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March 20th, 2020

Somewhere in my heart, I was thinking "don't tell me, he won't actually die?", and I only realized how thoughtless that was after confronting his death. That's why there's no going back.

Just remembering stuff and crying.

When you have that experience of suddenly losing someone you're close with, you really can't see it as something irrelevant to you... Death is a very nearby thing.

:sniffle: :sniffle: :sniffle: :sniffle: :sniffle:

I'll go out for sushi once the gator dies.

Wonder if I can get YouTube streaming working quick...

But I've been hospitalized for so long, so it was really fun to finally make an opportunity to create a work of my own and have it seen. Even if it was fries. :french fries:

Put a little too much burden on my back. :sweat: I'm resting now...

See, I actually input it all in Domino, right?!

Thank you for watching my guerilla Twitcast! Frying potatoes was fun, lol

[Does a Twitcast stream of making a song in Domino... theoretically? Wasn't able to watch it, but she tweeted something during it about frying some potatoes.]

["CONGRATULATIONS! Cleared Puzzle Level 700!"]

??? And here I thought I'd gone through the process of putting in effort, getting my works recognized, and making them into a product enough times in the past 15 years or so to establish my own style, and that we were finally getting into a good era?? :eyeroll:

When I see this kind of thing, it makes me wonder whether there's a notion in the roots of this country, conscious or unconscious, that you should work for free, but not everything's like that, so don't focus on one thing and get pessimistic! Waaaaah! Buy my CDs if you like theeem! (honest)

Eh?! Someone gets popular for drawing a daily manga for 100 days straight, but then they're criticized for making it into a book?! What century are your values from?! Scary!! [Referring to The Gator Who Dies After 100 Days having a book version announced, naturally.]

Yes, seeing a song you don't know just means there's a new song for you to encounter! How wonderful. :heart:

RT @lapis_suzuka I'm sad to learn I'm a total OSTER-san novice... Actually, now I'm looking forward to listening to the songs I haven't encountered, so I'll look them up!
Got 0 bingos and 8 checks on Do You Know OSTER's Songs?! (100%) #MekeponBingo

[Retweets a bunch more attempts, including Usagi with 93%:] If even Usagi-san can't get 100%, no one can... :eyeroll: lol

I made this in such a way that if you're biased to a certain area like Vocaloid only or rhythm games only, you'll never be able to fill it in, so it makes me happy to think how people listen to me as an entire artist... Doing my best...

[After retweeting attempts with 53%, 69%, and 55%:] To see this many people over 50%... :pleading face:

[Retweeting an attempt with 34 checks and 1 bingo:] Huh? Too amazing... You're OSTER...

Also, Happy Flower Shop is really ancient, so even if it is an album song, I'm surprised how well-known it is [50%].

[Picture of the current statistics for which ones people knew] It's super mysterious to me how Dreamy Dream [23%] is even higher than Rabbit Fur [20%], and super surprising how Rainbow Panda is the 32-bit version yet still has a 30% recognition rate... Some interesting stuff going on here.

The bottommost row is brutal, and there's even songs that are not only CD-only, you had to buy the specific item during a limited time to hear them, so yeah.

[Retweeting an attempt with 28 checks but 0 bingos:] (That's still plenty impressive...)

I was honestly pretty mean with this, so I think you're a fanatic if you get even a single bingo.

(Even I forgot how to write some of the titles and had to look them up while making this.)

I'm a fanatic who knew them all. :huff:
Got 16 bingos and 49 checks on Do You Know OSTER's Songs?! (100%) #MekeponBingo

I made an incredibly advanced-level bingo.
Do You Know OSTER's Songs? #MekeponBingo

Alice in Musicland Tokimeki * Reverie Napo-Naporitan Match bistro twins ☆☆☆ Meteor Drive Dramatic Parade Rabbit Fur
Dreamy Dream The Fox's Wedding Labradorite Rainbow Panda (32-Bit Full Color Mix) Give This Relation A Name Replica Music Like Magic!
Orange Carnival Recursive Function VOC@LOID in Love trick and treat Sicilian Sun Bitter Myself Looking Glass Rendezvous
Evening Moon Diva back into my world Ciel Bleu Marché Miracle Paint Spring-Loaded Love Game Confeito and Weather Sunset's Truth
Chocolate ☆ Magic HAPPY FLOWER SHOOOOOP!! Selfish Sweet Second Piercing Rainbow World Stray Cat and Autumn Sky Miracle Point
demon fire Please shining☆star Between the Sheets The One Who Rules Fear Passenger Seat Road Movie Log-In Bonus Moon Rabbit
Dance in the Fleeting World Galaxies on Parchment Cold Warmth Elise Wonder Cooking Sakutto KOMACHI Transient Fortress La Baguette Magique

G'morning. :cat:

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