There Was Once An Ordinary Virgin: Part Four

It all ends with the longest day of Takumi's life.

I know this is like twice as long as the other parts, but I didn't really see a better way to split it up. Take breaks between sections if necessary.

Part 1


[ Determination ]

Alright, here we go.

Thursday, October 13th.

With determination in his heart, he left the house.

There were two things he had to tell Erika on this day.

First was that he wanted to date her again.
And second was that since the day they broke up, he had been posting about it all on 2ch.

Hope and anxiety both welled up within him.

At 11 in the morning, he was to meet her in front of the station.
He left so as to arrive 15 minutes early, and planned to wait for Erika.
And in fact, he arrived at the meeting point 20 minutes early.

Erika: "Morning. You're early!'

Erika was already there.

Him: "Morning. Hoped I would get to say that..."
Erika: "I got here early to make sure I did."
Him: "Dammit..."

Erika was looking pretty as always.
And he was looking reasonably stylish himself.

Him: "Well, let's go."
Erika: "Yep!"

To the theater they went.

Him: "So, what'll it be?"

Of course, he had checked the movies and narrowed it down to a few options.
Erika had done the same.

Him: "How about this, or this?"
Erika: "Hm... Let's go with this."

The movie to be watched was decided to be the recently-popular "Moteki."
As it was starting soon, they bought their tickets and went into the theater.

While this thread concerns the tale of his circumstances, the movie was not part of such.
His personal opinion on it was something along the lines of "so-so."
Erika, too, merely found it reasonably entertaining.
One thing that the two could decisively conclude was this: "Masami Nagasawa was cute."
But his opinion of "Lily Franky is cool" was shot down by Erika: "Just some old guy."

After the movie was over, they went out to eat.
They went to a restaurant they had often eaten at before.

Erika: "Haven't been here in a while."
Him: "Lots has happened."
Erika: "That's true."

Though it was lunchtime, the restaurant was nearly empty.
The two ordered from a new menu that had been added to since their last visit.

Erika: "They've expanded the menu, even."
Him: "Has it been two or three months?"
Erika: "Haven't been here that long, huh..."

Afterward, they discussed the movie they had seen.

Him: "What do we do next?"
Erika: "I wanna go shopping."
Him: "Haven't you already bought enough for autumn?"
Erika: "I need a little more."
Him: "Really?"
Erika: "Girls are serious about this stuff."
Him: "Hm."

Erika: "Ooh, give me some of that."
Him: "Okay, here."
Erika: "Ahhh..."

Erika opened her mouth slightly, requesting him to feed her.

Him: "No, no, no..."
Erika: "Ahhh..."
Him: "Eat it yourself, please."
Erika: "Ahhh..."

He considered stuffing a napkin in her mouth, but ultimately decided to feed her.

Erika: "Mmm, tasty."
Him: "Really?"
Erika: "You too, Takumi. Say ahhh..."
Him: "Don't do that, it's embarrassing."
Erika: "Huh?"

After the two had eaten, they discussed what they would do after shopping.
He paid the bill.

The two went to a mall which Erika frequented.
In fact, it had been where he went with Ueto before.
As before, he headed for a bench.

Him: "Well, I'll just wait here."
Erika: "Nooo, you come with me."
Him: "Really?"
Erika: "Of course. Why else would I come with you?"

The two went around the mall.

You're so tsun, Takkun...

Erika: "Ooh, this is nice."
Erika: "What do you think?"
Him: "Er, it's alright?"
Erika: "Oh, that helps."
Him: "It's not like that, I just don't know a thing about girls fashion."
Erika: "What about this?"
Him: "It's alright?"
Erika: "Again?"
Me: "Look, well, I guess it suits you? You'd look pretty in it, Erika."
Erika: "Hmm..."
Erika: "Okay, so which one do you like better?"
Him: "Anything that fits."
Erika: "You're making this difficult."
Him: "Well, why don't we try them on, and then we'll decide."
Erika: "You'll try them on, you mean?"
Him: "No! I'm not wearing that!"
Erika: "*laughs*"

Erika tried on clothes, he complimented them, and it continued to go on as such.

Him: "I guess it's alright?"
Erika: "Of course it is."

Then an assistant came over.

Assistant: "Is that size fine?"
Erika: "Yes, thanks."
Assistant: "Ah, okay. Thanks for coming by as always."

The assistant appeared to know Erika.

Assistant: "Oh? Are you with your boyfriend today?"
Erika: "Oh, yes!"
Assistant: "Great! He looks like quite the cool guy..."
Erika: "Hmm, I don't know if I'd go that far..."
Him: "Er, no, I'm not really her boyfriend..."
Assistant: "Huh? Am I wrong?"
Erika: "Well, he's my ex."
Assisatant: "Oh, really? You sure seem to get along, though..."

While Erika was in the dressing room, the assistant whispered to him.

Assistant: "Did you really break up?"
Him: "Yeah, we did."
Assistant: "Well, it definitely doesn't look that way..."
Him: "Well, some things happened, so I dumped her."
Assistant: "Huh? Why's that? That's a waste..."
Him: "I suppose it is. Which is why I'm planning to ask her to get back with me today."
Assistant: "Ah, really? Well, good luck, then!"
Him: "Haha, thanks a lot."
Assistant: "But really, I think you'll be set."
Him: "Glad you think so..."

Erika eventually decided what to buy with the opinions of him and the assistant.
The clothes were expensive, and Erika paid with a credit card.

The two went around to all sorts of stores, going through similar processes.

Erika: "Let's check out the lingerie!"
Me: "Go do that with an actual boyfriend."
Erika: "You won't come, Takkun?"

There was still time after they were done shopping, so they decided to find somewhere else.

Him: "What'll we do?"
Erika: "Bowling or karaoke?"
Him: "Well, we can do karaoke while we're waiting for bowling."

There was, however, no waiting time for bowling.

Erika: "Up for a challenge?"
Him: "You sure? I'm pretty good, you know?"
Erika: "Best two out of three."
Him: "Alright, handicaps... What's your average?"
Erika: "Around 120, maybe?"
Him: "Well, how about 40, then?"
Erika: "No, 20 will be fine."
Him: "You sure? That'll be cake for me."
Erika: "Your confidence pisses me off."
Him: "Let's go with 20 for the first game."

>"Go do that with an actual boyfriend."
WHAT a tsundere!

Round 1:
Him: 170? Erika: 110?

Him: "I'm lucky today!"
Erika: "There's no way I can beat that..."
Him: "Accept your handicap of 50."
Erika: "Then I'm sure to win."
Him: "I'm fine with that."
Erika: "Hey, so what does the winner get?"
Him: "A juice?"
Erika: "That's boring. If I win, I get to make you say something."
Him: "Not so bad. But you do get a handicap, after all."
Erika: "If you win, you get to touch my boobs."
Him: "Nah, if I win, I get a juice."
Erika: "Huh?!"
Him: "Okay, round two!"
Erika: "Don't you want a feel?! HEY!"

Round 2:
Him: 180? Erika: 125?

Him: "Too bad. I win!"
Erika: "You could've at least lost on purpose to have three games."
Him: "It's not in my personality to go easy on anyone."
Erika: "Okay, next to win wins it all!"
Him: "How bad do you want to hear me talk?"
Erika: "Handicap 60."
Him: "Well, alright..."

Round 3:
Him: 210? Erika: 110?

Erika: "Whoaaa!"
Him: "Want a handshake or an autograph?"

Halfway through, Erika began cheering him on.

Erika: "Alright, have a squeeze."
Him: "Here?! No, get me my juice."
Erika: "Huh?"
Him: "Go buy it while I take care of the balls."
Erika: "Fiiine..."

Afterward, they went to karaoke.
They spent two hours there.
It had been months since he and Erika had done it.

Erika: "Don't they have Red Sky Love Song (the theme to Sharin no Kuni)?"
Him: "I guess not..."
Him: "Were you really that into that game?"
Erika: "Just hearing that song's enough to make me cry..."
Him: "I get you..."

He had heard her voice many times while going as a club, but Erika was a very skilled singer.
Erika first sang Maki Ohguro's "Eyes On You Only."

Erika: "♪~"

Erika certainly had her eyes on him.
Him: "Stop it, that's embarrassing..."

Him: "You're good. I knew that, though."

She responded with a laugh.

Erika: "You're next, Takumi!"
Him: "No, keep on singing, Erika."
Erika: "Nope. You're up!"

He reluctantly chose a song.
After some pondering, he chose BUMP OF CHICKEN's "sailing day."

Him: "♪~"

His singing was okay.

Erika: "You're good too, Takumi! I like your voice!"

So directly praised, he could only give an embarrassed smile.

Afterward, Erika sang Hikaru Utada's "Prisoner of Love," hitomi's "SAMURAI DRIVE," and Fuyumi Sakamoto's "I Love You Again."
The others, surprisingly, were anime and Vocaloid songs.
Apparently she had learned of them from Glasses and Chihuahua singing them.
He didn't know much about Vocaloid, but he thought they were good.
As for him, he sang some popular songs from BUMP OF CHICKEN, Porno, and Gackt.

Erika: "Wanna sing something together?"
Him: "Sure, but I don't know a single duet."
Erika: "How about Kinki Kids?"
Him: "Sure."

The two sang Kinki Kids's "Bundle of Love."
Erika harmonized beautifully when the two sang together.

Him: "Geez, Erika, is there anything you can't do?"
Erika: "I'm always talking karaoke with Aya and the rest."

With this, two hours passed, and the two left the karaoke booth behind.

Afterward was dinner.

They went to a different restaurant from lunch, a Japanese one.
They placed their orders.

Erika: "Today was a pretty solid date, huh?"
Him: "Yep."
Erika: "We should do it again."
Him: "Well, if you want to go, Erika, I'll do it anytime."
Erika: "Definitely!"

The problem, though, was whether Erika would still want to go out with him upon learning that he was posting about her on 2ch.

Now, the fated hour... DINNERTIME!

Erika: "I want some of that."
Him: "Don't do the "ahhh" thing."
Erika: "Ahhh..."
Him: "We did this at lunch!"
Erika: "Ahhh..."
Him: "That's bad table manners."
Erika: "Last time, really."
Him: "..."

In the end, he was made to feed Erika.

Erika: "You always fold when I push you like that, Takkun."
Him: "Don't say that."
Erika: "Okay, now Takkun. Say "ahhh"..."
Him: "I said no. And what is that? At least give me the main course."
Erika: "Nope, that's mine."
Him: "I just gave you mine."
Erika: "Yeah, aren't you selfless?"
Him: "Seriously...?"
Erika: "*laughs*"

Their dinner continued as such.

Him: "Um, after this, can I come to your place, Erika?"
Erika: "My place?"
Him: "Calm down. There's just something I need to tell you."
Erika: "Hmm, I wonder what...?"
Him: "You'll see. Later."

The two left the restaurant.
Erika paid the bill.

Erika: "Since you treated me at lunch, I'll treat you."

The two went on their way home.
They didn't have much to talk about on the way.

That's all for today.
What follows is crucial, but I'm sorry, you'll have to wait a bit.

The fated hour WASN'T dinner?!

[ Confession ]

Here we go.

Him: "You came by bike, right?"
Erika: "Mm-hm."
Him: "Why'd you do that?"
Erika: "Why not? And so you could ride in back."
Him: "Huh?"
Erika: "Alright, hurry up!"

Some luggage got in his way, but he rode behind Erika as she took them to her apartment.
On the way to the apartment, they had little to talk about.
Sometimes, Erika would lean her head back on his shoulder.
He would ask "What?", but Erika would just laugh, "Nothing..."

Arriving at Erika's apartment, they took the bags to her room.

Him: "This place is really huge..."
Erika: "Oh?"
Him: "It's so far from the entrance to your room. Heck, there's an "entrance" period!"
Erika: "That's how it goes for a girl living alone."

He had heard that when girls live alone, their parents entrust them to high-security residences.
But this level of hugeness was something else.

Him: "You're like a celebrity."
Erika: "Maybe so..."

Erika: "Alright, come in."

The two entered the room.

