There Was Once An Ordinary Virgin: Part Two

The continuing tale of one stubborn virgin and four princesses.

Admittedly (admitted by Takumi, even), this is probably the least interesting part. But this isn't There Was Once A Coolguy Girlhaver, after all, so slowness should be expected.

Part 1


[ Glasses ]

I've written an exchange I had with Glasses.
It took a long time remembering what was said earlier in the day, so maybe I should have omitted more.
But it's hard to decide what should be omitted, so it ended up long.
Writing isn't easy...

Glasses: "Coming over for my H game today!"
Him: "Right."


Glasses: "I'm here!"
Him: "Yikes, I forgot about you..."
Glasses: "A-hem..."
Him: "Yeah, wait a sec..."
Glasses: "Let me in, please."
Him: "Huh?"
Glasses: "'Scuse me!"

Him: "Here it is."
Glasses: "What's this?"
Him: "Sharin no Kuni."
Glasses: "Recommended?"
Him: "Yep."
Glasses: "Thanks."
Glasses: "We flawless four'll play this later."
Him: "Now get out."
Glasses: "When I came all this way?"
Him: "..."
Glasses: "C'mon, let's play Warriors Orochi co-op!"
Him: "Just once."

So we did.

Glasses: "So, the four of us got together yesterday..."
Him: "You're sure friendly. With each other."
Glasses: "'Cause we heard you were a virgin, Takumi."
Him: "..."
Glasses: "Why'd you break up?"
Him: "Didn't you hear?"
Glasses: "Well, sure. But isn't that a waste? A girl as cute as her?"
Him: "Yeah, yeah."
Glasses: "You're passing up a chance to lose your virginity?"
Him: "Don't care."
Glasses: "And Erika's trying so hard..."
Him: "Don't care."

Glasses: "Two virgins hooking up is bound to have a good result."
Him: "Erika's really a virgin?"
Glasses: "You really wanna know? It's true. Far as I know."
Him: "So that's the catch."
Glasses: "Heck, even Ema Fujisawa was a virgin."
Him: "That's a shocker. Considering she was widowed."
Glasses: "Yeah, wonder what her husband was like then?"
Him: "Must've lost all interest in women."
Glasses: "Guess so. Or else he kept getting rejected."
Him: "Might as well die at that point."
Glasses: "So can we talk about H games now?"
Him: "...Shaddup."

Him: "So, you girls keeping anything private from me?"
Glasses: "Huh? Are we?"
Him: "Serious?"
Him: "Nothing about Erika you're keeping secret?"
Glasses: "Nothing of the sort."
Him: "Well, huh."
Glasses: "She talks about you lots, Takumi."
Him: "Since when do you call me Takumi?"
Glasses: "Well, that's what it is when we talk."
Him: "...Yeah, I guess."
Glasses: "It's Takkun as of yesterday, though."
Him: "You're the worst."

Glasses: "You should call me my first name. It's weird having Erika and Chihuahua first name, but Aya and me last."
Him: "I'll think about it."
Glasses: "Every time we've met up here lately, we've always gotten onto the topic of Takumi."
Glasses: "We're bound to talk about today, too."
Him: "What about today?"
Glasses: "Stuff. But it's not like that's all we'll discuss."
Glasses: "Don't get me wrong. Girls have puh-lenty to talk about."
Him: "Wasn't implying otherwise."
Glasses: "Oh yeah, Erika told me you have a thing for Chihuahua."
Him: "No way."
Glasses: "Oh, really?"
Him: "Well, what did Chihuahua think of that news?"
Glasses: ""Nuh-uhhh!""

Him: "Now that you mention it, I'd love to stroke Chihuahua on my lap."
Glasses: "Whoaaa... Wanna practice with me?"
Him: "So you can blab about it?"
Glasses: "What if I keep quiet?"
Him: "Like that'll happen."

They talked about various things in this way until beating the game.
Such as about how many glasses Glasses had.
It lasted a considerable amount of time.
Once the game was beaten, Glasses said "I'll be back!" and took her bike home.
So it went.

