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March 25th, 2020

At a time like this, I think it's nice if I can provide people the kinds of Interesting Content that a musician has to offer.

[After doing a music-making YouTube stream:] If you're thinking "Is it okay for me to watch you making music for free?!"...! You're free to pay me for it also, okay?!?!?!?!

The sub-dominant is F, and the dominant is G. If you change key, who knows... (newbie)

Amazing how everyone properly understands music...

Forget it, I'm gonna create by ear! :exploding head: (junk)

It's no good, I can't understand half of what people are telling me... I'm too much of a dummy.

(What was a dominant, again...)

A substitute chord is a substitution dominant... which means... What does that mean?

As such, if there is someone knowledgeable who could explain what techniques make up the progressions I made, I'd like them to explain it to me. (probably wouldn't understand it)

This is really the kind of knowledge I'm working with, which is why I can't answer at all when asked why I went with such and such progression. I'm making by atmosphere...

I kind of get that substitution chords are different chords with similar notes making them up, but I don't know what that applies to or when to use it...

If I may endure my shame to make a confession, I don't know what a substitute chord is.

Lately it feels like I can't regulate my body temperature well... Maybe it's age.

I'm gradually reaching the yuri fandom... Good, good, keep going...

Even if you ask what's wild about them, all I can tell you is that they're wild, but the Kiritan song chords are wild.

Even if you ask how I come up with my chords, all I can tell you is that I come up with them, but the Kiritan song chords are wild.

I knew that the medical expenses limit was monthly, but what I didn't know was that hospitals and outpatient clinics are treated differently... From injections and exams, goodbye 12,000 yen... :flying money: :flying money: :flying money:

I'm doing my best to slowly return to normal life. I even used the kitchen last night and this afternoon. Wanna do something productive today.

Having a hard time getting stamina back after surgery.

Great, eh? [Photos of sakura blooming. The comment is in reference to Day 100 of The Gator Who Dies After 100 Days, where the same comment accompanies a photo of the same thing.]

My surgery wounds are so plump and cute. Hope they disappear soon.

Thinking of it like that kinda makes me want to be a cat, but then I couldn't make music anymore, so as a compromise I'd like to be a furry catgirl.

When there's a real cat mixed in with a bunch of stuffed cats, it's really adorable, but when there's a real person mixed in with a bunch of wax models, it's incredibly terrifying... This world is irrational.

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