Erika: "Ah, put the bags there."
Him: "Right. Oh, can I use your computer?"
Erika: "Huh? Sure, but why?"
Him: "Just... reasons. Please."
Erika: "Er, alright..."
Him: "Well, I'm just starting it up now. I'll use it later."
Erika: "Okay."

He made his preparations.

Erika: "Sit down."
Him: "Okay."

He placed himself on the sofa he always sat on.

Him: "You know, I haven't been in here in a while."
Erika: "Yeah. Since that day, maybe?"
Him: "Hm, I think so."

The day Erika meant was surely the day they broke up.
And indeed, he had not visited this room since that day.

Him: "A lot's happened..."
Erika: "Yep."

Indeed, much had happened.
Things that this thread was told, things it wasn't, things it never would be.
So, so much.

And so today, he would ask to start over with Erika once more.
He had to tell her his feelings definitively.

And with it, the secret that had originated on "that day."
The thread he had kept posting in, since first creating it up until the very night before.

"There Was Once An Ordinary Virgin."

He would have to tell Erika about it.
Perhaps it would have been for the best not to.
In fact, it seemed like telling her would be to the benefit of none.
Perhaps it was so. Perhaps it would bring ruin to their relationship.
But if only for personal satisfaction, he was determined to tell her regardless.
He could not stand to keep it hidden from her.

Him: "..."
Erika: "..."

There was silence for some time.
While he puzzled over what to say, Erika waited patiently for his words.

Finally, he broke the silence.

Him: "Um."
Erika: "Hm?"

Erika smiled.

Him: "Err, there's something I need to tell you."
Erika: "Yes."
Him: "Two things, actually."
Erika: "Hm? Mm-hm."

Erika seemed to understand.
One of them she was expecting.
At this point, it was clearly exposed.
But she had no reason to expect the other.

Him: "Well, the first..."

He adjusted his posture, faced Erika directly, and met eyes with her.

Him: "..."

But he said nothing to follow this up.

He noticed it then.
He noticed that he had never in his life had to confess his love.
And in thinking so hard about what to say, he had not given any thought to the words to say it with.
How was one to confess?
How did it go in those games he always played?
He came to know nothing.

Him: "..."
Erika: "..."

Thinking that it would not do to go on this way, he simply began talking, for anything would do.

Him: "...Since that day, I've been thinking about a lot of stuff..."
Erika: "...Right."
Him: "I said we should start all over from the beginning, and you said that was fine..."
Him: "But I didn't know what to do, so to start with, I was a little cold."
Him: "Even so, Erika, you talked to me, and invited me to things..."
Him: "And I soon got used to it, and eventually started to enjoy being with you."

Erika continued to smile, responding to each of his clumsy remarks with nods.

Him: "Having that kind of relationship was pretty comfortable, but..."
Him: "Maybe I was also a little worried that I still didn't know anything about you..."

He began to cry, not fully knowing why himself.
Seeing this, Erika began to tear up as well.

Him: "So I know I should have said this earlier, but I kept dilly-dallying..."
Him: "But... For my sake, and for Erika's sake, I decided I had to say it."

He took a deep breath, and looked at Erika again.

Him: "I... really love you, Erika."

At last, he was finally able to say it.

And then.

Erika: "...Sniff..."

Erika covered her eyes and began crying.
It was the second time he had seen her cry.

And then, he added one more thing.

Him: "That's why I want to say..."

Erika turned her gaze toward him.

Him: "Please, go out with me."

Him: "..."
Erika: "..."

Him: "Whew..."

After a short silence, Erika calmly stood up and hugged him.

Erika: "I love you too, Takumi."

Erika: "So let's start dating again... That's my own request."

That was how Erika replied.


This may have been a while ago now, but congrats!
It's great to tell people how you feel...

However, he knew he had one more thing he had to tell her.
He was fully aware it would disrupt the mood.
But despite this, he was determined to tell her about it.

Think you might have gotten the order backwards, Takkun...

After spending a little while reflecting on the happy moment, he broke the silence.

Him: "Thank you."
Erika: "Mmm..."

Him: "But..."
Erika: "Hm?"
Him: "Like I said before..."
Him: "There's one more thing I need to tell you."
Him: "If we're going to be dating, it's something I've decided I want you to know about."
Erika: "...What?"

Him: "Can you give me a second?"


He had Erika stand up, took her to the computer desk, and sat her in the chair.
Erika had no idea what was going on.

Erika: "...Huh?"
Him: "Give me a second. You'll understand soon."

He opened the browser, and searched "Ordinary Virgin."
He chose to use the summary article on FuraSora. ["When Fried Chicken Flies."]
He opened the first article of "There Was Once An Ordinary Virgin."

Him: "...There."

Erika: "..."There Was Once An Ordinary Virgin."?"

Erika: "What?"

Him: "Just read it."

Erika read in silence.

Erika: "..."
Him: "..."
Erika: "..."
Him: "..."

Erika: "..."
Him: "..."
Erika: "..."
Him: "..."

Perhaps it was his imagination, but her mood seemed to gradually change.

Erika: "..."
Him: "..."
Erika: "..."
Him: "..."
Erika: "...Huh."
Him: "...!"

He couldn't help but be scared.

Erika: "...I see..."

Perhaps it was only five minutes or so.
But to him, the time it took for Erika to finish reading seemed to last forever.
He realized he had backed away a few steps.
Where had his feelings of preparedness gone?

Erika: "Come here, Takkun?"

Erika beckoned without turning around.
He had to obey.
And the moment he came to her side...

Him: "!"

Erika's hand grabbed his arm.

Him: "..."

He was absolutely scared out of his mind.

Erika: "...Aja Kong?"
Him: "! N-No, well, um, in the heat of the moment, you know... That's not really what I think!"
Erika: "Hmm..."

Erika turned to face him.

Her face was a pleased one, yet also appeared upset.

Such was her smile.

At any rate, the tears from before had nearly vanished.

Erika: "I just skimmed through it, but..."
Erika: "You wrote this, Takkun?"
Him: "...Yes."
Erika: "Hmm..."
Erika: "And what's all this at the bottom?"
Him: "Those are... the... sequels."
Erika: "So, everything after you came to my place?"
Him: "Yes."
Erika: "And these "trip" ones are about our club trip?"
Him: "Yes."
Erika: "Huh..."

Erika: "Takkun."
Him: "Yes, what is it?"

Erika: "Is it okay if I call Aya and the rest?"

He knew he could only nod to this request.

He had expected letting the other three know to be a conceivable consequence.
He had even planned letting them know or not to be up to Erika's judgement.
But he was not expecting it quite so promptly.

Erika called the three one after another.

Erika: "Hey, Glasses?"
Erika: "Yeah, I'm home. Takumi's here."
Erika: "Can you come by soon? Yeah, right now."
Erika: "I've got something great to show you. Yeah, call the other two."
Erika: "Okay, be quick!"

All four were to be assembled.

But with this, the confession he had just made was made hazy.
Would this mean he wasn't going to be dating Erika?

Erika: "Takumi."
Him: "Yes."

Erika called to him.

And then.

She stood in front of him, slowly lifted her arms...

Put her hands around the back of his neck...

Leaned slightly over him...

Zawa... zawa...

My god...

And kneed him??

And slowly, tenderly kissed him.






Him: "..."
Erika: "With that, Takumi, you're my boyfriend again from today on."
Him: "Uh... um..."
Erika: "This is all you needed to tell me, right? You wanted me to to decide if we should date, right?"
Him: "Uh, yeah..."
Erika: "Well, I decided. Got it?"

Him: "But, is it really okay? I mean, it's kinda..."
Erika: "What?"
Him: "There's nothing really specific, but all this stuff is being seen around the world..."
Erika: "You didn't use any real names, right?"
Him: "Well, of course not."
Erika: "Then it's fine."
Him: "But people who see it will know..."
Erika: "That's fine."
Him: "Seriously?"

Erika: "You know, reading this, I realize I was kinda at fault too."
Erika: "We've both been hiding things, haven't we?"
Him: "You're not mad?"
Erika: "Not so much."
Erika: "You don't wanna date me, Takumi?"
Him: "No, I do. I love you."
Erika: "Then it's fine."
Him: "Right..."
Erika: "Well, let's keep this up, right?"
Him: "Same here."

The two bowed their heads to each other.

Erika: "Mm."
Him: "Ah."

Erika: "Okay, one more."
Him: "Hm?"

Erika: "Kiss."

Erika thrust out her arms, as if to say "hurry up already."

He said nothing, came up close to Erika...

Stroked her hair, and moved up to her mout -

That's all for today!



Say... what...?

Takkun, you sadist...

Are you a virgin now or not? That's what's important!

I did have a little more written, but this is actually the best place to stop.

You should know already, but after that, the three arrived, and they learned about the thread too.
So in short, it's not just Erika watching this thread now, but all four of them.

I actually have a group window in Skype with the four of them, but the chat is so annoying.

"That's sooo embarrassing!!"
"Isn't that embarrassing, Takkun?"
"Hey, hey, isn't that embarrassing?"

Erika has been encouraging me to write the posts, but she actually wrote the confession part herself.
I wrote what I thought I said and showed her, and she just said "No, this is totally wrong. Ugh, just let me do it."

So far, Erika has been the sole "editor."
But the next part will have all four pitching in.
"Of course we should help out from now on - it's all about us!"

Heeey! Chihuahua, you watching?

She says yes!

PS. Glasses says she's stealthily infiltrated this thread!
I'm sleepy, so that's all for today.

The four are glad to be receiving praise!
Not that they're demanding it or anything!

Good night!

I am Glasses!!

^ Glasses sighted!!

Well, Glasses sure got found out fast...

Infiltrated my ass...

I was planning to sleep, but I was invited by the four to a "review of the day."
They told me "Oh, some guy posted pictures of Erika," and I naturally got mad. [They were deleted. Not sure how someone got them...]
They also concluded "People who say they enjoy reading the posts "in real time" is super cute."

For now, the most embarrassing bits are done, so I'll work hard on the last part.
This time, good night for real!

[ The Four Beauties ]

[A fresh fourth thread beginning with an unofficial summary.]

[Cast of Characters]

Takumi (Pet Name: Takkun), College Second-Year
The OP and protagonist of the thread. Virgin (?).
Whatever he does, he does it well enough, living a regular life.
Seeing the true colors of his lover believed to be an angel, he decided to start over from being friends.
His family name was revealed as Satoh early on, but no one remembers that. Siscon.

Erika Shishido, College Second-Year
The main heroine.
A perfect princess capable of anything.
An appearance between "pretty" and "cute," a graceful and proper angel.
But her true colors were that of Aja Kong, and when Takumi discovered this, they broke up.
While her personality was faked, her love for Takumi was not a lie.
Her daily approaches on Takumi have struck the hearts of many threadgoers.

Aya Ueto, College Second-Year
An energetic girl resembling Aya Ueto.
Has a particularly bright personality.
Vigorous, enough to drag Takumi out on a date.

Glasses, College Second-Year
A pretty girl with a brown bob and thin square glasses that make her look smart.
Appears cool, but just a nerd.
Invites Takumi to play games.
Unsure if she ever actually infiltrated the thread.

Chihuahua, College Second-Year
The cute mascot character.
Has a small, round, childlike face.
Makes you want to pet her.
Definitely cute, and Girl You Want To Protect No. 1.
Makes weird yelps while playing games.

Sis, High School Second-Year
Takumi's little sister.
A K-On fan. Claims to be popular.
Came from their parents' house to nurse Takumi when he had a cold.
Came to know Erika and the rest then, and became friends.
Forgot gray panties in Takumi's room.
Everyone wants a sister like this.

Consult the past threads for other side characters.

^ Thanks for the summary.

I'm late, but let's begin.

Erika: "You really made a mess of things. And here I was crying..."
Him: "Sorry about that."
Erika: "I'd like to make out after a thing like that..."
Him: "Ooh."
Erika: "But I did call the other three over, so."
Erika: "We're going to read it all together."
Him: "...Maybe I should go."
Erika: "What're you saying? You can't leave now. Takumi's gotta be here while we read."
Him: "...Right."
Erika: "Well, better get ready."

Erika took the laptop from the bedroom and placed it on a low table in front of the sofa.
This was where she wanted everyone to read.

