There Was Once An Ordinary Virgin: Part Three

The perhaps not-so-ordinary virgin's tale continues. And I think he's getting somewhere...

Part 1


[ The Virgin's Invitation ]

Do you think it's alright to drop in on her again?

Honestly, I think I can get back with her anytime.

Break it to her suddenly!
Next time on the phone or next time you meet, just say you want to date again.
Love's a rollercoaster!

Now, calm down...
If we go out somewhere, it's going to be crowded given the holidays.
And neither she nor I like crowds...

Are you gonna tell her about the thread or not?

I'm going to do that, but the issue is how to bring it up at all.

Just give me Chihuahua and everything's gonna be alright.

Just ask her if Saturday's alright.

I do want to go out somewhere...
But places will be packed Saturday...
And I'm not giving Chihuahua to anyone.

Where'd you prefer to go?

I don't really care where.

How about the movies?

There's a theater nearby, but...

Maybe an aquarium?
If this is a for-real date, I recommend the Sky Aquarium in Roppongi Hills.

Is looking at fish really any fun?
Roppongi kind of scares me...

Alright, I think I'm going with the movies.

The virgin's finally on the move again...!

It is about time, yes...

Are you going on Monday?
The two of you could go to an arcade, karaoke, the movies, or bowling...
Well, those are all my hobbies, anyway.

Bowling might be good.
I have a license, but no car.

Think back as hard as you can on your conversations with Erika.
Isn't there anywhere you know she'd like to go?

Oh, by the way...
If I tell Erika about the thread and she says not to post any more, I won't.
Hopefully she'll just let me off with "I'll back off" in that case...

You invited her yet?
Gotta be quick, or someone else'll get her!

Erika came to my house today, so I invited her then.

Time to get writing!

Love is in the air!

Erika: "Can I hang out today?"
Me: "Sure!"
Erika: "Let's play Monster Hunter."
Me: "Why not the four of us?"
Erika: "I just wanna play with Takumi."
Me: "Alright, fine."
Erika: "I'll have lunch and be off."
Me: "Gotcha."


Erika: "Cold as hell today..."
Me: "Sure is."
Erika: "Time for Monster Hunter!"
Me: "Yep."
Erika: "And here's some snacks."
Me: "Good girl."
Erika: "Mm-hmm..."

Erika brought a bag of Black Thunders.

Me: "You've got good taste."
Erika: "You like 'em, huh?"
Me: "It doesn't always have to be about what I like, does it?"
Erika: "Yeah? Well, I like 'em too."
Me: "Ahh."

We started on Monster Hunter.
Erika was a major sword-user.
I mainly supported her with a bow.

Erika: "You know, Chihuahua got started a little earlier than us, so she's acting all high and mighty."
Me: "That's what's so cute about her."
Erika: "So we're gonna get as far as we can today!"
Me: "Right."

We practically blew through the low-rank quests.
Chihuahua was probably a little bit better, though.

Me: "I'm wondering if Chihuahua might be better than you..."
Erika: "No way am I giving in to her!"
Me: "*laughs*"
Erika: "But Takumi, you oughta use stronger weapons!"
Me: "Nah, I did the same thing when I played with Chihuahua."

We prattled on.

A while later, we took a break, and started eating snacks...
And I decided to invite her.

Me: "Hey, uh..."

Erika: "Hm?"

Me: "You wanna go out somewhere later?"

Erika: "Huh?"

Erika was more than a little surprised.

Me: "Well, it's been so long since we've gone anywhere together..."
Erika: "Hmm..."

I thought she would have answered yes or no by now, so I was panicking a little.

Me: "How about it?"
Erika: "Heheh, Takumi... You wanna date me?"

Erika grinned mischievously.

Me: "No, well... I just felt like it, you know?"
Erika: "So where we going?"

Erika slowly grew nearer.

Me: "Well, I haven't really decided for sure, but maybe the movies..."
Erika: "A movie, huh. That's it?"
Me: "We can decide the rest together..."

Erika brought her face close.
I leaned away.

Erika: "Hmm, if you insist, I guess..."
Erika: "But I'm a little busy too..."

Just playing Monster Hunter, I'll bet...

Me: "Well, fine, I guess I can't get around you being busy..."