I'm probably going to cut back on the narration from now on.
And I could just say "me" instead of "him"...
Then again, it doesn't majorly affect the speed.
Not sure how I should write future parts...

If Erika is serious about me, and she's really a virgin herself, it really seems like virgin-teasing...
Am I just being screwed with? I don't know if I can get frank with her in that case.
Lots of you think Erika is evil, but I still think she's within the realm of cute.
But thinking about what Erika wants, it seems it won't be easy to repair things...
My head's a mess...

Also, I'm starting to worry what'll happen if Erika and the rest find this thread.

That said, I'm going home to my parents' house today.
It's really close, though.

Haven't met with Erika?

I'm curious about Erika's attitude after breaking up.
Couldn't you judge how serious she is from that?

I haven't met with Erika. Just some texts.
I don't have any will to visit her right now.
It hasn't even been a week, but I feel like I've lost.
Even if they see this thread, I have no intention of giving them the upper hand.
I'll try to observe her seriousness.

Who knows if Glasses is a good girl or not, but she seemed to thoroughly enjoy Sharin no Kuni.

If you share hobbies, then maybe you should date Glasses?

Don't talk about this winning or losing crap.
It's just making you look narrow-minded.

I think the only problem's with Erika's "new personality."
Seems kinda stupid.

^^ No clue if anything would lead into me dating Glasses at this point.

^ Thanks for pointing out my narrow-mindedness.
But I really don't hate the real Erika.
At least, I think I would've liked her if she were that way from the start.

Erika still hasn't seriously apologized yet, huh...
If she's going to, it better be soon.

No, I'm pretty sure she apologized before I left that day.
I might've forgotten to mention it, sorry.

Geez, I don't like this feeling that I'm sticking up for Erika...

Okay, I did mention Erika apologizing. You can go back and check.
Perhaps it might not seem like much of one to you, but I think it's fine, and that's what matters.

Her telling the other three about me seems pretty inevitable.
Men do that kind of thing, too.

Even if they see this thread, I have no intention of giving them the upper hand! *shween*
...may have been a bad way to phrase it.
But that is pretty much my intent.
I'll apologize if I have to, but definitely won't comply with absolutely anything Erika demands of me.

I wonder, is Erika's personality at fault, or is it just how I'm telling it to 2ch...
As for why I'm not revisiting her, it would end up the same way.
I don't know if people didn't read the past threads or forgot, but I'm guessing you don't know the full story.
Or are you just saying things without thinking about it?
That can happen a lot on 2ch...

Maybe I've said some pretty jerk-ish things. Sorry.
I mean, not that there isn't some truth to that...

I've never dated, so I don't know a thing.
I've had girl friends, but not A girlfriend.

I'm getting texts and calls from Erika.

Hello. Long time no see.

No real developments.
Still at my parents' house.
Getting texts and calls.
Though I gave Sharin to Erika earlier, so there's been less.

Back in my apartment.
Can't be bothered to detail the calls and texts, but it's ordinary stuff, like before.
Also, we're at least going to meet up for a club trip in early September.

[ Erika ]

Any developments, OP?

If you're even still here...

I am!

I don't know if I'd call it a development, but I did hang out with Erika...


Alright, I'm writing it.
Gimme some time.

Erika: "You back home already?"
Me: "Yeah."
Erika: "Alright, I'm coming over to hang out."
Me: "Huh? ...Uh..."
Erika: "You busy?"
Me: "Not really, but..."
Erika: "Then I'm off!"


Erika: "'Scuse me!"
Me: "What're you here for?"
Erika: "To hang out, like I said."
Me: "Yeah, but we're not like that, are we?"
Erika: "Starting over from being friends in a club, right? So coming to visit is totally ordinary."
Me: "...Hm."

Is it?

Erika: "Wanna play a game?"
Me: "Hmm. Earth Defense Force?"
Erika: "Alright, sure!"

We'd played Earth Defense Force 2 a few times before.

Erika: "Oh, I bought some snacks."
Me: "Really."
Erika: "Country Ma'am!"
Me: "Really."

