so it might be starting to become dangerous.

I only make wild songs.

I just made a wild song...

More than they realize, people tend to decide things based on their past experience, and you can generally consider said experience to be pretty biased. I need to understand that I'm a weirdo.

To be serious, there are so many things you need to experience yourself to get why someone would be suffering from it, so you absolutely can't just casually deny someone's feelings and pain. It's way too impertinent to act like you can look at all things like a god and properly judge them.

I'm troubled by how I'm not getting 5 billion yen in my bank account.

I super don't like the phrase "trivial worry." 'Cause only that person understands their own suffering, right?! It's one of those things you should only say to yourself and never to somebody else!

I thought "channel strip" was referring to something sexier.

["CONGRATULATIONS! Cleared Puzzle Level 1000!"]

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