I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her out of her about-to-crush-me stance.

Erika: "Uh, wait, haha, just kidding! I'm free!"
Me: "You sure you're not busy?"
Erika: "I'll go! Let's go!"

Me: "If you're that insistent, I suppose I'll go with you..."
Erika: "Oh, it's fine if you're not all that interested, Takumi."
Me: "No, no, miss, that's why I invited you."
Erika: "What?"
Me: "Let's go!"
Erika: "Hmm, if I gotta..."
Me: "Hey, if you're only going "if you gotta," I won't force you..."

We both got gradually bigger grins on our faces as this went on.

Me: "..."
Erika: "..."

Me: "Okay, if we're both willing to go like it seems, then let's go."
Erika: "...Nope. Let's go because we both wanna go together."
Me: "..."
Erika: "..."
Me: "That's what you wanna do?"
Erika: "Yeah!"

Erika held me happily.

Despite some slight resistance, she didn't let go for a while.

Erika seemed like kind of a pervert breathing deeply into my chest...

We continued with Monster Hunter into the night.
When the time was right, we went to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

There, we discussed where to go.
Going out clothes shopping, going bowling, going to karaoke...
Erika had a whole list of places she wanted to go.

After dinner, I took Erika home by bicycle, as she'd walked again.

Since I invited her out, I saw in her eyes that Erika was in a good mood.
And I'm honestly getting a little excited, too.
I thought about bringing up the thread a couple times, but gave up on it right away.

The date wasn't decided, but in this way, it was decided that Erika and I would go out somewhere.

That's that.

Who is this master of romance?!?

[ The Fateful Thursday ]

Wonder if they'll make up within this thread... [This is post 902 in the second thread.]

Well, maybe if Erika tells me not to post anymore and I stop, then sure.

And so the day was decided to be Thursday.

In two days, huh?

What's your plan?

First, a movie and shopping.
If there's time, karaoke and bowling.
Just kind of random, really...

Anywhere is great when you're with your loved ones, so that kind of random date is perfectly fine.


Uh oh, I've got kind of a cold...

Don't kid around with me! Get some rest right now!
Call over Erika to get her to nurse you!
Observe and re-evaluation her dedication to you and then confess!

Just tell her "sorry, I've got a cold" first and roll with it.

Look, guys, it's fine...
It'll be better by tomorrow.

I don't need nursing of any sort...
My bigger concern is infecting anyone.

Anyway, call from Erika.
She got totally smashed drinking with the others.
Geez, she's excited, isn't she...

She must be so happy that Takkun asked her out...
Give her a hug tomorrow!

Tomorrow, I'm going to tell her about the thread.

Huh? You're starting with that, then the date?

I'm thinking about whether to mention the thread when we leave, or come back, or at whose house...
At any rate, I can't date her keeping it hidden...

He's gonna do it, huh...

Well, my cold isn't any better...
Apologies to Erika and all of you, but we've canceled today's date.

[The next day...]

Erika came yesterday, just like you guys predicted.
I told her she didn't have to, though...
Since my cold wasn't any better, I went to the hospital and got some medicine.
This should do it.

Get some rest, then the details.

Erika... what a good girl.

Take care.

[ Erika's Kindness ]

Thanks to everyone telling me to take care.
Erika and Ueto came today.
Additionally, my little sister.

Post about what happened today!

Another time...
My sister's being annoying.

Still not recovered, huh...
Sorry for rushing you.

Feeling much better.
Should be fine by tomorrow.

Fully recovered!
I'll write up what I can about yesterday.

If I get post 1000, I'll lose my virginity.

If I get post 1000, everyone gets girlfriends and boyfriends.

If I get post 1000, everyone involved will end up happy.

[And onto thread three...]

I planned to go out with Erika tomorrow, but it's going to rain, so it's being delayed once again.

Takkun, where's the nursing story?

People want that?

I do!
I've been waiting for it!


For real. =ↀωↀ=

Okay, tomorrow...
Can't be bothered to today.


My cold that shouldn't have been such a big deal got worse and worse.
I was obviously worn out, and called Erika apologizing that the date would have to be cancelled.