For a while after, we played the game and it went like this:
"Oh no, I'm dead! Help!" "Wait for me!"
"Yikes, leave this to me!" "Nonononono!"
"Hey, stop shooting me!" "Why shouldn't I?"

Spiders are super tough...

Erika: "Aren't you gonna have the Country Ma'am? Don't you like it?"
Me: "Ah, I'll have it later..."
Erika: "Don't be shy!"
Me: "I'm not!"
Erika: "Right, here. Say "ahhh"..."
Me: "Geez, I'll eat it myself."
Erika: "Huhhh?"

Eventually, I noticed Erika had gotten rather close to me.

Me: "A little close, there?"
Erika: "I wouldn't say so."
Me: "No, you totally are. Move over a little."
Erika: "We've been closer before."
Me: "It's different now."
Erika: "Aww..."
Me: "Seriously..."

The next moment I got distracted, Erika suddenly clung to me.

Erika: "Mmm..."
Me: "Dummy! Stop! Let go!"
Erika: "Huh?"

I struggled until she obediently let go.

Erika: "Some virgin you are."
Me: "Shaddup."
Erika: "And I kissed you!"
Me: "That was when we were lovers."
Erika: "Pfft..."

Erika: "Oh yeah, I played Sharin no Kuni."
Me: "Oh. How was it?"
Erika: "I cried my eyes out."
Me: "Called it."
Erika: "It was really good."
Me: "Sure is. I didn't leave the house from when I started to when I beat it."
Erika: "Same here. Oh, and for Glasses too..."
Me: "Haha, really?"
Erika: "I kept inviting Glasses over but she didn't come, so I asked what was up, and what do you know, it was a porn game she got from Takumi..."
Erika: "And yet I did the exact same thing when I tried it for myself, haha."
Erika: "So now Chihuahua's holed up with it..."

We discussed various things, including our excitement for the club trip, with the conversation mainly led by Erika.

Erika: "Well, I'm going home."
Me: "Right, take care."
Erika: "Not sending me off?"
Me: "Didn't you come by bike?"
Erika: "Guess so..."
Erika: "So hey, are you used to "me" yet?"
Me: "...Well, we've been talking on the phone, too."
Me: "But you're much preferable to how you were that day. Not faking still, are you?"
Erika: "Who knows. Maybe I'm just in the habit of it now."
Erika: "But y'know, the old Takkun seemed so much nicer and talkative..."
Me: "Quiet, and don't call me Takkun. Now get outta here."
Erika: "And you've gotten such a rude attitude."
Me: "Look who's talking."
Erika: "Oh, whatever. Later, virgin."
Me: "Take care on your way home, skank."

Erika went home.

That's it.
I'm eating the remaining Country Ma'am now.
Delicious stuff.

Takkun's harshness is just embarrassing...

I feel there's more of a problem with Takkun than Erika... What happened to that mature summer Takkun?

[ Glasses & Chihuahua ]

Been a while.
Quite a few things have unfolded...

What kind of developments?

Well, it appears I'm getting more friendly with them than I was before...

So not just Erika, then...?

Friendlier... than before...?

Erika came to my house again, as did Chihuahua.
For some reason, I went to Glasses's place.
And for some reason, I had an outing with Ueto.

Also, I've been busy playing H games with Itaru and Naohito.

It's been so long, it took me about five seconds to remember who Naohito was...

Alright, I'll write as much as I can today.

Also, the trip starts in two days!

First, we'll start with the first visit to Glasses's!

Glasses: "Can you lend me any more good H games?"
Me: "Huh?"
Glasses: "You've still got more, right?"
Me: "Well, yeah."
Glasses: "Sooo..."
Me: "...Right."
Glasses: "Alright, come over."
Me: "No, you come get it."
Glasses: "I bothered you before. Now I'll treat you."
Me: "Huh?"
Glasses: "Also, you've got a PS/PS2 memory card, right?"
Me: "Yeah."
Glasses: "What's on it?"
Me: "Stuff..."
Glasses: "Got Monster Rancher 2 and Armored Core?"
Me: "Oh, yeah, I do."
Glasses: "Let's play!"
Me: "Sheesh..."

