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February 12th, 2020

Bloom Into You is actually a super good title, really, just read this here. (handing you the full volume set)

Bloom... Into You... (trailer voiceover)

RT @nakataniii There's a fair number of people who've told me they saw the title [of Bloom Into You, literally "Soon, I Become You"] and thought it was possession-based horror.

Time will pass and you'll get older no matter what you do, so it's a waste not to give your all for yourself, surely.

There'll always be people who make fun of those who are trying their best yet not succeeding, but any time and energy you'd spend on worrying about them should go toward continuing to try your best. Once you start using your limited time to better yourself instead of mock others, you steadily distance yourself from those people.

You're beautiful.

People who can produce beautiful things are beautiful.

[Jun: "Got it, hop. I'll completely forget about "the money I borrowed the other day," bun."]
It's fine as long as you're quick to say it.

Playing around and daring to teach her things I want to make her forget, so I can then have her forget them.

[Jun: "Got it, hop. I'll completely forget about "what I did while drunk," bun."]
How to live.

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