Me: "I've got a really bad cold, so can we go to the movies some other time?"
Erika: "Yeah, that's fine."
Me: "Sorry..."
Erika: "It's okay, anytime is good!"
Me: "Thanks."
Erika: "So are you gonna be okay? Maybe I should go?"
Me: "No, you don't have to do that. I'll get you sick."
Erika: "Uh-huh..."
Me: "Okay? Sorry."
Erika: "Alright, take care."
Me: "Thanks."

I hung up and slept for a while.

I woke up to go to the toilet, and Erika was in the living room.

Me: "..."
Erika: "Oh, you're up. Morning!"
Me: "Morning, why they hell're you here?"
Erika: "Well, it's not easy for a sick guy to make his meals."
Me: "I'm fine, really. I told you not to come, didn't I?"
Erika: "You said I don't have to come, which means I can if I want."
Erika: "And I'm free today, so..."

I couldn't say anything in response to that.

Erika: "Have you gone to the hospital?"
Me: "I haven't."
Erika: "Let's go."
Me: "Nah, it's not that bad..."
Erika: "Have you had any medicine?"
Me: "No."
Erika: "Food?"
Me: "No appetite."
Erika: "Well, I'll make you something easy to eat and get some medicine."
Me: "I said it's fine..."
Erika: "Come on, get some rest!"

She had her way with me, and I was put to bed until my meal was ready.
After a little while, I fell asleep.

I woke up and went to the living room, and heard Erika from the kitchen.

Erika: "Oh, you're up? I'm working on it!"

And she soon came out with something in a bowl.
It was some kind of soup with mushrooms and something leafy.

Erika: "Here you are. It should be tasty!"
Me: "Yeah, it looks good."
Erika: "Can you eat it on your own?"
Me: "Geez, yes..."
Erika: "Alright..."

Erika smiled tenderly.

I slowly had the soup.

Erika: "Tasty?"
Me: "Very much so."

It was really good.
I'd have wanted it even if I wasn't sick.

After the soup and some medicine, I went back to bed.
Erika even cleaned up for me.

Me: "Erika."
Erika: "What?"
Me: "Thanks."
Erika: "No problem."
Me: "You can go now, I'm fine. You'll get sick."
Erika: "Oh, well, I'll stick around a little longer."
Erika: "I've got to make you dinner, too!"
Me: "No, really, you shouldn't..."
Erika: "I should!"
Erika: "Get better quick, and let's go to the movies!"
Me: "...Right."
Erika: "You can at least trust me a little while you're sick like this."
Me: "...Yeah."
Erika: "Now, sleep. I'll be playing Monster Hunter."
Me: "Just don't come into the bedroom for any reason. I don't want you to get sick"
Erika: "Right, I got it."

I was glad to see Erika with such a pleasant attitude.

I slept a while more, and it was evening.
Erika was still there playing Monster Hunter.

Erika: "Well?"
Me: "I think I'm a little better."
Erika: "You'll go to the hospital if you're not better tomorrow, right?"
Me: "Right."

Afterward, Erika made more soup like at lunch.
She also prepared some soup with chicken in it for the next day, then went home.

She told me again as she left to go to the hospital if I wasn't better tomorrow, and I thanked her.

After she left, I checked the fridge and found it full of Aquarius and yogurt.

For that day, Erika was no doubt an angel.

That's all for that Thursday.
The rest is to come.

[ Sis Appears ]

She really cares for you, dude...

Is there still something you don't like about her?

Does Erika have a key to just barge into your living room?

The door's unlocked whenever I'm in, even if I'm sleeping.

Go die, Takkun!
Date Erika, get married at some point, have kids, live in harmony with her, have a happy life, and then die of old age!

Writing about Friday!


In the morning, my cold wasn't any better.
I ate the soup Erika prepared and went to the hospital.
Even a day later, the soup was still tasty.
I was thinking about how it'd be better if I didn't have a cold...
I waited for about an hour at the hospital and was checked for the flu.
Ultimately it was just a regular cold, so I got some medicine and went home.

After getting home and drinking it, I got a call from my mother.

She was worried for me and said she would come over, but I told her not to since it wasn't a big deal.

I slept past noon and heard the doorbell.
It was Erika and Ueto.
I hadn't been contacted about it.

