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March 18th, 2020

I guess I'll try sitting in front of a computer for a bit today?

Looking at the "motsu" in motsunabe [giblets/innards] and thinking of my removed hernia.

Dinner was the motsunabe I got from my wishlist... :licking lips: Thank you!

You can listen to all sorts of artists with subscriptions now, and I'm looking up tons of songs I loved to death around high school, and I'm LOLing at how good my tastes have always been. (fierce singing-own-praises)

Isn't "an invisible apron fluttering, preparing for magic" such a super cute lyric???

You can even listen to the full version!!!
[maimai Deluxe PLUS] Ciel Bleu Marché / OSTER project feat. Kanatan [Coming 3/19 (Thurs.)!!]

Walking feels super good, I'm happy...

I started doing proper lyrics once I started doing Vocaloid songs, and I've delved into my own lyrical world in the 13 years since, so I'm really glad to have reached a point where someone needs them from me... I want to keep on doing my best with songs and lyrics!

I think this might be my first time providing just lyrics!! I'm really happy... :crying: :heart:

[Announcement] I provided the lyrics for Macaron Love, a song on Nanaka Suwa-san's debut album So Sweet Dolce releasing 4/15! :cake: :chocolate: :donut: :candy: :cookie: :sprarkles: The composition is by hisakuni-san! Thanks in advance. :bowing woman:

You can listen to the song here. :heart:
[Retweets official maimai Twitter. YouTube / NicoNico]

[Announcement] I provided the original song Ciel Bleu Marché for ongoing rhythm game maimai Deluxe PLUS! :apple: :eggplant: :carrot: :broccoli: :onion: :sparkles: With vocals by Kanatan!! It's a super cute song, so please play it! :heart:

S'okay if I make an announcement?!

My legs still hurt today, but it's better if I move them, so I'll go for a walk.

Today's lunch is the soup curry I received. :licking lips:

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