In no time, the three began to assemble.

Erika: "Oh, here we go."

The first to arrive was Ueto.

Ueto: "Oh, it's Takumi. Good evening!"
Takumi: "Yeah, evening."
Ueto: "So why'd you call me?"
Takumi: "Uhh..."
Erika: "Wait until the other two get here."

Soon, the other two came together.

Chihuahua: "Sorry for the wait!"
Glasses: "Oh, Siscon's here."
Him: "Hey."

Since the day his sister had come to nurse his cold, he had been treated as a siscon.

Erika: "Uh, well, first, we're going to be dating again."
The Three: "Whoaaa!"
Glasses: "How'd that go?"
Erika: "Takumi confessed to me earlier."
Ueto: "About time, Takkun!"
Him: "Yeah."
The Three: "Whooo!"
Him: "Hey, stop that."
Ueto: "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"
Him: "Shut up."
Chihuahua: "So, why did you call us?"
Erika: "Right."

Erika looked toward him and smiled.

Erika: "Alright, this way."

Erika led the three in front of the computer.

Erika: "Sit there, Takumi."
Him: "Right."

The three gazed at the screen.

Ueto: "What's this now?"
Erika: "Here."
Glasses: "Isn't that a 2ch summary site?"
Chihuahua: "Whoa..."
Glasses: ""There Was Once An Ordinary Virgin."?"
Erika: "Now, we'll start reading it all together."
Ueto: "Why?"
Erika: "Because. Even I just skimmed it earlier."

Obeying Erika, the four huddled around the computer and began reading.

And they soon came to realize.

Ueto: "Eh?"
Chihuahua: "Hm?"
Glasses: "Huh?"
Erika: "Just read it all..."

It appeared that the "Cast of Characters" - the "four beauties" and "he" - were easily identified.
From that point on, the four continued to read, occasionally giving smirks in his direction.
He could only watch, trapped between embarrassment and terror.

"Oh, my..." "*laughs*" "Scroll faster!" ""Glasses"...?"
"Hold on, too fast!" "Here's the "angel" part!" "It's coming..." "Aja Kong?!"
"The end?" "There's more!" "Huh, what's this at the bottom?" "The sequels!"

It went for about ten to fifteen minutes.

The four finished the first article.

Erika: "Whew..."
Ueto: "I see..."
Glases: "Aha."
Chihuahua: "Huh..."
Erika: "You get what's going on here?"
Chihuahua: "Yeah."
Ueto: "Takumi wrote this, yeah?"
Him: "...Yes."
Ueto: "This is all about us?"
Him: "Yes."
Glasses: "You were shocked, thought you were being fooled, and posted it on 2ch."
Him: "Yes."
Ueto: "Your writing's pretty fancy."
Chihuahua: "Yeah, I thought so too."
Him: "...Th-thank you very much.

He was barraged with questions as Erika watched, laughing.

Erika: "Well, shall we look back at it part by part?"
Him: "Huh? Uh, no, that's fine..."
Erika: "Huh?"
Him: "No, um... Do what you want."

He had no choice but to obey.

Erika: "Well, first, this "totally average" guy, "Takumi Satoh," is Takumi, right?"
Him: "Yes, that's right."
Erika: "Takumi, you aren't 178 cm, are you?"
Ueto: "Yeah, that's what I thought..."
Chihuahua: "He's gotta be taller!"
Glasses: "Yeah, I thought it was somebody else."
Him: "Oh, that's a typo. I meant 187 cm."
Glasses: "Whoa. I knew that, but still."
Erika: "Right?"

He was notified of a typo right at the outset.

Erika: "Um, well, next..."
Erika: "The four beauties..."
Chihuahua: "Are us?"
Him: "Yes."
Ueto: "Well, I suppose I have to praise you for calling us beautiful outright."
Him: "...Thank you very much."
Glasses: "But, the names..."
Erika: "These?"
Ueto: "I'm "Ueto." I look like Aya Ueto? First time I've ever heard that."
Him: "There seemed to be something about you that did..."
Erika: "Nah, she doesn't look that much like her."
Chihuahua: "Yeah, that's dicey."
Glasses: "And her hair changes every time she's on TV!"
Him: "Alright, sorry."
Ueto: "Actually, my description at the start is pretty lacking."
Him: "Really?"
Ueto: "Looking like Aya Ueto is nearly the whole thing."
Him: "...True."
Ueto: "And of course, I actually don't. You should've written more!"
Him: "Yes, sorry."
Glasses: "Can't win them all, Aya."
Him: "Yep."
Ueto: "Why, you...!"

Chihuahua: "So I'm "Chihuahua.""
Glasses: "That's pretty good. And I'm "Glasses"?"
Erika: "So what's with me being "Aja Kong" at the end?"
Ueto: "Yeah, that is pretty cruel..."
Chihuahua: "*laughs*"
Him: "*laughs*"
Erika: "That isn't funny!"

Despite saying this, Erika laughed too.

Glasses: "Though I have to say, there's tons of people who wear glasses out there!"
Glasses: "Surely there's more you could say about me!"
Me: "No, that pretty much sums it up."
Glasses: "Glasses don't define me!"
Him: "Yeah, well, Glasses is the only one who wears glasses here."
Glasses: "There's a few in the club."
Him: "Well, only girl, at least."
Glasses: "Aya wears glasses sometimes."
Ueto: "Those are just for show."
Him: "What she said."

Glasses: "Plus, I'm not always wearing glasses! Some days I wear contacts!"
Me: "I didn't know that."
Erika: "Don't give up, Glasses!"
Chihuahua: "Yeah, Glasses!"
Ueto: "Don't let him get to you, Glasses!"
Glasses: "Stop saying "Glasses"!"
Him: "Then what should we call you?"
Glasses: "My name, like you always call me!"
Glasses: "Oh, I know. Here, I'll take these off."

Glasses took off her glasses and put them on Chihuahua.

Chihuahua: "Oooh, I'm dizzy... This is bad for my eyes..."
Glasses: "There, now Chihuahua is "Glasses.""
Takumi: "So they're cursed equipment?"
Ueto: "If Glasses isn't "Glasses," then what is she?"
Takumi: "Naked-Eyes?"
Erika: "*laughs*"
Glasses: "Eyes off me!"
Takumi: "Sorry, it was a joke. Calm down."

Glasses soon put her glasses back on, still seeming opposed to the name.

Chihuahua: "Why am I "Chihuahua"?"
Him: "It's like I wrote. You're small and excitable."
Erika: "Yeah, I can understand that."
Chihuahua: "You don't think of me like a dog, do you, Takumi?"
Him: "No, no, not like that..."
Chihuahua: "So you think of me like a kid, then?"
Him: "Sorry, sorry. Here, I'll pet you."
Chihuahua: "There you go again!"

Chihuahua would never stop being cute.

Erika: "And where's "Erika Shishido" from?"
Him: "That's... Aja Kong's real name."
Erika: "So you treat me like Aja Kong. Why?"
Him: "Well, it's not that. It's because Erika Shishido is a really pretty, princess-like name."
Him: "It seemed like the perfect name to assign you."
Erika: "But you casually call me "Aja Kong" at the end."
Him: "Well, that was just a joke. I wrote it because it was, like... clever foreshadowing, sorta?"
Erika: "But being referred to like a grim pro wrestler..."
Him: "Please, just try to think about how I felt then, okay?"
Erika: "Mm, all right... I suppose even so, Takkun loves that girl now."
Him: "...Right."
Erika: "Can't win 'em all..."
The Three: "Whooo!"
Him: "Stop it!"

Though Erika assaulted him with a grin, she didn't seem too upset about the nickname.

Erika: "Enough about names, let's move on."
Chihuahua: "Right."
Glasses: "This seems to talk us up quite a bit..."
Erika: "Oh, yeah."
Ueto: "Except for the names..."

Glasses was wearing her glasses once more.

Chihuahua: "The confession part..."
Ueto: "Embarrassing!"
Erika: "It isn't embarrassing. It's cute!"
Glasses: "You remember it near-perfectly, really?"
Him: "Well, yes."
Ueto: "He sure was happy..."
Him: "Hey, now..."
The Four: "*laughs*"

One has to wonder why Erika wasn't embarrassed by it.
They continued further.

Erika: "Calling me "Erika-chan"..."
Him: "I'm not doing that again, though."
Ueto: "Yeah, he did do that..."
Chihuahua: "And the time we fished around in Takumi's room..."
Glasses: "And then found his box of H games."
Erika: "A really, really big box!"
Him: "You're the worst..."

Erika: "Ah, here's his sis."
Chihuahua: "No naming there?"
Glasses: "Yeah, he just refers to her as "sis"..."
Ueto: "Siscon!"

Erika: "This ordering... It's for bust size, isn't it?"
Him: "...I wonder."
Glasses: "Oh, it has to be. I figured he was looking. Aren't you disappointed?"
Erika: "You bet I am."
Him: "Hey, hey..."
Ueto: "I always suspected..."
Chihuahua: "Disappointing..."
Him: "Whoa, whoa..."
Erika: "What a virgin."
Him: "Stop it, please."

Glasses: "But this... This isn't quite right."
Him: "What about it?"
Glasses: "Erika and Chihuahua are the same, but I'm after that."
Glasses: "But really, I'm the same as them. Take a look."

Glasses presented her bust.

Him: "Really?"
Glasses: "Erika and Chihuahua just have more meat on them."
Erika: "Hey!"
Glasses: "It's true. That's all me and Aya are lacking in compared to you."
Ueto: "Yeah, that's right."
Chihuahua: "You don't have to say that..."
Erika: "Besides, that totally counts."
Him: "What am I supposed to say here...?"

Indeed, though they were clothed, they appeared to be the same size.

Glasses: "So this ">" should be a "="... No, I should be higher."
Erika: "Really?"
Glasses: "Totally, look."

Glasses compared with Erika and Chihuahua.

Erika: "Same."
Chihuahua: "Hmm?"

Erika and Chihuahua did the same.
Ueto was left alone in the corner.
To him, they were all pretty big, so it really didn't matter.

Ueto: "Takumi, Takumi, look!"

Ueto, left without a partner, showed off her bust to him.
And he had no idea how to respond to that.

He had been silent for a while, and getting fed up with this, he spoke up.

Him: "Can we just agree that big is good?"
Erika: "Well..."
Him: "Really?"
Glasses: "If they're too big, your clothes..."
Chihuahua: "Yeah..."
Him: "Right, fine, Aya wins! The end!"
Ueto: "Hoo-rah!"

Ueto struck a pose. A horribly lonely one.

Him: "At any rate, no one's beating Sister Big-Boobs."
Erika: "Yeah."
Ueto: "She's nuts."
Him: "And you're all below average when it comes to 2D girls."
Glasses: "Ugh, gross."
Erika: "Don't say that."
Chihuahua: "Waaah!"
Ueto: "Some people really put reality and 2D together..."
Him: "Hey, it was just a joke..."

At any rate, the chest discussion was ended.

The four began reading again.

Erika: "The climax starts here..."
Ueto: "The angelic "Erika"-chan, huh..."
Glasses: "Faking, haha..."
Chihuahua: "No way?"
Glasses: "Yeah, Takkun was shocked!"

They were greatly enjoying themselves.
Did they have no sympathy?

Ueto: "Erika really was nuts after the incident with Takumi at McDonald's..."
Chihuahua: "Wow, that was something!"
Him: "Really? What about it?"
Ueto: "She wasn't crying, but she was sure tearing up."
Erika: "I wasn't!"
Glasses: "Looking like it was the end of the world is right!"
Chihuahua: "We didn't even know what to do about it..."
Ueto: "I'm really glad I snapped a photo of that."
Erika: "Argh, shut up, shut up!"

Erika was embarrassed.

Erika: "And the end."
Him: "I really did mean to end it there."
Glasses: "But there's so much more underneath..."
Ueto: "So there's everything since then to coming into this room?"
Him: "Well, for now."

Glasses: "This really captures it all, huh."
Him: "That was pretty much the intent."
Ueto: "You made 19 phone calls? Dang!"
Erika: "Yeah, I did..."