Erika: "Takumi, we're coming in!"
Me: "Alright..."
Ueto: "We're here to check on you!"
Me: "Aya too? You'll get sick."
Ueto: "I'll be fine."
Erika: "Well?"
Me: "I went to the hospital, it's just a cold."
Erika: "Alright. You had your soup?"
Me: "Yeah, it was delicious."
Erika: "Right. And lunch?"
Me: "I'm not that hungry for lunch yet..."
Erika: "Well, tell me when you are and I'll make something."
Me: "But you already made me meals yesterday..."
Erika: "It's fine. Now, sleep. We'll be playing Monster Hunter."
Me: "Right."

Back to bed.

I wasn't really sleepy, but I didn't feel like doing anything.
I heard the two of them playing Monster Hunter in the living room.
I was jealous of how much fun they were having.

I realized I'd slept about two or three hours.

I got up to use the toilet.

Erika: "Lunch's ready. Just a simple soup..."
Me: "Oh, thanks."
Ueto: "We made it together!"
Me: "Huh. Thanks."

They produced potage soup with lots of ingredients in it.

Ueto: "Say ahhh? Ahhh..."
Me: "Don't do that."
Erika: "I tried asking to do that yesterday, but alas."
Ueto: "Well?"
Me: "It's good."
Erika: "We made lots!"
Me: "I could have this every day for five years..."

It was really tasty.

I slowly had the soup while pretending not to mind the two watching me eat.

Me: "Good meal."
Erika: "Our pleasure!"
Ueto: "Our pleasure!"

I had my medicine again and slept.
The two talked and played Monster Hunter.

I shouldn't have been sleepy, but I fell asleep, and it got dark outside.
Erika and Ueto went home.

Erika: "Okay, make sure to eat."
Ueto: "Take care!"
Erika: "Right, thanks. You too."
The two took their bikes home.

For dinner, I had more soup, bread, and some yogurt.
I was reading in bed when I heard the doorbell.

Begrudgingly I came to the door, and I saw my little sister.

Sis: "Yo!"
Me: "What are you doing...?"
Sis: "I'm here because mom said to come. Got a cold?"
Me: "I'll get you sick."
Sis: "I'll be fine! Now let me in!"

She came inside for the time being.

Sis: "Whoa, haven't been here in a while..."
Me: "Staying over today?"
Sis: "Of course, tomorrow's a holiday. You had dinner?"
Me: "Yeah."
Sis: "Aw, I was thinking of making it for you..."
Me: "You can cook?"
Sis: "Duh!"

I had seen her help out my mother before, but still...

Sis moved to the kitchen.

Sis: "Well, I haven't had dinner. Ooh, this looks tasty..."

She sighted the leftover soup.

Sis: "Did you eat this, bro?"
Me: "Yeah."
Sis: "Did you make it?"
Me: "Nope."
Sis: "Then, your girlfriend?!"
Me: "Well, no, not at the moment..."
Sis: "But a girl?"
Me: "Yeah..."
Sis: "Who's not your girlfriend?"
Me: "No, not right now..."
Sis: "Right now? What?"
Me: "Whatever. Stop asking questions."
Sis: "Huh? Whaaa? Geez..."
Me: "You can eat that, at any rate."
Sis: "Huhhh?"

I gave sis the soup which I wanted to leave for myself tomorrow morning.
I warmed up the soup while she continued to pester me about my girlfriend.

Sis: "This is so tasty!"
Me: "It sure is."
Me: "I was going to have that for breakfast tomorrow, though..."
Sis: "Oh, super duper sorry."
Me: "Well, nothing to do about it now..."
Sis: "Leave it to me, I'll make your breakfast!"
Me: "If you can."
Sis: "I said I can! You like an eastern or western breakfast?"
Me: "Uh, eastern."
Sis: "Alright, western it is!"
Me: "You little..."
Sis: "You want me to call mom?"
Me: "Don't even..."

Sis checked the fridge and found it was a little lacking, so she went to the supermarket.
Of course, she took my wallet.
I took the opportunity to bathe.

Sis got in the bath too when she got back, and I went to my bed.

She got out of the bath, I got a futon out for her, and we talked about things.
About our parents' house, about how school was going for her...
And about my club, and the person who had made that soup for me.

