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March 26th, 2020

When C-E-G is playing, if you play it with something else, like D-F-A-B, or some kind of flat, or some kind of sharp, it can sound kinda fancy or sound kinda grimy. Music is fun but tough.

The "skillfully" is the tough part, huh...

I don't know theory, so to explain things super-instinctively: if you skillfully use things other than C-E-G a lot and skillfully combine them with notes at a similar distance, things sound kinda fancy.

What could I possibly teach people...? Is there anything...? Maybe the charms of Rin-chan?

@_ngtr_a There's infinitely many things I'd want Miss OSTER to teach me before chord theory.

If I had 100,000 yen, I'd just buy wagyu beef as normal, so gimme 100,000 yen!!

Maybe you think it's worthless, but people can be driven into a frenzy by the strong impressions words carry after the fact... Can't forget about the Great East Japan Earthquake...

I repeated "wagyu beef" over and over in Tapioca New Year, but for things to take on a different meaning because of societal events... Even if it's an unavoidable incident, it's just sad!! I don't want people to be unable to look at wagyu beef purely anymore!!

I love wagyu beef, so I'm happy to receive it, but sure enough, now's not the time... On the other hand, I don't want wagyu beef to become a victim among this mood of self-restraint and get a negative reputation...

Hearing nothing but coronavirus news is depressing, so let's listen to Tapioca New Year.

I also fail to remember "overshoot" and say "breakthrough," but that's not even remotely close.

I keep forgetting the word "lockdown" and saying "deadlock."

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