Erika: "So, wait, while we was waiting so long back then, you were writing this?"
Him: "Yes."
Erika: "Ridiculous!"
Him: "Sorry..."
Ueto: "We thought you wouldn't come back."
Chihuahua: "I was sleepy..."
Him: "At the time, I thought it would be bad to answer..."

Erika: "The end, huh..."

They finally finished the first article.

Ueto: "There's loads of sequels, though."
Him: "Yes, sorry."
Glasses: "What's this one titled "Glasses"?"
Him: "I think that's when you came to my house the day after. And got Sharin no Kuni."
Glasses: "Ahh. Did anything really happen?"
Him: "I think I just wrote a bunch of boring stuff..."
Erika: "The others are the same?"
Him: "Yeah."
Ueto: "Ah, "Sis" is your little sister?"
Him: "Yes."
Erika: "Siscon appears!"
Glasses: "Big brooo..."
Chihuahua: "Such a siscon, Takumi..."
Him: "You're wrong!"
Ueto: "Siscooon!"
Him: "Shut up, shut up!"

There was a pause.

Ueto: "But, talk about a surprise..."
Glasses: "Yeah?"
Chihuahua: "I was just suddenly told "Come over, I've got something great to show you"..."
Ueto: "What did you think that was at first?"
Glasses: "Huh? Can I say?"
Chihuahua: "Of course!"

Glasses: "While coming over with Chihuahua, we discussed what this might be about..."

Glasses: "And we concluded, "They must want to show us their first time!""

The Four: "*laughs*"
Him: "Whoa, whoa, whoa..."

Ueto: "Me too! I had the exact same conclusion!"
Him: "Not even close..."

Ueto: "So I... pfft... just in case... just in case, right? ...heehee... ...I brought a camera!"

The Four: "*laughs*"

It was, in fact, the one she had bought while he went shopping with her.

Him: "Okay, why?!"
Ueto: "I figured you'd want to commemorate that special moment!"
Ueto: "It can do video too, you see..."
Him: "More help than we asked for..."
Erika: "Wanna go for it today, Takkun?"
Him: "Nonono..."

Ueto: "Well, I'll film!"
Glasses: "Well, I'll participate!"
Him: "You won't!"
Chihuahua: "Well, I'll watch real close!"
Him: "Chihuahua?! What do you mean, watch real close?! You'll be on the video!"
The Four: "*laughs*"
Chihuahua: "Oh, then I'll throw a peace sign!"
Him: "Chihuahua?!"
The Four: "*laughs*"

After throughly running him through their pranks, they finally stopped talking about it.

If he had gone through with it, perhaps they really would have filmed.

To be continued.

That's a good place to stop for today.

If Glasses wasn't Glasses...
It would be some H game instead. So Glasses is probably better.

[ Harem ]

How long is this gonna go?

Should be able to write tomorrow night.

^ I think I'm going to end it with this day I'm writing about now.
But it'll still be quite a while before that's done.
Maybe two or three more parts to it.

Okay, here goes!

Erika: "Well, ready to keep reading?"
The Three: "Yes please!"

Erika: "Say, shall Takkun read with us now?"

The four decided they wanted him to sit with them.

Him: "N-No, no, that's fine. That's embarrassing..."
Erika: "Nope! Get to it. Here."

Erika got up out of her seat.

Him: "No, I'll stay over here. It'll get hard to see the screen with five of us..."
Glasses: "Come on, Takkun!"
Ueto: "Hurry, Takkun!"
Chihuahua: "Come here, Takkun!"
Erika: "Takkun..."
Him: "Enough with the Takkun..."
The Four: "*laughs*"
Ueto: "Well, we always say Takkun amongst us..."
Him: "Stop doing that."
Erika: "Come on, get over here!"

Erika finally grabbed his hesitant hand and forcefully sat him in front of the computer.
He could scarcely put up any resistance.

Erika: "Right, move back. Further."

Erika opened up his legs, stepped in front, and dropped her hips in between.

Him: "Hey, whoa, I can barely see the screen..."
Erika: "It's fine, be quiet."

Lastly, she placed his hands around her belly.
He was holding her from behind.

Erika: "Okay, perfect."
Him: "I can't see. You're too big, Erika."
Erika: "Quiet. Hmph..."
Him: "Ow! Ow! Sorry! Stop it!"

Erika attacked his jaw with the back of her head.

Ueto: "I'll be here."
Chihuahua: "Over here!"

The two took their positions on either side of him and Erika.

Glasses: "Huh? Where do I go?"
Him: "Switch with me."
Erika: "Nope!"
Glasses: "Hmm... How about here?"

Glasses hopped over the back of the sofa and got behind him.

Glasses: "Yo!'

She leant against his back.

Him: "Hey!"
Glasses: "What?"

Glasses put both arms on his shoulder, leaning close.

Him: "You're heavy. Stop it."
Glasses: "Hey, I've got nowhere else to sit..."

She whispered in his ear.

Him: "Sure you do."
Erika: "Oh, it's fine, Takumi."
Ueto: "Yeah, don't worry about it."
Him: "You sure about that, Erika? Letting other girls cling onto your boyfriend?"
Erika: "Well, it's Glasses."
Him: "And that's fine with you?"
Glasses: "It is with me. Here, the boobs you've heard so much about."
Him: "Don't care."

Glasses rubbed her breasts against his back.

Glasses: "So, aren't you gonna tell me "They're touching, they're touching!""
Him: "Shut up, shut up."
Glasses: "...fwooo."
Him: "Hey...!"

Glasses parted away his hair and blew into his ear.

Him: "Oh great and wonderful Erika, can you please say something to her?"
Erika: "Keep going if you want!"
Him: "Erikaaa..."
Glasses: "Well, if I go any further, Takkun's gonna get way too excited..."

Thus, Glasses returned to her prior position.

Ueto: "Takumi, do you have a boner?"
Him: "The hell are you saying?"
Ueto: "Erika, does he?"
Erika: "I dunno. I'll check."

Erika reached around behind her - that is, toward his nether regions.

Him: "Hey, hey, nope. Be reasonable."
Erika: "Ahh!"

He grabbed Erika's hands, and put them back in front.

Chihuahua: "Let's get reading already!"
Him: "Right, let's do that."
Ueto: "Gotta be popping a boner..."
Glasses: "Virgin..."
Him: "Erika, get to the next part now, please?"

Talk about rude.

The five began to read.

Glasses: "Hard to see..."
Him: "Then get off me, you're heavy."
Glasses: "Well, I didn't say I couldn't see period."
Him: "My shoulders are stiff..."

She had no intention of getting off him.

Erika: "Did you really think some guy on the street was gonna attack you?"
Him: "I wouldn't be too surprised."
Glasses: "How freaked were you?"
Ueto: "Again, he's a virgin..."
Him: "That's totally irrelevant here..."
Him: "But like I posted, there were scary girls instead."
Chihuahua: "But weren't we scared of Takumi, too?"
Him: "Huh? Really?"
Ueto: "It's true. It was scary."
Erika: "Yeah, his eyes were so cold..."
Glasses: "And he's a big guy. I thought Erika was done for."
Erika: "The next day, we discussed how Takumi was super scary. Laughing about it, though."
Him: "Laughing?"

He really didn't know if he was honestly scary that day.

Erika: "Was I really this bad?"
Him: "It's not like I remember everything, but you did say most of this stuff."
Ueto: "Yeah, that's how it was..."
Glasses: "We were surprised too."
Chihuahua: "Until Takumi came, she was saying she'd apologize..."
Ueto: "As of calling him, yeah."
Chihuahua: "But then I couldn't follow what was going on..."

Ueto: "When Takumi immediately went to leave, she kinda panicked."
Glasses: "Yeah, she didn't get to say anything... Scary."
Him: "And then you kicked me and punched me."
Erika: "Who cares? You were able to handle it, Takumi."
Him: "Hmm? Hey!"
Erika: "Yah! Ahh! Pervert!"

He started tickling Erika's sides, but stopped when she struggled.

Erika: "Your methods are cruel and unusual!"
Him: "Apologize, okay?"
Erika: "Alright! I'm sorry."
Him: "Right."

Erika put her hands in front of her once more.

Glasses: "But when he got kicked, he got a panty shot of Erika..."
Chihuahua: "What a disappointment."
Ueto: "Oh yeah."

Him: "Also, Glasses, stop whispering in my ears."
Glasses: "Fwooo! Fwooo!"

Hearing his complaint, Glasses resumed blowing in his ears.

Him: "Stop it! Stop!"
Erika: "Stop shaking, Takumi!"

Erika complained and hit him with the back of her head.

Him: "It was Glasses's fault!"
Glasses: "Totally wasn't."

Erika: "Anyway, you're the one who twisted my arm."
Glasses: "Mine too."
Him: "Sorry. But there was nothing I could do."
Ueto: "Mine too!"
Him: "No, no... Didn't you just trip?"
Chihuahua: "Yeah, I chuckled a little at that..."
Erika: "Not all of them are always useful."
Glasses: "I was like, what the hell's she doing?"
Ueto: "You're mean..."

Glasses: "It was mind games, I tell you!"
Him: "And the Chihuahua Shield?"
Chihuahua: "Oh god, that was terrifying!"
Glasses: "But a perfect strategy!"
Erika: "It did make him totally unable to move..."
Ueto: "Made me wonder how much this guy loved Chihuahua..."
Him: "Hey, Chihuahua was totally freaked out. I'd be such a loser if I didn't catch her."
Chihuahua: "I was so scared..."
Him: "That bad?"
Glasses: "As scary as Aya's flub."
Ueto: "Yeah."

Erika: "It was a hassle seizing you..."
Glasses: "Takumi sure struggled."
Ueto: "It was like a hunt."
Him: "The handcuffs were going way too far. There was no need to keep me from moving."
Erika: "Sure."
Him: "If you just told me not to do anything, I would've listened."
Erika: "Yeah..."
Him: "So what do you have to say for yourselves?"
The Four: "Sooorryyy."
Him: "Right. Good girls."

Him: "But why the hell did you even have handcuffs? Three pairs of them!"
Glasses: "Well, one of them was a foot cuff..."
Erika: "I just happened to buy some. I was thinking of throwing them out since I had no use for them, but..."
Ueto: "Then one day, I think not long before this, we were looking through Erika's stuff and started fooling around with them."
Him: "Why...?"
Chihuahua: "I think we were trying to find out who looked best with them."
Him: "The hell. Who won?"
Erika: "Aya, I believe."
Glasses: "They really suited me!"
Him: "Oho?"

The four had a sense of aesthetics which he could never hope to understand.

Erika: "Anyway, I was kind of awful here..."
Him: "You really were."
Erika: "Fallen angel, that's me!"
Him: "Glasses, too."
Glasses: "Yeah, but ain't I great for coming up with the fallen angel thing?"
Him: "It just pissed me off."
Ueto: "Man, look at these post times. Takumi's such a slow typer."
Erika: "I thought you said you could do anything "well enough"?"
Him: "Shut up."

Glasses: "And we left."
Chihuahua: "I'm really curious about the next part..."
Erika: "I told you about it right away."
Ueto: "Yeah, but that's Erika's viewpoint."
Glasses: "Yep."
Him: "Since all you three did that day was restrain me..."

Ueto: "Oh, geez!"
Chihuahua: "They're both so scary..."

Glasses: "Ah, here we go. "Let's break up.""
Ueto: "So cold, Takkun..."
Erika: "Right?"
Him: "It's who I am."

Ueto: "Going to the bedroom? You were motivated!"
Erika: "That's not it."

Glasses: ""Call me... my name..." Hahaha!"
Ueto: "Pffft, embarrassing..."
Chihuahua: "*laughs*"
Him: "Hey, stop..."
Erika: "Not embarrassing at all. I'm being totally cute!"
Ueto: "Huh? But she ended up crying?"
Chihuahua: "I wanted to see that..."
Glasses: "Erika's so cute..."
Erika: "Shut up."