Sis: "She's really not your girlfriend?"
Me: "Enough. How about you, huh? You got a boyfriend?"
Sis: "Meee? No, but..."
Me: "Not popular? Guess you're just a dunce."
Sis: "I'm not a dunce! And I'm popular!"
Me: "Of course you are, sis."
Sis: "Man, you piss me off. I'm for serious popular."
Me: "Uh-huh."
Sis: "This guy confessed to me."
Me: "Hmm."
Me: "Then do you like anybody?"
Sis: "Maybe, sorta..."
Me: "Like who?"
Sis: "I'm not telling!"

Sis: "You've got a cold, bro, so don't mess around on the computer, get to bed."
Me: "I'm not sleeping."
Sis: "It'll be good for you!"
Me: "Right, right."

Obeying her, I turned off my computer and fell asleep messing with my phone.
She stayed awake until I was asleep.

And that was Friday.

Oh yeah, you said the girls were like princesses, but are their parents managers or what?
Also, how big is their apartment?

I honestly haven't asked much about their families, but I wouldn't post that kind of stuff anyway.
It's not a million-yen apartment or anything, but I'd say it's a bit more than what ordinary college students would live in.

[ Threadtelling and Sis ]

Info on your sister?

Second-year in high school.
K-On fan.
Dunno who she really resembles.
I think she said people tell her she looks like someone, but I forget who it was.

And I forgot to mention...
Tomorrow's the day I go out with Erika.

What the?!
When did that happen?


I decided it a while ago, but I'm telling her about the thread.
So these could be the last posts, disappointing as that would be.


Heeey! Ueto, you watching?

Keeping it a secret would be wrong, and I don't want to post things if Erika says not to.
I said before that I hope she'll let me off with backing off, but I don't know what I'll do if she calls everything off...

Heeey! Erika, you reading this?
Live happily with Takkun! (^ー^)ノ

Going to bed for today.
Since this might be the end, I'll say this.
Thank you to everyone who's supported me.
Good night.

I suddenly realized, if this thread could have both Takkun and the four princesses contributing... Oh my god.

Does this mean that... I might be Erika?

There's a distinct possibility that I might be Glasses.

The climax must be approaching...
But I might never see you again, Takkun...?
Don't make me sad like that...
Good night.

Heeey! Erika, you watching?
Takkun definitely isn't posting in this thread to belittle you or anything!
I mean, he's way off the mark asking us for advice, but he's doing it all for you, Erika!
Don't blame him, please!

Be happy!

I'm awaiting a good report from Takkun. (^-^)/

Finally caught up.
So today will be the finale... I hope everyone's smiling in the end.

If Erika's okay with it, then this'll never end.
Where are you gonna decide to stop otherwise?

Hey, seriously, what happened?
Is he losing his virginity as we speak??

Be happy, Lady Erika and Takkun!

I'm getting so tense...

Where do I begin...

From the beginning.

Perhaps I should give a quick summary of the results in advance...

Yes!! Results are important!!

Don't do that.

Please handle it carefully if you can.

I can't allow that.
But you're here now, so I assume you got permission?

Alright, I see.
It should be obvious, but I got permission.
But should I start from the day after my sister came, or yesterday...

Well, it'll be slow either way!

Okay, starting from sis.

Oh, Takkun's alive!
I was worried Erika got pissed and did something crazy to Takkun.



I woke up, and my cold was much better.
My sis was still in the living room.
There was a bag of snacks on the table.
Thinking she still intended to make me breakfast, I went back to sleep.

Next time I got up, sis was up and making breakfast.
Though it was noon...

Me: "Morning."
Sis: "Ah, morning. You got up late."
Me: "I was up before you were..."

Eventually, sis produced an ordinary eastern breakfast.
I think it was grated radish with grilled fish, an omelette, vegetable salad, and miso soup.
I didn't mention how she'd said she was making a western breakfast.

Me: "Huh, I guess you really can cook."
Sis: "I told you I could."
Me: "Sorry, it's just a little surprising."
Sis: "I'll let you off this time, but only this time!"
Me: "Alright, let's just eat."

Breakfast was reasonably tasty.

Sis: "How's the cold?"
Me: "A lot better."
Sis: "Ah, good."
Me: "So how long are you staying, anyway?"
Sis: "Leaving tomorrow."
Me: "So you're here today...?"
Sis: "While I'm here, I wanna go out somewhere."
Me: "Aha."