I got her room number and went right away.

Glasses: "I'll be waiting!"


Glasses: "Well, come on in!"
Me: "Cramped in here."
Glasses: "Too used to Erika's room?"
Me: "I guess."
Me: "Well, here."
Glasses: "What's this?"
Me: "Promise to the Blue Sky. Same writer as Parfait."
Glasses: "Ooh!"
Glasses: "Sit down, I'll bring you something to drink."
Me: "Ah, it's okay..."

Glasses: "Here you go!"
Me: "You think I'll be happy just because you bring me Aquarius?"
Glasses: "Yes. Because I would be right, wouldn't I?"
Me: "I guess you are..."
Glasses: "*laughs*"

We jumped into Monster Rancher 2.
We each raised separate monsters, and they turned out completely different.
In particular, my Phoenix and Dullahan ended up never losing.

Glasses: "Gross, I can't win at all!"
Me: "You've got a long way to go."
Glasses: "Good luck, Tiger!"
Me: "Claw!"
Glasses: "Forget this! I use yours, Takumi, you use mine."
Me: "Er, is that alright?"
Glasses: "Yeah, I won!"
Me: "Well, aren't you happy."

Glasses: "Alright, that's enough. Armored Core!"
Me: "Playstation or PS2?"
Glasses: "Which one do you prefer?"
Me: "Playstation."

Again, I continued to be victorious.

Me: "You made it too easy!"
Glasses: "This is getting boring..."

Glasses: "Let's do the PS2 one!"
Me: "I don't like it. The controls are all different..."
Glasses: "Alright, now I'm gonna win!"

It was actually pretty even.

Glasses: "Not bad, huh?"
Me: "Don't sound so proud, it was even."
Glasses: "Nah, I was totally winning."
Me: "One last challenge. First to three wins."

After over an hour, I lost.

Glasses: "That's how it's done!"
Me: "No way."
Glasses: "Aren't I the strongest?"
Me: "Dammit..."

Me: "I've gotta be going soon."
Glasses: "Huh."
Me: "Yep."
Glasses: "Wanna go out to eat?"
Me: "...Fine."

We went to a restaurant.

Me: "Mommy, I want this!"
Glasses: "Fine, you can have whatever you like, okay?"
Me: "Hooray!"

We ordered our drinks and meals.

Glasses: "Oh, so just saying, but that the first time I've let a man in my room."
Me: "Not even a salesman or anything?"
Glasses: "Oh, well, maybe."
Glasses: "Hey, gimme a bite of that."
Me: "Hm."
Glasses: "Thanks. Not that it tastes any good."
Me: "Don't mention it..."

We talked about Erika some, then went home.


Looking back on it, that was... really meh.
Just a bunch of game talk.

What was the Erika talk like?

Still not starting over with Erika?
When you going to?

Kinda like that.

Next is the story of Chihuahua coming over.
But be warned it's the same kind of uneventful story.

More Chihuahua is my greatest desire!!

Chihuahua: "Hello, Takumi?"
Me: "Chihuahua? What?"
Chihuahua: "Are you playing Monster Hunter, Takumi?"
Me: "Portable 3rd, you mean? Not lately..."
Chihuahua: "I just started it recently, so could we play together?"
Me: "Alright, let's do it."
Chihuahua: "Can I come to your place?"
Me: "Yeah."


Chihuahua: "Hello!"
Me: "Come on in."
Chihuahua: "Excuse me..."

First time Chihuahua came over alone.

We got drinks and got playing.
Chihuahua used a Slash Axe.
I used a bunch of weapons, intentionally using low-rank equipment.

Me: "So, why this game now?"
Chihuahua: "Er, I just saw it at a used game store and ended up with it."
Me: "Huh. So then why invite me to play with you?"
Chihuahua: "Right, well, I asked Erika and the others first..."
Chihuahua: "They said they'd buy it later, but I wanted to play it right away."
Chihuahua: "Except, I couldn't beat anything on my own..."
Chihuahua: "And I remembered seeing it in your room, Takumi."
Me: "Ah, so you were making weird yelps on your own."
Chihuahua: "I was nooot..."
Me: "*laughs*"
Chihuahua: "Geez..."

