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February 11th, 2020

Said something cool, so I'm gonna soak in the bath.

And I've come to learn that asking yourself what you think and how you want to live, then expressing that with words, is actually a pretty difficult thing despite also being considered ordinary. There are surprisingly many sides of you that you don't notice, and that's why it's important to involve yourself with others. You can't see your own back.

Of course there have been a ton of times it's been hard having chosen this profession, but having a friend tell me "Fuwacina, you express your feelings and beliefs so clearly and accurately with words, I can feel really comfortable being with you" made me super happy, and go like "Making lyrics for so long had meaning!!!!"

Fast-talking Domino otaku.

And just look at these selection functions. In addition to filtering just the highest or the lowest note in chords, you can also filter based on velocity or gate value. Furthermore, the batch edit function lets you not only do plus or minus to velocity and the like, but apply formulas with things like multiplication and percentages.

First off, just look at some of these config options. You can adjust the hitbox of where putting your mouse cursor over a note will change into gate adjustment. It's such an amazing feature. And I mean, I've never seen the word "hitbox" in a settings menu before. Is this a fighting game...?

Nobody knows the amazingness of Domino... Domino's incredible, it's freeware, and yet it's worlds more flexible as a sequencer than what's included with DAWs, and high-fidelity, and absurdly customizable... For mouse users, Domino is the strongest! Put Domino in Cubase, please...

Since you're doing it all with a mouse, who're you calling "Piano Girl"? From today forth, you are Rat Woman.

Here's the piano that was horribly tedious in Piano Girl.

I wonder what a ranking of "songs that made me feel like I would go nuts making them" would look like... The full-orchestra Demon Fire and Violet Rose would definitely be up there... And Piano Girl and Piano Forte also made me feel nuts... Songs with a bouncy rhythm like Piano Girl are especially tedious.

I'm nostalgic for my instrumental album...
[OSTER project] Album "Recursive Call" [Crossfade]

A trio-format instrumental song is one that allows for no cheats, so putting together six minutes of it was serious torture...

This is the song in the first half.
[OSTER project] Violet Rose [Music Video]

When you upload a video to Twitter, the start of the video becomes the thumbnail, so you need to be aware of that when making the video. (admonishing) [The previous video starts by fading in from black, so...]

Every time I make a live-style song with mouse, I think "I'll never do something this tedious again," then after a little bit, I'll be filled with energy and want to make one again...

I'm working day in, day out to make live-sounding jazz and even orchestra with mouse input. #RTAndMakeMeFamous

On the other hand, when it comes to my body, my chronic disease worsened and I stayed in bed... Why...

Going to the park on a holiday is really nice. When you get a glimpse of how people spend their spare time, it gives me warm feelings about how there are as many routines, lifestyles, and thoughts as there are people.

People who can't help but put down others are probably antsy from a lack of self-confidence, so if it comes to that, take another look at yourself first. Re-evaluating your life is important.

Even going viral with 60,000 likes on Toro Puzzle, I didn't gain any followers, but when my chord explanation video went viral, I gained 5000 followers... Indeed, people want beneficial information... And despite that thought, I've mainly been sending out worthless info. I went out late last night to buy umekobucha from the drug store.

I'm great for slowly coming to do things I was too afraid to do before...

In life, you can do anything anytime, and it's always you who sets your own limits. And so I got my ears pierced after turning 30.

The hardest part of the music-making process is starting to make music.

OSTER knew not of music theory. But she was more attuned to augs than the average person.

[Retweeting her 2020 goals list: "Video with my own art, Pixiv Fanbox, live Whale Rider, Friendship sequel, Rin album, OSTER-san's CD Vol. 3, fix ailing body"] Still only accomplished one of these...

I know I didn't understand one bit when people told me "this sound functions like so...", so I'd like to dedicate myself to explanations that are more casually like "Y'should use this at times like this! Not like I got any clue!" (define "explanations")

If it's just individual chords, you can Google those, so I think it'd be good to make videos with a unique understanding of the chords' personality, and practical examples of simple ways to use them by feel.

From now on, I plan to archive my don't-know-theory theory lectures here. Thanks in advance.
OSTER Explains #OSTERExplains

[VOCALOID] Whale Rider [Kagamine Rin] [NicoNico]
Listen to this song.

The early Lesbian Song Maker gets the worm.

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