Perhaps that was her reason for coming here.

Sis: "So get better quick. I don't know my way around here."
Me: "You want me to take you out? It's not like I do, either."
Sis: "Huh? How many years you've lived here?"
Me: "One and a half."
Sis: "Useless!"
Me: "Shut up."
Sis: "You'll figure it out. Come on, let's go somewhere!"
Me: "Once I'm better..."

Me: "Good meal."
Sis: "My pleasure."

After eating, sis cleaned up.
I went back to bed.
Afterward, sis did laundry and some light cleaning with a Quickle Wiper.

Me: "Who knew you were so capable, sis?"
Sis: "Huh? You only just noticed now? Talk about slow."
Me: "I've always pictured you as lazy..."
Sis: "Maybe I never did anything, but your sister can do it if she tries."
Me: "Still don't feel like acknowledging that fact..."

Afterward, she told me to tell her when I was hungry and played games.
I slept.

After some rest, I was suddenly woken up.

Sis: "Bro, you've got guests."
Me: "Huh? Oh, Erika?"

I showed my face, thinking she'd come back.

Ueto: "Morning!"
Glasses: "Yo! You look better."
Chihuahua: "Excuse us!"

Erika wasn't there. Well, it was only her who wasn't there.

Me: "Lots of you..."
Glasses: "'Cause we're bored."
Me: "Where's Erika?"
Ueto: "She's got stuff to do at home."
Glasses: "So she entrusted us with Takumi."
Me: "You didn't have to come..."
Me: "Though you really should have contacted me first."
Ueto: "Whoops?"
Me: "Whatever..."
Ueto: "We're worried about you too."
Me: "Right, well... thanks."

Sis suddenly came over to me.

Me: "Ah, this is my little sister."
Sis: "That's me. Nice to meet you."
Me: "This is Aya, Glasses, and Chihuahua."
The Three: "Hey there!"
Glasses: "Your sister's too cute!"
Chihuahua: "You don't look much alike..."
Ueto: "You in high school?"
Sis: "Yep, second year."
Ueto: "Adorable!"
Glasses: "I'm surprised. I was expecting Takumi and suddenly I see a cute little girl!"
Chihuahua: "Right?"

Sis was feeling sheepish.

Glasses: "Have you eaten?"
Me: "Just had breakfast."
Glasses: "Well, we'll make you something in a bit."
Sis: "Ah, that's fine. I can do it."
Ueto: "No, really. That's what we're here for!"
Me: "Sis, leave it to them. She helped make that soup from yesterday."
Sis: "Oh, really? Sorry, but I had some too..."
Ueto: "Ah, that's fine. Did you like it?"
Sis: "It was really tasty!"

So it ended up being left to Glasses and co.

I felt a little sluggish, but I didn't want to just ignore sis and the three getting to know each other, so we talked together some.

Glasses: "Is your cold okay?"
Me: "Yeah, I'm just a little sluggish."
Chihuahua: "You should get some rest."
Me: "Maybe in a little bit."

Then the others talked openly.
They mainly talked about me.

Me: "I'm gonna take a nap."
Sis: "Sure."
Me: "And if you play Monster Hunter, sis can play too."
Chihuahua: "Ooh, I wanna play!"
Sis: "Alright!"

I couldn't get to sleep, so I listened closely to their conversation, and they seemed to be getting along well.

A while later, Glasses and Chihuahua made lunch.
It was delicious udon.
Me and sis shared it, and she seemed to enjoy it.
A perfect meal for chatting.
Sis handled the cleaning.
I went back to bed afterward.

I got back up in the evening.
Dinner was underway with sis's help and Ueto's preparation.
It seemed they were already great friends.
Monster Hunter brings people together...

Me: "You really don't care about getting sick, huh?"
Glasses: "Well, then you can come cook for us, Takumi."
Me: "Huh?"

Chihuahua: "I wonder if Erika will be here soon?"
Me: "Yeah..."
Sis: "I wanna see her too!"
Chihuahua: "I'll text her."