Chihuahua is cute, if you hadn't noticed.

Me: "What couldn't you beat?"
Chihuahua: "The big... everything."
Me: "Everything?"
Chihuahua: "Well, I did manage to beat a couple of the bosses..."
Me: "Ah."
Chihuahua: "But when I thought I'd beaten them, a really huge one appeared!"
Chihuahua: "I was really startled, and died in one hit..."
Me: "Oh yeah, I know what you're talking about..."
Chihuahua: "You can't seriously beat that thing, can you?"
Me: "Well, one of the quests makes you do it alone."
Chihuahua: "Whaaa? That can't be!"
Me: "*laughs*"

I opened up a wiki and we played while I informed her of weakpoints and things to watch out for.
I mostly supported her with traps, holding back on attacking a little.

Me: "Good luck!"
Chihuahua: "Takumi, you beat it yourself!"
Me: "What's the point in that?"
Chihuahua: "Mmm..."

Chihuahua was reasonably good for a beginner.
However, every time she died, she went:
Chihuahua: "Mm, mm, mmgh! Haaah! Awww..."
And after she lost all her lives, she said dejectedly:
Chihuahua: "I'm sorry..."
There's really nothing to be said other than "cute."

Just watching Chihuahua get insanely absorbed was rather amusing.
Chihuahua most definitely enjoyed Monster Hunter.

Chihuahua: "Hmph!"
Chihuahua pulling on and hitting my cushions.

Chihuahua: "..."
Chihuahua munching on snacks and drinking afternoon tea.

Chihuahua: "...No more..."
Chihuahua suddenly tumbling to the floor and falling asleep.

Chihuahua: "Takumiii! Takumiii!"
Chihuahua calling my name repeatedly for some reason.

Me: "Should I just get better weapons to beat this guy?"
Chihuahua: "We keep going like this!"
Chihuahua, resolute.

This was my first time seeing Chihuahua as such.

Finally, we defeated Giginebula.

Chihuahua: "Whoo..."
Me :"Ahh..."
Chihuahua: "I'm tired..."
Me: "Me too."
Me: "Chihuahua, you can get really intense when it comes down to it."
Chihuahua: "...Forget that happened."
Me: "*laughs*"

Chihuahua: "Ah, it's so late..."
Me: "Going home?"
Chihuahua: "Yeah, I am."
Me: "Alright. Take care."

All four of them had bikes, so there was no need to send them off.

Chihuahua: "Ah, well, sorry to bother you."
Me: "No prob."
Chihuahua: "Let's do it again!"
Me: "Anytime you want!"
Chihuahua: "Right, bye!"
Me: "Okay, be careful!"

Chihuahua went home.

That's all for today.
Yeah, everything but the conversations with Erika is more or less just chatting, huh...

[ Ueto & Erika ]

I'll have something to eat, write about my outing with Ueto, then go to bed.
Itaru and Naohito will be some other time.

Ueto: "Seems like you've been hanging out with all of us these days, huh?"
Me: "Ah, well... yeah."
Ueto: "I'm not complaining. So stick with me for today!"
Me: "What's that mean?"
Ueto: "You free?"
Me: "I guess."
Ueto: "Be at the station in an hour."
Me: "Huh? Outside?"
Ueto: "There's something I wanna buy."
Me: "Can't you go with the -"
Ueto: "Alright, I'll see you there!"


We arrived at the same time.
Or rather, we met up while both searching for a good place to wait.
Technically, I was about ten minutes earlier.

Ueto: "Had lunch?"
Me: "Brunch, I guess."
Ueto: "I haven't yet. Wanna stop there?"

To the cafe.

Me: "Seriously, both of us?"
Ueto: "Yeeep."
Me: "Am I needed here?"
Ueto: "Of course. I'd get hit on otherwise."
Me: "Huh, it happens that often..."
Ueto: "Lots of guys try when there's two or three of us. But with four, nothing."
Me: "Huh."
Ueto: "Well, at least I've got you today, Takumi. Thanks!"
Me: "Eh?"

