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March 21st, 2020

The potatoes I fried yesterday.
Posted [Supporters Only] That Thing I Made On Stream to Pixiv Fanbox!

I'll put that thing I made on stream yesterday on Fanbox, so give me a second.

Ahh... That was delicious... I'm so happy... I'm regaining all my human rights after hospitalization...

Beef is God's greatest creation.

You too can let OSTER eat food.
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I can eat this thanks to all your support. [Photo of chateaubriand.]

Everyone gets hurt when heartless things are said to them, and is anxious living day to day, and wants approval from other people. Didn't you learn that in ethics class or somethin'?

There's probably people who think creators are a godlike race separate from humans who live eating mist, with no concept of daily life or emotions... We're all people here.

If you think that way, then just avoid that when you become a creator yourself... Don't you force your own style on others.

I saw someone going on about how creators explaining their work in places separate from said work feels uncouth, so I bet they'd have a fit if they saw my Twitter.

Maybe a day will come when a word with a connection to me (like my name) takes on an altogether different meaning. If that happened, I wouldn't be able to resist the flow of society, so it might be painful... but knowing me, I might also take advantage of it. Heck, I definitely would. Please change it into something easy for me to take advantage of. :folded hands:

Watching as the four characters "AtsuMori" become a word to refer to Animal Crossing [specifically New Horizons - Atsumare Doubutsu no Mori] reminds me of the time "kabedon" became a word to refer to being backed into a wall, and I'm ruminating on the flow of time.

I think not only work relationships, but friendships and romantic relationships, any relationship between people, isn't a holy thing at all, but entirely built upon being win-win. So if things aren't equal, it'll collapse...

I was listening to a friend talk about romance, and we got talking about how there are people who consider the act of confessing your love to be nothing but letting out your feelings and being relieved, and I was like, true... If you're not even bothering to imagine how telling them about your love will affect your relationship and what they'll think, do you really like them? Are you really thinking of them dearly (character limit)

You're free to think what you want in your mind, but the second you put it out there to collide with someone, that creates responsibility! Get that into your heads, humanityyyyy!!!

In the replies to before-after diet photos, I see a bunch of comments like "I like the first one better :smiling sweatdrop:" and I'm like... I don't give a siiiiingle crap about your personal turn-ons or whatever!!! Ask yourself why you're so insenstive and can't understand the beauty of a woman striving to achieve her ideal form, dammiiiiit!!!!!

Lately I've been bawling so much, whether from illness or from gators.

I need to have a strong will not to give in no matter how much illness makes me suffer, or I'll give in.

I'm gonna be like "I don't wannaaa," but my recovery isn't going well again, so I'm calling the hospital today... :halo:

Because of my long time in the hospital, my body's fallen into a schedule of going to sleep early and getting up early...

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