Chihuahua: "She wants to come, but she can't make it."
Me: "I see..."
Sis: "Huh?"
Me: "Maybe you'll see her tomorrow."
Ueto: "Sis is only here 'til tomorrow?"
Sis: "Yeah, I've got school."
Ueto: "Huh..."

Me: "Oh yeah, that's right... Would you take sis somewhere tomorrow?"
Sis: "Huh?"
Ueto: "Us?"
Me: "Well, she said she wanted to go somewhere while she was out here."
Me: "But I've got a cold..."
Glasses: "I'm fine with it, but what'll you do, Takumi?"
Me: "My cold should be fine, though going out is dicey..."
Ueto: "So, sis?"
Sis: "Well, if you want to, sure?"
Ueto: "Okay, it's decided!"
Chihuahua: "Yaaay!"
Glasses: "Whooo!"

With some noise, they discussed where they'd be going.
Apparently sis wanted to go shopping.

Glasses: "Okay, so we'll go there and..."
Ueto: "In the morning?"
Chihuahua: "Then we can eat lunch there."
Sis: "Ooh!"
Glasses: "We'll be with Erika tomorrow."
Sis: "That sounds great!"

Tomorrow's plans were decided, and we had our dinner.

Ueto: "Well, better get going."
Chihuahua: "Yeah..."
Me: "I see..."

The three got ready to leave.

Chihuahua: "Sorry to bother you!"
Ueto: "See you tomorrow, Takumi's sis!"
Glasses: "Make sure you rest, Takumi!"
Me: "Thanks, take care."
Sis: "See you!"

The three left.

Sis: "Whew, that was a surprise..."
Me: "Oh, since they came so suddenly?"
Sis: "They're all so pretty!"
Me: "Aren't they?"
Sis: "What are girls like those doing hanging out at bro's place?"
Me: "I'd like to shut you up, but you have a point."
Sis: "They're really good people, anyway."
Me: "Yep."

Sis: "So, you were dating this Erika girl?"
Me: "You asked about that?"
Sis: "I didn't have to ask."
Me: "So they saw fit to tell my sister, huh..."
Sis: "But you dumped her, bro?"
Sis: "What's up with you?"
Me: "Things happened."
Sis: "Get back together, get on the ground, and apologize."
Me: "I might need to."
Sis: "Considering she came and made you meals..."
Me: "I know, I know!"

She continued to lecture me further.

Afterward, we had our baths, talked, and I went to bed.
Sis went to bed early so as to leave in the morning.

I looked forward to sis going out with the four.
But I was a little anxious, seeing as they were all older than her.

And that's how Saturday night ended.

Sorry I was late.
That's the end of Saturday.
Wait patiently for the next time I can write the rest.

Where do they sell sisters like that?

[ A Date For Sis and the Four Princesses ]


I woke up and my cold was mostly fine.
First, I woke up my sleeping sister, despite her having to leave in the morning.

Me: "Hey, sis, get up."
Sis: "...Mmm."
Me: "Aren't you going?"
Sis: "...Shaddup..."
Me: "You gotta get ready."
Sis: "Ah..."

She slowly got up.
I was rather worried she'd caught my cold.

Me: "You don't have a cold, do you?"
Sis: "Mm, I'm fine. I'm just sleepy."
Me: "Good, then get up. You'll be late."
Sis: "Wait, is it that late?!"
Me: "No, but it will be once you have breakfast and such."
Sis: "...Okay, right. What's for breakfast?"
Me: "I'll get it for you. You take a shower, okay?"
Sis: "Alright."

Sis stumbled into the bathroom.
I made a simple breakfast while she showered.
Just toast, ham, and eggs, I think.

We had breakfast together as soon as she got out.

Me: "What'll you do today? Just go back home?"
Sis: "I'll come back here first. I don't wanna carry all my stuff around."
Sis: "So I'll be back early."
Me: "Right."

Sis: "Hey, have you ever been in a photo booth with Erika?"

Come to think of it, we never had.

Me: "Nah."
Sis: "Huh? No way, you can show me."
Me: "No, I really haven't. We broke up first."
Sis: "Huh?"
Me: "I showed you some phone pics yesterday, didn't I?"
Sis: "Yeah, but..."
Me: "You'll meet her soon today."
Sis: "I wanted to see more of her..."