Me: "So what'd you want to buy?"
Ueto: "Hmm... stuff."
Me: "...Of course."

We ate a little and took the train to go shopping.
First, an appliance store.

Ueto: "I want a camera."
Me: "For the trip?'
Ueto: "Yep."

Apparently she was checking online to decide what she wanted to buy.

Ueto: "Which of these colors is better?"
Me: "Does it really matter...?"
Ueto: "I wanna hear your opinion, Takumi!"
Me: "Hmm... Well, you don't really want to get too colorful, so maybe match it with your phone or laptop or something?"
Ueto: "Hm. I'll ignore that opinion and go with this!"
Me: "What the hell..."
Ueto: "*laughs*"

She paid with a credit card, somewhat surprisingly.
And here Ueto seemed like the most common of the four...
Pulling out a credit card made her seem super rich.

Next, a general store.
There was lots of stuff I didn't even know what it was.

Ueto: "Look, Takumi! Look!"

She showed me some kind of... pouch with a pawprint on it?
I had no idea if this thing was any good.
But Ueto (heck, all four of them) seemed rather fashionable, so I guess she knew.

Ueto: "This thing's intense!"

And thus Ueto bought it.

Then Ueto bought a few daily necessities and more things for the trip.

At last, she dragged me to a clothing store.

Ueto: "Better get into autumn gear soon."
Me: "A little early, don't you think? Besides, I wear the same stuff as spring..."
Ueto: "Girls love to be fashionable!"
Me: "Really..."
Ueto: "Come on, aren't you too? Your clothes always suit you so well. I guess that's 'cause you've got style."
Me: "Yeah, it's an honor..."
Ueto: "*laughs*"

To the mall.

Me: "Do I have to go?"
Ueto: "Huh? Why wouldn't you?"
Me: "It seems kind of, uh, weird..."
Ueto: "Don't worry about it!"
Me: "Maaan..."
Ueto: "Wanna go look at lingerie?"
Me: "Please, please leave me out of that..."
Ueto: "*laughs*"

I held half the baggage.

Ueto: "Anything you want, Takumi?"
Me: "Not really..."
Ueto: "Well, wanna go play somewhere?"
Me: "I've got a lot to hold here..."
Ueto: "Man up, you can handle it."
Me: "Well, I guess I wouldn't have a problem going bowling or doing karaoke."
Ueto: "Oh! Bowling, yes! I'm a super good bowler!"
Me: "Hey, I'm not bad either!"

So we went bowling.

Miraculously, we didn't have to wait at all.

Me: "First of all, we have to make this a duel."
Ueto: "And the loser pays!"
Me: "Huh? You sure? I'm pretty good."
Ueto: "So am I!"
Me: "Handicap?"
Ueto: "Don't need it!"
Me: "What's your average?"
Ueto: "About 140."
Me: "Pretty good... for a girl. But I'm around 160."
Ueto: "Whoa, serious?"
Me: "Want a handicap of 20?"
Ueto: "Fiiine, let's go with 10."

Round 1:
Me: 150, Ueto: 110

Me: "Huh? Not enough handicap?"
Ueto: "I'm just warming up!"

Round 2:
Me: 170, Ueto: 120

Me: "Well, I'm sure to win."
Ueto: "I'll get you yet!"
Me: "You sure you're any good?"
Ueto: "I'm just not in the zone today. I always win when the four of us go."
Me: "How're the others, then?"
Ueto: "Erika and Glasses are about the same, and Chihuahua's the worst. She struggles to break 100."
Me: "That's about what I expected..."

Ueto: "But! Even though Chihuahua usually kinda sucks, she got a 190 once!"
Ueto: "When even my best is only 170..."
Me: "Huh, Chihuahua's really something."
Ueto: "Ever since then, even though she's no good, she's been all "I got 190 once, so I've got the high score, which means I could be the best!""
Me: "*laughs*"
Ueto: "Like, come on! She's totally the worst of us!"
Me: "Nah, I think Chihuahua might be right..."
Ueto: "Huh? Geez, why's that?"
Me: "I mean, it's not easy getting 190."
Ueto: "What's your high score?"
Me: "229."
Ueto: "Whoaaa!"
Me: "Eh..."