Ueto: "Takumi wouldn't open his heart one bit."
Him: "Yeah."
Glasses: "Isn't it cute how she'd pretend to be Takumi's type for him?"
Erika: "I know, right?"
Him: "I guess in retrospect that's true, but breaking the truth to me went poorly."
Glasses: "Yeah, you saw Erika at her absolute worst."
Erika: "My worst, huh?"
Ueto: "I mean, we're used to you, but you were awful that day."
Him: "Even her voice seemed way deeper..."
Erika: "Guess I was faking a bit too much..."

Erika: "Fujiki gives the lamest advice."
Ueto: "Totally nonsensical..."
Him: "You know, it would've been nice if Naohito could've told me about it."
Chihuahua: "What'd he say after you found out?"
Him: "He kept quiet because it was amusing."
The Four: "*laughs*"
Him: "That's not funny..."

Glasses: "Oh? You told him about your first meeting, Erika?"
Chihuahua: "Oh yeah, the stairs scene..."
Ueto: "I think this might be the most embarrassing thing, actually."
Erika: "Nope, not embarrassing at all."
Him: "I honestly still don't believe it. I was like, is she for real?"
Erika: "It's the truth!"
Glasses: "I think we might've been there too. I sorta seem to remember it. Erika was about to fall."
Ueto: "I don't remember at all..."
Chihuahua: "I think I remember it..."
Glasses: "Well, I can't quite recall if Takumi was there or not."
Him: "Hmm..."
Erika: "Also, this wasn't in September, it was October. Didn't I tell you so?"
Him: "Oh, huh..."

Ueto: "Huh? You came onto him while he was mad?"
Glasses: "Talk about proactive."
Him: "If I had accepted, would you have really done it?"
Erika: "Yep."
Him: "Unfortunately, nobody'd accept anyone speaking in that tone."
Erika: "I was confused, too."
Ueto: "Aww..."
Erika: "Cute, huh?"
Him: "Really...?"

Chihuahua: "Isn't your bed a king size, Erika?"
Erika: "Oh, yeah. It's not a double."
Him: "King size? Is that above queen?
Erika: "Yeah."
Him: "They have that? It's really huge. Didn't you say double?"
Erika: "Maybe I misspoke. But you can tell."
Him: "Well, I've never seen a king size bed."
Erika: "It had to be big if a tall guy like Takumi was going to get in."
Him: "Uh-huh."
Ueto: "The four of us sleep in it when we stay over."
Him: "It's that big?"
Glasses: "We can make it work."
Erika: "Guess adding Takumi wouldn't, though..."
Him: "Huh? Wouldn't the sheet-pulling get extreme?"
Erika: "Nah, it's fine."

Ueto: "And Erika was on top of him the whole time."
Erika: "No problem. 'Cause I love him with all my heart."
Him: "Whoa, that was cute. Can you say that again?"
Erika: "Shaddup."

Though Erika said this, she showed no resistance to him stroking her head.

Glasses: "And more needless praise for Chihuahua."
Ueto: "Just how much do you like Chihuahua?"
Me: "She's just really cute."
Chihuahua: "You're just making fun of me."
Him: "Not at all!"

Ueto: ""That's all you get." Haha!"
Glasses: "Smooch!"
Chihuahua: "Aww..."
Erika: "Cute, huh?"
Ueto: "Was this one a deep, passionate kiss?"
Him: "It says it was just a soft one. ...Don't say that!"
The Four: "*laughs*"
Ueto: "When it's the last he gets? What a waste."
Erika: "Don't take Aya's opinion as my own."
Glasses: "Takumi, you should know Aya's a major pervert."
Him: "Huh? Really? Scary."
Ueto: "Not remotely true!"
Erika: "So she says. But when it's just us four, well..."
Chihuahua: "Oh, dear."
Glasses: "So lewd."
Ueto: "I said stop it."
Erika: "Especially when she's drunk."
Him: "Yeah, I heard that at some point."
Glasses: "She's really touchy."
Chihuahua: "A kiss demon!"
Erika: "She gets her tongue all up in there..."
Him: "Freaky, Aya..."
Ueto: "Nooot eveeen!"

Here, they finished the second article.

Erika: "Oh, there's another?"
Ueto: "Let's keep going!"
Chihuahua: "Hurry!"
Him: "How long are we gonna be arranged this way...?"
Glasses: "Deal with it."

Ueto: "Erika's coming onto him hard, huh?"
Glasses: "Yeah, sexy."
Erika: "Again, don't lump me with Aya."
Ueto: "I told you..."
Glasses: ""His lower half was suffering"... Boner?"
Him: "Nope."
Ueto: "Yep, boners ahoy."
Erika: "I didn't notice one."
Chihuahua: "Hmm..."

Ueto: "He told me the "100 gropes each" thing, too. Total sexual harassment."
Erika: "The imagination of a virgin at work."
Chihuahua: "Sexy."
Glasses: "The worst!"
Him: "I was just joking, not actually demanding it."
Him: "Anyway, I forgot about it."
Ueto: "Wanna do it now?"
Him: "You were saying, about not being lewd?"
Ueto: "I'm not."

Chihuahua: "It ends when Takumi goes home?"
Him: "There's plenty more."
Ueto: "Oh, here I am."
Glasses: "BANG!"
Ueto: "Your fault for walking right in front of the door, Takumi."

Ueto: "Ah, and here's the sexual harassment once more."
Glasses: "Looks like you got pretty embarrassed by it."
Ueto: "That's not it..."
Him: "Scary girl..."

Glasses: "Oh, it's me."
Erika: "The shocking truth comes out..."
Him: "I was seriously stunned by it."
Glasses: "Parfait's such a good game!"
The Three: "Yeah..."
Him: "Bringing it up that day, that time? Asking to borrow a game?"
Glasses; "Well, I was thinking about wanting to repair our relations."
Him: "With an H game?"
Glasses: "Yep."
Him: "And you just took one from me."
Glasses: "Sorry."
Him: "I don't really mind, but..."

Chihuahua: "I'm the last one?"
Him: "Yeah."
Erika: "Takumi's talking more than Chihuahua here."
Him: "Well, that's Chihuahua."
Chihuahua: "Don't make fun of me like that."
Him: "I'm doing no such thing. Want a pet?"

Chihuahua slapped his leg.
He felt no pain.
Just too cute.

Erika: "The end, huh?"
Him: "Finally..."
Glasses: "Seems almost too neatly summarized..."
Ueto: "They're telling Takumi some stuff."
Him: "It's a summary, so it doesn't have everything. Really, I was getting insulted way more. Me and Erika both."
Erika: "They sure hate me for saying I'm a virgin."
Glasses: "Oh yeah."
Erika: "I guess I can't blame them for thinking that..."
Erika: "Like, this girl's being too upfront for it to be true."
Ueto: "Yeah."
Him: "Well, being such a good girl, I knew she had to be saying it for my sake."
Erika: "Huh."
Him: "Well, okay, I really don't understand girls, but..."

And so they finally finished reading the events of that day.
It had taken considerable time.
He wished for it to end soon, but the four were full of energy to keep reading.

Him: "Are you going to read to the end?"
Erika: "Of course we are."
Him: "It's really long..."
Glasses: "It's not night yet."
Him: "Can I leave, at least?"
Ueto: "Nope."
Him: "Aren't you getting sleepy, Chihuahua?"
Chihuahua: "Not at all."
Him: "Do I have to stay the whole time?"
Erika: "Stay over tonight."

>Erika: "Stay over tonight."
>Erika: "Stay over tonight."
>Erika: "Stay over tonight."

Him: "I have school tomorrow..."
Erika: "When?"
Him: "Starting in the afternoon."
Glasses: "You'll be fine!"
Him: "Huh?"
Chihuahua: "What'll we do when this is done?"
Glasses: "Drink?"
Ueto: "Yeah, that's good. It's a day to remember!"
Erika: "It's settled!"
The Four: "Yaaay!"
Him: "I don't really drink."
Erika: "No problem, you can just be there."
Him: "Really?"
Chihuahua: "Yeah, that's fine."
Glasses: "Yeah?"
Ueto: "Yeah?"
Him: "..."
Him: "Not yeah."

He had no choice but to comply.

Erika: "Oh, I'd better buy some alcohol."
Chihuahua: "You don't have any?"
Erika: "Well, not much."
Him: "Then I'll go buy some and you can read in the meantime."
Erika: "Huh?"
Him: "I'll be back."
Erika: "Why?"
Him: "I want to drop off some stuff, take a bath, and change clothes."
Erika: "You can use my bath."
Him: "I can't change, though."
Erika: "But my backrest..."
Him: "Glasses can fill in."
Erika: "Glasses is too tiny for that."
Him: "Who cares. What do you want me to get?"
Erika: "You better come back!"
Him: "Don't worry..."

He stood up, pushing Glasses and Erika aside.

Him: "Free at last."
Erika: "Come back ASAP, okay?"
Him: "Nah, I'll take it slow. You'll probably be done reading by then."
Erika: "Huh? Maaan..."
Him: "Look, I will be coming back, alright?"
Erika: "Soon..."
Him: "Talk about selfish... You can read slow."
Erika: "Well, hold on. Let me give you the key."

Erika handed him a key and told him where the entrance to the apartment was.
Perhaps to explicitly ensure that he did return.

Him: "I'll be back for sure."
Erika: "You better. And quick!"
Him: "Geez..."

Though distraught by Erika's clinginess, he ruffled her hair.
So this was what Erika was like.

Thinking he indeed ought to return, he asked the four their desired drinks, made preparations, and left at once.

The Four: "See you lateeer!"
Him: "Right, right. I'm off."

And so he momentarily returned home.

To be continued.

That's it for today!
Hope I can finish it next time!

[Psst. If you're going to take a reading break, this would probably be a good roughly-halfway point.]

[ Drunken Frenzy ]

"It's finally complete!"
"Oh, we've been watching the thread carefully, so just show us your notes."
"This is it? A little weak, isn't it?"
"Really? It's pretty long, I'd say..."
"You should mention ___."
"Huh, really? Should I get into that?"
"Man, what a pain..."
"You gotta try hard for the end!"
"You better not complain about whatever I show you."
"Enough talk. Hurry up and write!"
"Yes, ma'am..."

As such, it'll take a while for me to revise.
If I can't finish by 11 tonight, it'll be tomorrow.
Or perhaps I'll split it up between both days.

Okay, I can get to about halfway today. But would leaving it all to tomorrow be better?

Whatever's easier!

Half, please!

After leaving Erika's place, he leisurely returned home and had a relaxed bath.
He slowly made preparations, bought drinks and snacks, and returned to Erika's.

He also packed a bag with his school things for tomorrow just in case.

Once he was prepared, he showed no distress.

On the way, he was texted by Erika with "Hurry up!" and "You aren't sleeping, are you?"
He offered up boring yet serviceable replies.

Then, two hours after leaving Erika's, he arrived once again.

The Four: "Welcome back!"
Him: "Hey."
Erika: "Sooo late!"
Him: "Sorry. I said I'd take it easy, though."
Erika: "And I said make it quick!"

Carried off by Erika, he was placed into the same position as before he left.
Glasses behind him quickly stuck to his back.

Him: "What's up?"
Erika: "Nothing..."
Glasses: "Erika was totally lonely."
Him: "Seriously?"
Ueto: "But she was laughing her butt off at this."
Him: "Which is it...?"

Him: "Where are you up to?"
Ueto: "Erika coming to nurse you."
Glasses: "Where you were calling Erika an angel again."
Him: "I really do have to thank you guys for that."
The Four: "No big..."
Erika: "A kiss as thanks?"
Him: "Later."
The Three: "Whooo!"
Him: "Stop it!"

Glasses: "Oh yeah, there was a story about calling Aya her first name, but not me..."
Him: "Is that right?"
Glasses: "Didn't that happen?"
Him: "Hmm..."
Glasses: "There was a really cute thing with Aya, but nothing like that for me?"
Him: "Uh, well, Glasses... is "Glasses.""
Glasses: "THIS again?!"
The Three: "*laughs*"
Him: "There's no first or last name in "Glasses." Plus, I recall I started using your first name pretty abruptly."
Glasses: "Geez, WHY do I have to be "Glasses"..."

Glasses still despised the name to her core.
But it was far too late.
There was no changing it now.