After breakfast and cleaning up, sis prepared to leave.

Me: "Don't forget anything."
Sis: "I won't."

She was to meet the four at the station.

Sis: "Take me there!"
Me: "All I've got is a bike..."
Sis: "Useless. Okay, well, it'll do, I guess."
Me: "Ugh, I don't wanna. You ride it yourself."

So I lent her my bicycle.

Me: "Don't cause them any trouble."
Sis: "Right."
Me: "Don't be rude."
Sis: "Right."
Me: "Got money?"
Sis: "Hmm, I think I'll be fine."
Me: "Hold on a sec."

I gave her 50,000 yen.

Sis: "Love you too, bro!"

Sis took it without hesitation.

Me: "Be careful out there."
Sis: "Yeah!"
Sis: "I'm off!"
Me: "See you."

For the time being, I texted the four with "Treat my sister nice."
They all replied simultaneously, "Are you a siscon, Takumi?"

Erika kept sending frequent texts.
Mostly about how cute my sister was.

After noon, I again received four "Are you a siscon, Takumi?" texts.
What was sis telling them...?

There's not much to say about what I was doing at home.
I barely even remember. Maybe cleaning.

Sis returned in the evening.
She had a big bag with her.

Sis: "I'm back!"
Me: "Hey. How was it?"
Sis: "Super fun! Erika's even cuter than the rest!"
Me: "Oho."
Sis: "They're so nice. They treated me to meals and all."
Me: "Even though you had money?"
Sis: "I wanted to pay, but they insisted."

Well, whatever.

Sis: "Look at these! We went to a photo booth!"
Me: "Ahh..."
Sis: "Speaking of which, where are those ones you took with me?"
Me: "I dunno. Probably in some desk at home."
Sis: "Whaaa?"

Sis: "By the way..."
Me: "Hm?"
Sis: "Why'd you break up with Erika? Are you stupid?"
Me: "Ugh, forget about it."
Sis: "No, I'm serious."
Me: "Things just happened."
Sis: "Yeah, I heard. It's not that big a deal."
Me: "I guess, yeah... I get that."
Sis: "Really? So, what are you doing?"
Me: "Well, actually, I was planning to seriously go out with her on Thursday, until I got a cold."
Sis: "...Hmm. I heard there was to be a date on Thursday..."
Me: "Right? So I was planning to get back with her then."
Sis: "That's better, I suppose."
Sis: "Then geez, why'd you have to go get a cold?"
Me: "What was I supposed to do about that?"

While sis prepared to go home, she kept telling me to hurry up before someone else got her.
What a pain she is...

Me: "Got everything?"
Sis: "I'm good."
Me: "Really?"
Sis: "I forgot nothing. Take me to the station."

I was worried about riding behind her, but it was night, so I had to.
We rode to the station together.

On the way there, sis told me about where they went today.
If she didn't answer, I slapped her on the back.
Furthermore, I would start tickling her out of the blue.
Sis would just get mad and say it was dangerous.
"Is this guy messed up or what?", she must have thought.

Sis: "Well, I'll be back."
Me: "Huh?"
Sis: "Maybe I'll stay with Erika and the rest next time."
Me: "Oh, in that case, feel free."
Sis: "We've gotten real friendly, you know."
Me: "Right, right. Go already."
Sis: "See you!"
Me: "Yeah, take care."

Sis waved and went into the station.

With my cold healed, sis went back home.

Afterward, I got a thankful text from the girls.
Erika and the rest seemed to take a liking to sis.

And that was how Sunday ended.

Later, I discovered sis's panties in the laundry basket.

They were probably from before her bath Sunday morning.
Geez, I told her not to forget anything...

Sis: "Knew I forgot something... Guess I just left them somewhere."

That's the end of me catching a cold and the girls and my sister coming by.
Lastly, the Thursday of the next week...

If any of you meet my sister somewhere and she approves of you, you can have her.
Live together happily for me.

I think she's pretty friendly.
But I think I've mentioned that before.

And I'm not uploading pics of her panties.
...But they're gray.

Well, here comes the main event, I suppose...

Next time on There Was Once An Ordinary Virgin: the finale. The true fated Thursday.

The Thursday so long, it took a full month to recount.

Posted June 9th, 2012


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