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February 10th, 2020

Every time I see a commercial that's like "thanks to this air cleaner, I don't smell my cat's litter box anymore!", I'm thinking "You still don't know the true terror of cat poop..."

I'm happy when people listen to my songs, so I'll link my YouTube channel... :folded hands: :folded hands: :folded hands:

P-p-p-p-p-please be g-g-g-g-gentle...

Suddenly gained about 4000 followers and I'm super flustered.

I've uploaded part 2 to YouTube too! Thanks in advance!
Casually Explaining Augments (augs) With Minimal Music Theory Part Two #2

Making a song is simple, but making a good song is horribly difficult.

Of all my recent songs, this has gotta be the one with the most tension-manipulating techniques packed into it - augs, slash chords, half-diminisheds, sharp ninths...
OSTER project - Passenger Seat Road Movie feat. Kagamine Rin [NicoNico]

Rather than an influencer with busted capabilities, it's healthier to just go viral every so often. (WHO report)

[Retweeting aug lecture part two:] I've received 10,000 likes! :folded hands:

I'm pretty sure the "kinda don't get why" part of "Kinda don't get why, but it sounds good!" is explained by the rules of composing theory. I'm gonna keep on creating still not really gettin' why, gahaha.

To introduce myself to recent followers: I raise Toro and company. [Retweeting "When you're thirsty, apparently it's effective to gargle dry highballs, mya."]

To introduce myself to recent followers: I draw pictures. [Retweeting the Miku-Rin "feeling cards" picture]

To introduce myself to recent followers: I make food. [Retweeting photos of some superb fried eggs]

To introduce myself to recent followers: I make videos. [Retweeting a WIP of the "kissing fish" video]

masya_7S3S: "What soundfonts do you use?"
Piano: keyscape
Drums: drum tree

I think my music's chordwork is a selling point, so I'm glad to share it with people who care about the nitty-gritty like this...

For nearly ten years I've been worrying "if I'm going to make music, would it be better to have a MIDI keyboard...?" and not actually buying one, but I make a lot of music.

The second one has a wrong chord, so I'll put it up after fixing that... I can't just say I actually lack a MIDI keyboard to check the chords with...

I uploaded the impactful aug explanation video to YouTube. Thanks in advance.
Casually Explaining Augments (augs) With Minimal Music Theory #1

[Retweeting kissing fish:] Lesbian Song

[Screenshot of kissing fish comment: "Lesbian Song??"]
I laughed at this foreign comment on YouTube.
Yes Lesbian Song

There's a slash aug in the second measure of the chorus.
[OSTER project] Labradorite feat. Yu Tokiwa [Music Video]

One of my songs is featured in this explainer video about Blackadder Chords.
The Blackadder Chord || Ongaku Concept

Even now, I'm sure careful inspection probably uncovers a ton of incorrect notes from a theory perspective, but I've come to feel like "Shaduuup! Who caaares!! It's my world, my rules!!" and be good with it. In the end, beauty is in the ears of the beholder... Believe your ears...

Also, while I've always been someone who managed despite not studying theory, it's taken like 20 years for me to establish a bunch of what I'm capable of now, so those who want to mature faster might find it faster to study theory... haha... Though I've had a lot of songs that came to be what they are due to going by feel.

When I first learned augs, my desire to use them got ahead of me, becoming Too Much and appearing in awkward places, but I feel like recently I've finally learned how to work them in naturally. Learning new techniques makes you want to use them, but ideally, what you want to represent should take priority, and then you want to have a lot of options for what techniques to use toward that purpose.

I like Mitsukiyo-san's songs that feel like they'd play in the background of a video about using proper manners during a movie screening...

RT @mitsukiyo_5 I made a jazz song for 2 pianos. BPM 250

But I do get the feeling dims and half-dims get used a lot for bringing out tragic and subtle moods... Listening to them on their own, it feels like Tuesday Suspense Theatre, but when they're thrown into the mix, it feels like a conflict scene in a shoujo manga. (extremely feel-based)

In terms of pure musical rules, I know enough of the very basics to make such a video, but due to my utter lack of knowledge in composing theory, I have no clue about what to use how to make things sound beautiful... It's just like "well anyway, I did it like this, and it worked well, don't get why though"...

I see a lot of demand to make a dim lecture, but I personally have zero grasp on the rules of when to use dims... Using dims by feel...

I messed up one of the chords while hastily throwing the video together, so I'll fix it when I upload to YouTube... :woman bowing:

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