Chihuahua: "Next up is the last."
Him: "Oho."
Ueto: "This is really fun to read!"
Glasses: "Yeah!"
Him: "Really?"
Erika: "It really shows how much love you have for us, Takkun."
Glasses: "No doubt!"
Him: "What're you talking about?"
Ueto: "No, really! You really must love us, huh, Takumi?"
Him: "Who knows..."
Chihuahua: "He doesn't deny it!"
Him: "Just read it quick, drink your drinks, and let's all get to bed."
Glasses: "He's getting sweet!"
Erika: "Cute li'l Takkun..."
Ueto: "Hey-hey!"

The four poked at him.

Him: "Ugh, stop that."

Erika: "But no, you're not gonna sleep tonight."
Him: "No, I kinda have to. I've got school tomorrow, and I'm already sleepy."
Glasses: "Oh, we won't let you sleep."
Ueto: "If anyone sleeps, we'll undress them."
Chihuahua: "And splash them with alcohol."
Him: "Serious...?"
Erika: "Totally. Now let's read this last part!"

The five began on the final article.

It was about the day Erika and Ueto came to check up on him.

Ueto: "Oh yeah... Even I decided I'd come check up on him."
Him: "I really have to thank you for that. You definitely helped."
Erika: "Kiss for thanks?"
Ueto: "Yeah!"
Him: "Yeah, yeah, later..."
Ueto: "I can't wait!"
Him: "...Wait, you mean Aya too?! You didn't say who!"
Ueto: "*laughs*"

Ueto: "Though really, our check-up was a little weak."
Him: "Hm?"
Erika: "Kind of, yeah."
Him: "Well, I slept most of the day, and you kept playing Monster Hunter."
Erika: "Maybe bothering to check on him was a waste of time..."
Ueto: "Yeah..."
Him: "No, no, nothing like that. I was really glad for it."
Him: "The soup was really good, for one..."

The two of them were troublesome to deal with.

Chihuahua: "Here's his sis!"
Ueto: "Siscooon!"
Erika: "Is she always like this?"
Him: "Yep. What a pest."
Glasses: "She's uber-cute!"
Erika: "Yeah, what're you saying?"
Glasses: "I've got a brother, but I'd never go check up on him if he had a cold..."
The Three: "Yeah..."
Him: "But she was just coming to hang out..."
Erika: "You're just being shy."
Him: "No, really, it's true."
Him: "I mean, I guess she's friendly, at least..."
Ueto: "No doubt about that!"
Glasses: "I wouldn't go hang out with my brother, either."
Him: "You get along that bad? Do you hate him or what?"
Glasses: "Maybe..."

Families certainly are varied.

Finally, they finished reading it all.
Glasses: "What's next?"
Ueto: "The day we went out together."
Chihuahua: "When we first met his sis."
Erika: "Yeah..."
Him: "I haven't written those."
Glasses: "Why not?"
Him: "I haven't had much will or time to."
Ueto: "Write it!"
Him: "Huh?"
Him: "Should I? I mean, I've written a lot already..."

Here, he decided to ask something that needed clear asking.

Him: "I know it's kind of too late, but I've revealed a lot about you guys..."
Him: "Honestly, I was even questioning at the beginning if I should post about that day."
Him: "But even I think I've written far too much, with too much detail. But I still kept going with it..."
Him: "What do you think about... that?"
Erika: "That... hm?"
Ueto: "I don't care."
Glasses: "Yeah."
Chihuahua: "Not really."
Him: "...Huh? Really?"
Erika: "I said it earlier."
Glasses: "There's nothing really incriminating here."
Ueto: "Even if people make a connection..."
Erika: "All it does is communicate our adorableness!"
Glasses: "And Takkun's love for us..."

He wanted to say something, but he did not.

Him: "So it's really fine?"
Erika: "There's no real names. You don't mention the school or club."
Chihuahua: "We wouldn't be reading it like this if we were mad."
Him: "But what if people make a connection?"
Ueto: "Well, someone in the club or at school..."
Erika: "I wouldn't want the club to find out, yeah."
Glasses: "Oh yeah, that'd be embarrassing..."
Chihuahua: "Well, mostly for Takumi."
Him: "That's true..."

Him: "So. Definitely fine?"
Erika: "Yes, duh."
Ueto: "Yeah."
Chihuahua: "A little embarrassing, but..."
Glasses: "Yes, we told you!"

Glasses shook him from behind.

Him: "I could get the summaries removed if I ask, though not the old threads..."
Glasses: "It's fine, really."
Erika: "Though a little embarrassing, it's fine to keep them up."
Chihuahua: "Yeah."
Him: "Really. ...So, the rest?"
Ueto: "if you can make it good, go ahead!"
Erika: "As long as you can accurately convey all my charms!"
Him: "Ohh..."
Glasses: "I'm looking forward to it!"
Chihuahua: "Me too!"
Him: "Ohh..."

He received the go-ahead to write the rest.

And so the five finished reading the thread summary.

Glasses: "Alright, let's drink!"
Chihuahua: "Yeah!"
Him: "Alright, you get out of my way!"
Erika: "Huhhh?"
Glasses: "Huhhh?"
Him: "You're going to be drinking, right?"

With the two refusing to let him go, he employed force to get out.
Putting an arm under the armpit of Erika in front, and grabbing Glasses's arm as she clung from behind, he stood up.

Him: "Hoo-yah!"
Erika: "Whoa!"
Glasses: "W-Whoaaa!"

Him: "You're heavy."
Erika: "That kinda hurt..."
Him: "Sorry."
Ueto: "Takumi's strong!"
Chihuahua: "Takumi, Takumi! Me too!"
Him: "Huh?"
Glasses: "Once more, Takumi!"
Erika: "Yeah, me too! Me in back this time!"
Ueto: "Uh, me too!"
Him: "What are you, kids...?"

The four had become children for a moment.
He had no idea what had been so enjoyable about simply raising them up a little.
Even so, it surprised him that Chihuahua had been the first to say it.
However, he refused to give in to their demands.

As he was about to prepare the drinks, Erika spoke up.

Erika: "Oh, I wanna take a bath first."
Chihuahua: "Yeah, me too."

Erika had been walking around all day.
He had bathed earlier.
Glasses and Ueto had seemingly already bathed.

Glasses: "Well, get in. We'll wait for you."
Erika: "Okay!"
Chihuahua: "Okay!"
Erika: "Going in together?"
Chihuahua: "Yeah, sure!"
Him: "I see..."
Erika: "Okay, wait for us!"
Glasses: "Right."

Him: "What about changes of clothes?"
Glasses: "All our rooms have clothes for all of us."
Him: "Huh..."

The four were exceptionally good friends.

Ueto: "Oh, I'll bring some drinks from home."
Him: "I bought quite a bit."
Ueto: "Well, it might not be enough."
Him: "For real?"
Glasses: "And I'll bring Monster Hunter to play while we wait."
Ueto: "Got it."
Him: "And me?"
Glasses: "You can borrow from Erika."
Him: "Alright."
Glasses: "It'll probably be a while for those two..."
Him: "Well, as long as there's Monster Hunter."
Glasses: "Yep!"

Glasses told him where to find Erika's PSP, and he borrowed it with permission.
Ueto being on the same floor as Erika, she returned quickly, and the three played together.

Ueto: "Takumi, you gonna go peek?"
Him: "Yeah, no."
Glasses: "Huh, you sure?"
Him: "Of course I won't peek!"
Glasses: "She never told you not to, so it's fine."
Him: "What kind of logic is that..."
Ueto: "You going now?"
Him: "Why? No way. Maybe you'd convince me if it was just Erika, but Chihuahua's there too."
Glasses: "Telling you, it's fine!"

One has to wonder why the two wanted him to peek at Erika and Chihuahua in the bath.

Ultimately, he was resolute not to do it, so the two were unsuccessful, and they continued with Monster Hunter.

After some Monster Hunter, Erika and Chihuahua returned.
They had blowdried their hair.
They both had long hair, so drying it was troublesome.

Erika: "Whew..."
Chihuahua: "I wanted to do Monster Hunter..."
Him: "Maybe next time."

Erika approached him.

Erika: "Hm-hm..."
Him: "What's up?"
Erika: "Legs."

Erika opened up his legs and again sat in-between.
Implying along with it that this was where she belonged.
He had no reason to deny it.
A girl just out of the bath does smell rather nice.
Even if she smells nice at all other times as well.

Finally, they began to drink.

The Five: "Cheers!"

Erika: "Gonna get smashed tonight, Takumi?"
Him: "Yeah, no... I'm bad with alcohol."
Erika: "I'll drink on your behalf. Gimme that."
Him: "Hey, hey, it's overflowing!"
Erika: "Always complaining... You're so selfish."
Him: "Right, sorry..."

He could only offer a bitter smile.

Glasses: "Still can't get over that surprise..."
Him: "Hm?"
Glasses: "2chan."
Him: "Ah."
Chihuahua: "Yeah..."
Ueto: "I was sure I was gonna see their first time..."
Him: "You. Talking. Stop."

It seemed inevitable, though, that the topic would come up.

Ueto: "You've got a really good memory, Takumi."
Him: "Right?"
Him: "Maybe I don't remember the exact words, but who said what..."
Chihuahua: "Yeah, I was wondering if I said some of that stuff..."
Him: "I can't remember everything, you know..."

Him: "Um, I can't really reach across Erika..."
Erika: "What do you want? I'll pass it."
Him: "Some beef jerky."
Erika: "Here. Say "ahhh.""
Him: "Oh, thanks."

Erika swept the beef jerky into his mouth.

Erika: "Takumi! I'm falling!"

Coming too close to him, she would occasionally be about to slip off the sofa.

Him: "Yeah, yeah..."

Each time, he had to pull her back up.

Erika: "Mmph..."

And each time, Erika would give a little grunt.

Ueto: "So, how do you decide what to write about?"
Him: "Hm?"
Ueto: "There's things like the outing with me, but nothing about the club at all."
Chihuahua: "When there's so much we do!"
Glasses: "Weeell, of course Takkun is glad when we play with him, so he can't help but boast..."
Him: "No, no, and no."
Erika: "Don't be shy about it!"

Erika poked his cheek.

Him: "Stop, that's annoying. Talking about the club is being too specific."
Him: "And there's too many people, too hard to keep track of."
Ueto: "Makes sense..."
Him: "So I only told parts with the people I named at the start."
Glasses: "The tales of we who you love so much?"
Him: "Ugh, geez... Fine, sure."
The Four: "*laughs*"

Him: "Even so, I definitely wrote too much..."
Chihuahua: "It was really long!"
Him: "Maybe I only should've written about Erika."
Ueto: "Nah, it would be totally boring with just Erika."
Glasses: "Oh yeah. Erika's just this emotionally-unstable girl..."
Erika: "Hey!"
Him: "Suppose so..."
Erika: "HEY!"

Her head rammed his chest.
It didn't hurt.

Him: "By the way, I asked before, but isn't it kind of awkward..."
Glasses: "What is?"
Him: "You all coming to my house and inviting me over one after another."
Him: "Are me and Erika the only two you do things with?"
Ueto: "Well..."
Glasses: "That's..."
Chihuahua: "Hm..."
Erika: "What're you implying?"
Him: "Um, well..."
Glasses: "I just wanted to play games."
Chihuahua: "Yeah, just for Monster Hunter."
Ueto: "I saw everyone playing with Takumi, so I joined in."
Erika: "See?"
Him: "Huh."
Erika: "Don't worry about it! There's no reason."
Him: "Huh."

Chihuahua: "Takumi, you're so condescending with me..."
Glasses: "I'm not "Glasses." Isn't there anything else?"
Ueto: "I'm not a pervert!"
...and other such already-discussed topics continued, as they continued with the alcohol and snacks.

And with all of them drunk, the topics expanded to school and the club.
He heard the four air complaints they had seemingly been keeping within. But it was to be expected from four that stand out as such.

As the drinking continued, they began calling each other to chug.
He was really not good with alcohol, so he did not participate.

The four chugged one after another.
Even Chihuahua was able to down a whole can of beer.

Him: "How can you even do that?"
Chihuahua: "That's just the usual!"
Glasses: "After Erika, Takkun's up!"
Him: "Nopenopenope."
Ueto: "We'll make you!"

