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March 19th, 2020

[Jun: "Huh, is that right, hop... OSTER, you really must like the taste of kisses, huh?"]
I'm being shamed.

I've been fighting this for half a year straight, and I don't want to be endlessly hurting like this forever even after I got brave... I'll fight it throoughly, so you better be ready.

I'm thinking a bunch about what I'll do if I have to get surgery again. :drool: (my legs hurt)

The gator dies tomorrow.

CoCo Ichibanya Level 8 Spice is godly... The balance of everything is perfect.

I'm able to eat this thanks to all your support. :curry and rice: [Photo of curry]

I had curry for lunch, so for dinner, it's curry.

[Toro, talking to Hello Kitty: "Huh, Kitty's mom's apple pie... Toro'd like to eat it too, meow."]
Because of how my Toro usually is, I can't read this in a pure way and it's making me concerned.

Seriously, it ain't no time for me to be having surgeries and stuff! I could've used that money to have live instruments!! You lousy piece of junk body!!

I like live instruments, and I've put a lot of time and money into making my MIDI sound live, but I feel like it'll never be a match for live recording... It's an obvious fact, but all I can do is improve my MIDI-ing skills to do it in an entirely self-contained way with my ideal synths... I want oil to suddenly gush out and bless me with enough funds to do live recordings for life...

When I listen to a lot of good songs, I recognize once more how I have way too many goals I want to level up to achieve before I die... Gotta level up quick, or I'll die first.

I want to hold a detailed presentation on my favorite songs...

When I encounter a song that's just too amazing, I go right past "I want to make songs like this" and think "I want to be a song like this." I'll live as this song...

What's it called... Arabic scale, or melodic minor scale? The way it weaves everything together is so sublime. The impression it gives of light shining among darkness, the feeling that if you expressed the word "backlight" with sound, it'd probably sound like this, is so amazing it makes me wanna cry.

When I heard Maaya Sakamoto-san's Backlight for the first time, I was so stimulated that I looped it about three times and laughed the whole time. (deranged)

When I find a song like this, I'm laughing up a storm in a super loud voice, and from an outsider's perspective I look completely insane.

I swear there are also plenty of songs that make me go "I can't, I love this!!!!!!" without being messy and constantly doing weird stuff.

I like this song of Mika Nakashima-san's a lot too... Too cute...
Mika Nakashima's "Fall In Love"

Because of my mysterious strong fixation on chord progressions, it's not often I encounter a song I can get extremely into, though that makes it all the more intensely moving when I encounter a song that goes far beyond my own expression, but still...

Isn't the hypermetric-y guitar that eats into the start of the second verse so wildly freeform??? I want to express myself like this...

I want to be able to make lethally amazing songs...

I'll say it again and again, but this song is lethally amazing, so I want you to listen to it.
Mika Nakashima's "LOVE NO CRY"

The gator's gonna die. [1 day left in The Gator Who Dies After 100 Days. (Or 2 days, since Day 99 wasn't posted until later in the day.)]

Jazz, pop, rock 'n' roll
Latin, ballad, future bass
Sounds played in a variety of genres
Complex harmonies and super-active bass
OSTER songs are great

(video clips of nuns singing gospel)

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