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March 22nd, 2020

I used to like it when girls had a half-ponytail, but I'm not sure if I'm that picky anymore. The important part is that it suits you...

[Kuro: "Beer poured from butts onto thighs, half-ponytail beer, nether regions beer... What a wide variety, mya!"]
Drunken merrymaking with female fetishism.

This hernia thing, where the invertebral disk tears and the insides come out, and the treatment is to either endure the pain and wait for it to naturally go back in or get surgery to remove it, and the torn invertebral disk can't be filled anymore so there's always a risk of relapse, it's such a crappy disease, why'd you implement it??? Think of the game balance.

Does the world really need this disease called a hernia?

Don't you periodically have the meaningless worry "If I died now, I wonder what they'd use as my death portrait?"

How many years has it even been since I heard "hustle" used in this context? What an eye-opening thought... I'm gonna cry from remembering that forgotten nostalgia...

Let's protect our good old pervy old guys while paying caution that they don't trouble others.

[Toro: "A proposal, that means "Let's hustle together!", right?"]
A pervy old guy from the Showa era.

Life just goes the way it goes.

[Toro: "I see, meow! Pleasure feels good!"]
Another day.

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