A terrifying group of individuals.

And then Erika downed a beer.

Erika: "Whew..."
The Four: "Whoaaaaa!"
Erika: "Hah!"

After some applause, she sat back between his legs and turned to him.

Erika: "Praise me!"
Him: "Very impressive."

He patted Erika's head.

Erika: "My prize! Smoooooch!"
Him: "Hm... Getting drunk?"

The alcohol was starting to take effect.

Erika: "Not drunk! I can hold it great!"
Takumi: "You all can, huh..."
Erika: "Anyway, point is..."
Glasses: "Don't worry about it!"
Ueto: "I'll take Chihuahua after!"
Chihuahua: "Nooo!"
Him: "Okay, that's embarrassing to me too."
Erika: "Huh?"

Erika reluctantly gave up.

But, the next moment.

Erika: "Mmm!"
Him: "!!"

Erika suddenly brought her face close and pressed her lips to his.

Erika: "..."
Him: "..."

Erika wouldn't part from him.
She had her hands on his head, and her tongue out.
This was to be a deep kiss, or tongue-y kiss, or whatever you want to call it.
Of course, he had no experience with it.


Erika's tongue passed his teeth, and finally met his own.

Him: "..."
Erika: "♪"

The moment their tongues touched, Erika's eyes lit up.
His mouth, giving no resistance, was free for Erika to do what she wanted.

Suddenly, there was the flash of a camera.
It was no doubt the work of Ueto.
But he did not care.

One wonders how long it lasted.
They heard the shutter countless times.
After much tangling of tongues, a satisfied Erika took a deep breath, and let him go.

Erika: "Whew."
Him: "Ahh..."

He felt like everything had been sucked out of him.
His other thoughts shall be omitted.

The picture-taking, silently-watching three began to talk.

Chihuahua: "Whoaaa..."
Glasses: "Sexy!"
Him: "Hah..."
Ueto: "Takumi, consider that an initiation."
Him: "Hey, hold up, miss paparazzi. Delete those if you know what's good for you."
Ueto: "Man, when I bothered to bring the camera and all?"
Erika: "Don't worry, you can do it later."
Ueto: "Okay!"
Him: "Hah..."

A pleasant Erika sat back between his legs.
Nothng was said.

Him: "Must be the beer..."
Erika: "Hey, it's fine! We're dating."
Him: "I guess, but..."
Him: "Ahh..."
Ueto: "Hey, Takumi! That's, pfft... my initiation!"
Him: "Yeah, yeah..."

It seemed as if it was too late for Erika and Master Ueto.
At the very least, the four were acting different than they did when the club went out drinking.

Glasses: "Okay, now Takumi's turn!"
Him: "Huh...?"
Glasses: "Chug!"
Him: "No, I'm fine..."
Erika: "Go for it, Takkun!"
Chihuahua: "Quick!"
Ueto: "That was, haha, my initiation!"
Him: "Seriously..."

Ueto was talking about something completely different.

Here Ueto, getting no response from anyone, grabbed Chihuahua's face.

Chihuahua: "Mm!"

And then....

Ueto: "Mm."
Chihuahua: "Mm! Mmm!"

Their lips overlapped.

Or rather, Ueto came down on Chihuahua's lips.
Meanwhile, it won't be stated where, but there was groping.
One must wonder if this can be dismissed as playing between girls.

But he felt that it was not a bad scene to witness.

Chihuahua quickly separated from Ueto.
He regretted that he had not remembered the camera.
From closer up, it could've been more erotic than Erika and his had been.

Chihuahua: "Agh, geez..."
Ueto: "Whew."

Erika: "So? Pervert, huh?"
Me: "No doubt."
Glasses: "So are you, Erika."
Erika: "I only did it with Takumi!"

Thanks to Ueto, the issue of his chugging was past.
He thanked Ueto in a multitude of ways.

Chihuahua: "Right, well!"

Chihuahua thrust a can of beer at him with a smile.
The damage from Ueto was already healed.

Unable to escape his fate, he downed a beer...
And fifteen minutes later, was throwing up in the bathroom.

Him: "My head..."
Erika: "Takumi, you suck..."
Glasses: "Talk about pitiful."
Chihuahua: "Poor guy..."
Him: "Why, you..."

He had no energy to object.

Ueto: "Hey, Erika, if you kiss him now, it's gonna taste like barf."
Erika: "Huh?! Oh, man..."
Him: "I rinsed my mouth out like crazy..."
Erika: "I'll see to that."

Erika kissed him without hesitation.

Erika: "Doesn't taste like it."
Him: "Do you have to do that when everyone's here?"
Glasses: "It's too late for her... She just keeps doing it!"
Chihuahua: "And she can move out of that position, too..."
Ueto: "Yeah, I know..."

Indeed, Erika was never to leave the space between his legs.

Glasses: "Erika, Takumi... Aya's gonna get you soon..."
Him: "With what?"

As he asked this...

Ueto: "Glasses."
Glasses: "Hm?"

As Glasses turned to Ueto's call, she was immediately pushed.

Glasses: "!"
Ueto: "Mm?"

Ueto's next prey was Glasses.
He immediately understood what she meant now.

Ueto held Glasses's head still with one hand, and again groped with the other.
He could again not take his eyes off the gruesome spectacle.

This time, he remembered the camera.

Him: "Erika, camera, camera!"
Erika: "Oh, got it!"

Erika picked up Ueto's camera from the table and immediately started snapping.

Glasses: "Mmm!"

As Ueto's hand began to crawl up Glasses's body, she forcefully resisted, and Ueto let Glasses go.

Ueto: "Whee!"
Glasses: "Why you... Stop it already, seriously!"
Chihuahua: "Yeah, really."
Ueto: "Don't I always do it?"
Glasses: "And Takumi's here!"
Him: "Oh, uh, I don't mind. Fine."

Glasses: "Well, if you don't care about it, Takumi..."
Him: "Hey, hey, I've got Erika, right?"
Erika: "Yeah."

At any rate, Ueto was the real deal.

And so the four continued to drink.

To be continued.

Okay, that's all for today.
Tomorrow will definitely be the end!

[ Kiss Demon ]

Work's over.
I'll start around nine.

But I wonder how many people there are here...

I'm looking forward to it!

I dunno, but I'm here!
I might be posting a lot of the replies, though...


^ No, that's fine.
Writing without responses makes me lonely, too. [Note that he does get quite a few responses, I just tend to omit them.]

It's time!
I've been waiting!!

At last!

With him excluded, the four continued to drink.
Ueto took many pictures, and touched Chihuahua and Glasses often.
The two had already given up.
While the topics of discussion opened up, they tended to just say what they each wanted to say.

Once his appetite had returned, he ate what snacks he could manage.
He was tired of having Erika try to feed him, so he took a bag of candy and ate it himself.
And then.

Erika: "Takumi, I want some of that."
Him: "Here."
Erika: "Ahhh..."
Him: "No, eat it yourself!"
Erika: "You did it for me earlier."
Him: "Yeah, yeah..."

So instead, he was to feed her.

Erika: "More."
Him: "Hm."
Erika: "This next."

He gave her the next bag.

Him: "You can eat by yourself, surely?"
Erika: "Nope."

When Erika would slap his legs, it was a sign to feed her.

They continued to drink, and all but him were fairly drunk.

A while later.
He noticed Chihuahua was asleep.
And Glasses, who had been talking endlessly, had quieted down.
Ueto continued to feel the sleeping Chihuahua.

Him: "What's up, Glasses? Not feeling well?"
Glasses: "..."
Him: "Just sleepy?"
Glasses: "...Not really."

Her excitement had clearly dwindled.

Erika: "Erika, Glasses is..."
Erika: "It's fine! Didn't I tell you?"

Indeed, he had heard that Glasses would calm down considerably when drunk, and sometimes cry.
But it was more common that she was just calm down.

Him: "So can I just leave her?"
Erika: "Yep."

The three continued talking for a while.

Erika: "Drink more, Takumi!"
Takumi: "No thanks."
Erika: "Then smooch me!"

These mysterious exchanges continued.

While the discussion continued, Ueto grew closer and closer to him and Erika.
And then...

Ueto: "Erikaaa..."
Erika: "Hey! Stop that! Help, Takumi!"
Ueto: "Hold her, Takumi!"

After some slight confusion, he held down Erika's arms with one arm and held her head in place with the other hand.

Him: "Right."
Erika: "Takumi..."
Ueto: "Nice!"
Erika: "Ahh...!"

And Ueto began invading Erika's lips.

Erika: "Mm."
Ueto: "..."

This time, he was able to see all the details.
Witnessing this scene, he could not help but call Ueto the master.
Of course, she also did some groping.
There was unfortunately no photographing, as there was no one to do it.

Having fully tasted Erika's mouth, Ueto parted their mouths.

Ueto: "Delicious!"

Erika gave Ueto a kick, then turned to him.

Erika: "Hey!"
Him: "Sorry, sorry..."

Erika gave him a momentary glare, then grabbed his face and kissed him again.

After it was done once more:

Erika: "Just removing the bad taste."

She said angrily, leaning on him once again.
He stroked Erika's head.

The pleased Ueto approached the gloomy-looking Glasses.

Erika: "Hey, Aya! Glasses'll cry, you know."
Glasses: "No I won't."
Him: "Hey, she's really not well... That gonna be okay?"
Ueto: "It's fine, right, Glasses?"
Glasses: "Yeah."

Perhaps it was his imagination, but he saw tears welling up, though he dared not interfere.

Afterward, they returned to drinking and talking.
Erika tried sitting on his lap, sitting facing him, lying on her side, using his lap as a pillow.
Of course, he did whatever she wanted.

Ueto approached Glasses, who wasn't talking at all.
Glasses looked very displeased.

Glasses: "You're annoying, Aya..."
Erika: "Ayaaa... You'll make her cry!"
Ueto: "It's fine!"
Him: "Is it really?"
Erika: "She hasn't always cried, but..."
Ueto: "It'll be just fine!"
Glasses: "Yeah..."

Erika: "Just say if she's being annoying, okay?"
Glasses: "I'm fine..."
Ueto: "You won't cry, right?"

Glasses; "...I won't cry... sniff... I wooon't..."

She cried.

While saying she wouldn't cry, she cried.

Glasses is too cute...

Takkun made Glasses cry...

Well, I'm now on Team Glasses.
Sorry, Aya.

Him: "See, Erika, she made her cry."
Glasses: "I'm not cryinggg..."
Him: "Oh, uh... Yeah, you aren't."

She absolutely was.

He was totally lost.
He had never seen Glasses cry before.
She seemed like a different person.

Erika: "Ah, geez... Come, now..."
Ueto: "Sorry, sorry! My fault?"

Erika stood up and went over to Glasses.

Erika: "There, there..."

And she hugged Glasses.
Just like a big sister.

Erika: "What's wrong?"
Glasses: "Erika, you kept saying I was gonna cry..."
Erika: "Oh, sorry about that..."
Ueto: "See, it's not my fault then."
Glasses: "You're annoying too, Aya..."
Him: "Hey, don't swipe at Aya."
Glasses: "And Takumi kept calling me "Glasses"..."
Him: "Still on that...? Okay, fine, it's my bad too..."

Perhaps she was the kind to hold a grudge.
Though her nickname could never be changed.

Glasses buried her face in Erika's chest.
It must have been comforting.
Erika stroked Glasses's head and back.
One must wonder if this was an ordinary thing for them.

Now able to get away from Erika, he was finally able to stretch his body.

Him: "Hah..."

But just as he was liberated, someone unexpected targeted him.

Chihuahua: "Whee!"
Him: "Whoa!"

The sleeping Chihuahua suddenly woke up.
And she sat down where Erika had been sitting before.

Him: "That surprised me... Chihuahua, what's the deal?"
Chihuahua: "Heeey!"

Chihuahua was acting funny.
First Glasses, now Chihuahua.

Erika: "Ah! Chihuahua... That's my seat!"
Chihuahua: "Nobody was there..."

Chihuahua took a drink.

Chihuahua: "Whew... Takumi, get me a snack."
Him: "Chihuahua, you're closer..."
Chihuahua: "Quick!"
Him: "Ow..."

Hit hard by Chihuahua, he obediently reached for the snacks.

But this was not something that could continue.
Just hours earlier, he had begun dating Erika.
It could be called drunken antics, but it could also be called cheating.
Not to mention he wouldn't want Erika sitting in another man's lap.

Him: "Hey, Chihuahua, be reasonable here."
Chihuahua: "Whaaa?"
Him: "Come on now."
Chihuahua: "I can sit in front of you if I want!"
Him: "Maybe when we weren't dating anyone."
Chihuahua: "I don't have a boyfriend."
Him: "I didn't mean you... I'm dating now, remember?"
Chihuahua: "I know. And it's Erika."
Him: "Are you that kind of girl, Chihuahua?"
Chihuahua: "And THAT meeeans?!"

Chihuahua slapped his leg.

Him: "Ow, ow!"

He asked for help from Erika.

Him: "Erika, say something!"
Erika: "Eh, it's fine..."
Him: "Really?"
Chihuahua: "You had Glasses on your back earlier. Why not me, huh?"
Him: "Geez... Erikaaa..."
Erika: "It's fine... I'm busy with Glasses right now, okay?"

Erika lightly kissed Glasses's head.
Glasses clung to Erika.
He was starting to get jealous of Glasses.

Takkun and Erika should just get married and make Chihuahua their kid.

Him: "I wouldn't want you sitting in another man's lap, you know?"
Erika: "Well, it's not like that's going to happen. Just Takkun!"
Him: "And you wouldn't cling on the back of anyone else?"
Erika: "Don't worry."
Him: "Then I guess that's fine... but is this?"
Erika: "Sure! It's Chihuahua!"
Chihuahua: "See, it's fine. Now feed me!"
Him: "Ugh, what is this..."

Chihuahua pushed a bag of candy into his hand.

Him: "I guess if it's fine with Erika, but..."
Erika: "It is! You can fling her off if you don't want it."
Him: "Well, Chihuahua is too cute for me to do that..."
Chihuahua: "So? Quick!"
Him: "Ahh, that hurts! Right, got it..."

Still not understanding how this was acceptable, he was forced to accept.
But he didn't find it that bad.
Because Chihuahua was cute.


He had heard that when Chihuahua gets drunk, she gets excited and acts spoiled.
However, what he saw was no more than an energetic child.

Chihuahua: "Ahhh..."
Him: "Here."
Chihuahua: "Okay, enough of that!"
Him: "Hm?"
Chihuahua: "This next!"
Him: "This?"
Chihuahua: "Ahhh..."
Him: "Mm."
Chihuahua: "Out of drinks, huh..."
Him: "Yep."
Chihuahua: "Get more!"
Him: "Right."
Chihuahua: "Mm, this doesn't taste very good."
Him: "Huh."
Chihuahua: "Get another!"
Him: "Right."

Indeed, she was just acting selfish.
But even so, it was cute in a way.
Chihuahua, eternally cute.

But perhaps Erika was a little moreso.

Maybe a little.

For a while, Erika consoled Glasses, Ueto felt up Erika, and he had Chihuahua on his lap.
He heard Chihuahua talk about incomprehensible things.
Glasses drifted off.

Chihuahua: "... *laughs*"
Erika: "*laughs*"
Ueto: "*laughs*"
Him: "Huh? What? What did you say?"
Chihuahua: "What!"
Him: "Ow! No, really, I don't know what you're talking about, Chihuahua..."
Chihuahua: "Don't you get it?!"
Him: "Ow..."

Chihuahua slapped him each time.
Also, she was loud.

Him: "No, I don't get it..."
Chihuahua: "You're the only one, Takumi!"
Him: "No way."
Chihuahua: "Erika and Aya get it."
Him: "Huh, they do?"
Erika: "Nnnope, I don't get it..."
Ueto: "I just laughed along."
Him: "See?"
Chihuahua: "Huhhh?! Mmmgh! Geeeeez!"
Him: "Ow, ow, ow!"
Chihuahua: "That's for going too far!"
Him: "Ow! Sorry, sorry! So sorry."
Chihuahua: "Geez!"

Ueto: "C'mere, Chihuahua, I'll give you a kiss to make it better!"
Chihuahua: "Don't wanna."
Ueto: "Then Takumi, c'mere!"
Him: "Nope."
Ueto: "Huh?"
Chihuahua: "It's gross."
Him: "Yeah."
Ueto: "Meanies! Erikaaa!"
Erika: "Don't look at me."
Ueto: "So mean..."

Denied by Erika, Ueto approached him and Chihuahua.

Ueto: "Whee!"
Chihuahua: "Ahhh!"
Him: "Well, so long, Chihuahua."
Chihuahua: "Wah!"

Terrified, he raised Chihuahua off his lap, giving her to Ueto.

Ueto: "Here!"
Chihuahua: "Mmm!"

Ueto seized Chihuahua.
He withdrew to avoid getting involved, took a picture, and sat on Erika's lap.

Him: "Whew..."
Him: "Aya sure is mean."
Erika: "Right?"

Saying this, Erika sat on him once again.

Him: "You can be too, though."
Erika: "Hmm? How so?"

Erika turned around and kissed him again.

Him: "Well, doing that with company..."
Erika: "It's fine! I'd only do it here."
Him: "It embarrasses me..."
Erika: "Get used to it!"

Erika took a drink.

Glasses showed no sign of getting up.
Tired of being licked by Ueto, Chihuahua lay face-down and didn't move.
He wanted to just sleep, too.


Ueto: "Takumiii?"

Ueto approached.

He felt the impending danger.

Him: "Yikes! Erika!"
Erika: "Mm?"
Him: "Aya's being weird!"
Ueto: "I just want a little with Takumi..."
Him: "A little what?"
Ueto: "It'll be fine, really!"
Him: "No, no..."
Ueto: "It'll be over quick..."
Him: "WHAT will?!"
Ueto: "It's fine!"
Him: "Erika, please!"
Erika: "Give me a sec..."

Asked for help, she stood up and got behind him.
And she held his arms with her feet, then his head with her arms and body.

Erika: "There."
Him: "Erika... That hurts..."

Erika: "Go ahead, Aya!"
Him: "Don't!"
Ueto: "Just shut your eyes and it'll be over."

And so Ueto plundered his lips.

Ueto tried to get her tongue into his mouth, but he desperately kept it out.
She backed away.

Ueto: "Takumi, open your mouth!"
Him: "..."
Ueto: "Takumiii?"
Him: "Haven't you had enough?"

Before he could finish saying this, Ueto attacked his lips again.
Suddenly attacked, she gained access to his tongue.

Erika: "Okay, it's over!"

Erika stopped restraining him, and Ueto backed away.

Ueto: "Whew."
Him: "You..."
Erika: "Sorry!"

Erika sat on his lap.

Him: "We are dating, aren't we?"
Erika: "Yeah!"

Erika nodded and kissed him.

Him: "So then, can we do this stuff...?"
Erika: "Sorry! But you did it earlier, Takumi."
Him: "I guess so, but fellow girls... Do you always do this?"
Erika: "Not always... You don't like it?"
Him: "Well, you're fine with it?"
Erika: "That's what I've kept saying."

Him: "Like I said before, I wouldn't want you sitting in another guy's lap, right?"
Erika: "I wouldn't do it!"
Him: "So don't you think the same way about me with other girls?"
Erika: "Not just anyone. But Aya, Chihuahua, and Glasses, sure."
Him: "What if those three had boyfriends? Would you let me do that?"
Erika: "Nope!"
Him: "Hmm..."

Did that make sense?
He didn't know anymore.

Ueto: "Don't worry about it!"
Him: "You go to bed already."
Ueto: "Right!"

With this reply, Ueto lied down close to Chihuahua, and quickly fell asleep.
They said no one would be sleeping tonight, but it was about time for it.
They had drunk a lot, made a lot of ruckus, and had to be tired.

Him: "Can we undress them and splash them with beer?"
Erika: "Sure. Wanna do it?"
Him: "Maybe not today."

With only the two of them awake, conversation was peaceful again.

Him: "I'm tired and sleepy..."
Erika: "It's been one long day."
Him: "Oh yeah."
Erika: "Yep."
Him: "..."
Erika: "..."

Somehow embarrassed, he couldn't say anything more.

Suddenly, Erika took a drink and turned to him.

[ The Final Chapter ]

Erika: "Mmm..."

Erika's mouth puffed up like a hamster.
Apparently she had filled her cheeks with beer.
Erika approached him in this state.
It was apparent what she was going to do.

Erika: "Mmm..."
Him: "No, I've had enough..."
Erika: "Mmm..."

Ultimately, he was unable to resist Erika with her mouth full.

Erika: "..."
Him: "..."

He swallowed the alcohol flowing from Erika's mouth little by little.

After countless seconds, Erika's mouth-to-mouth was over.
But without moving away, Erika's tongue moved in.
Knowing that no one was watching, he complied.
Having broken up once, they had never experienced something like this.

Erika: "..."
Him: "..."

After much tongue-touching, they slowly parted.

Erika: "Whew..."
Him: "..."

After a little while, he talked to Erika.

Him: "You want to go out somewhere again?"
Erika: "Yeah."
Him: "Where do you want to go?"
Erika: "Lots of places."
Him: "Like?"
Erika: "Anywhere's fine."
Him: "I see."
Him: "Well, let's go where we like."
Erika: "Sounds good."

One last time, they brought their mouths together.

Staring at each other, they suddenly got embarrassed and laughed.
He thought about such trite things as wishing time would stop.
But it did not.

Erika: "..."
Him: "..."

The two at last separated for the day.

He went to the bathroom, and returned to the room to find Erika sleeping and snuggled up with Glasses.

After taking pictures of them all without waking them up, he turned off the lights and got down on the carpet.

He was at the limits of staying awake.
He quickly fell asleep.

And thus, his long day came to an end.
An absolutely packed day, one he's unlikely to ever forget.

The next day, he woke up before noon, cleaned up the room, and found no one but Erika.
Having class in the afternoon, he borrowed her bath and headed directly to school as predicted.
Erika kept him over until lunch.

An epilogue.
A few days later, when the three again met at the club.

Ueto: "..."
Glasses: "..."
Chihuahua: "..."

They must have been thinking about how he had seen them drunk.
It was rather cute.

Him: "Hey, if you regret it, you shouldn't have done it!"
He tried to say enthusiastically.
It was met with whispers of "shaddup" and stuffed dolls thrown at his face.

The end at last...

For now, this story comes to a close.

But the pleasant lives of he, Erika, and their friends will continue on.

Today, tomorrow, and into the future, somewhere in Japan.

Perhaps the day will come again when it will be told anew.

But for now, the curtains are drawn.

In the end, the ordinary virgin remained a virgin.

But whatever he is, we all know he will never change in his ways.

If one should happen to see him one day, please, leave him be.

If you insist on talking to him, try to avoid discussing this tale.

He's very shy, you see.

Lastly, thank you to those who offered the slightest support to him and Erika.

Whether this story is fact or a fairytale is up to you to decide.

Whichever it is, I hope you gained something from it.

Good work!

I hope to hear from you again.

I'm late, but good work!
Be happy! ^^


World's happiest virgin.

It's been a long ride, but now it ends.

This has been...

"There Was Once An Ordinary Virgin."

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:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::_,,–','",  ;: ' ; :, ': ,:    :'  THE END
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::_,,–','", ;: ' ;  :, ': ,:    :'      OF THE END

GJ, Takkun!
Be happy!

It's over!

And now you've read my horribly embarrassing diary...
Thanks, everyone.

No, it was loads of fun!

To be honest, it was pretty fun to write too.

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I'm not sure what else to say, so I'll just give one last heartfelt thanks.
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I'm still getting along fine with Erika and the rest, perhaps thanks in part to you.
Perhaps only a little part.
That may sound rather mean, but I ultimately made my own choices.
I simply reported about it here, and that's all I ever planned to do.
But perhaps in the slightest way, your words helped to build our bond.
Thinking that way, I suppose I have to thank you all.

Sorry for prattling on like this, but there's one last thing I need to say!


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