I'd like to see that from Chihuahua.

For the third match, I was banned from using my dominant arm and the handicap went up to 20.
The result...

Me: 165, Ueto: 140

Ueto: "You cheat! How?!"
Me: "Well, I have practiced some with my left arm."
Ueto: "You sly dog..."
Me: "I win!"
Ueto: "Geeez..."
Me: "It's fine, I'll pay."
Ueto: "No way. It was a duel. I'm paying."
Me: "Thanks for the treat!"

Paying the fee wouldn't hurt Ueto, of course.

Afterward, the timing was right to go back to the station and to a restaurant.

Ueto: "Whew, I'm tired..."
Me: "I'll bet."

Ordered food, etc.

Ueto: "Oh yeah. First name."
Me: "Hm?"
Ueto: "I told you you could use my first name, right?"
Me: "Yeah..."
Me: "You've already taken to calling me mine."
Ueto: "That's since we used it behind your back."
Me: "Is that so."
Ueto: "Come on, call me Aya?"
Me: "Man, seems a little late for that..."

Ueto: "Pleeease?"
Me: "...Fine, from now on."
Ueto: "Now."
Me: "Man, it's embarrassing..."
Ueto: "Why?"
Me: "You tell ME why."
Ueto: "'Cause."
Me: "It's weird just calling you without anything to ask you."
Ueto: "Then ask me something, duh."
Me: "What's your weight?"
Ueto: "Say "Aya" or there's no point, dummy!"
Me: "...When's your birthday, Aya?"
Aya: "Oh, it's ___. Getting me something, Takumi? I look forward to it!"
Me: "...If I remember it."

We talked about the upcoming trip, about Erika, and about Sharin no Kuni.
We ate dessert and both went home.
Ueto - rather, Aya - left in style on a medium-sized bike.

Thus ends the outing with Ueto.

People would call that a date...
Someone rip out Takkun's heart.

Aya... she says...?

Erika: "Let's play Earth Defense Force."
Me: "Again?"
Erika: "I'll be there."
Me: "Right."


Erika: "'Scuse me!"
Me: "Come on in."
Erika: "I bought loads of snacks for us, virgin."
Me: "Right, thanks."
Erika: "Maybe they'll help your brain?"
Me: "You gonna do something about that personality?"
Erika: "Ah, longing for the days of me being an angel..."
Me: "Wonder if I should smack you in the head and make you lose your memory."
Me: "Then I'll get you how you were before. And then I'll like you again."
Erika: "Wanna try it?"
Me: "You sound interested."
Erika: "So I can call you Takkun, right?"
Me: "Geez..."

Got drinks, we got playing.

Erika: "You've been really friendly with the girls, huh?"
Me: "Hm?"
Erika: "Playing games together..."
Me: "Hey, we're doing that now."
Erika: "And you went on a date with Aya earlier, right?"
Me: "It wasn't really a date, per se..."
Me: "Although I was kind of curious..."
Erika: "About what?"
Me: "I've been getting invited by you girls a bunch... Might you be conspiring?"
Erika: "Weeell..."
Me: "It's true, isn't it?"
Erika: "Maaaybe..."

A while afterward, we got really into the game.

"Go beat that huge thing!" "You do it, Takumi."
"That item's mine!" "No, mine!"
"Ooh, I got a good weapon!" "Huh? Jerk!"

Erika: "Looking forward to the trip."
Me: "Yep. You ready?"
Erika: "Born ready."
Me: "I'm the type that keeps thinking he's forgot something no matter how much he prepares..."
Erika: "Just like Aya, hah..."
Erika: "If you forget your toothbrush, don't worry, you can have mine."
Me: "No thanks, and no thanks."

After some time, we hit a mission we couldn't beat.

Me: "This is tough..."
Erika: "This even possible?"
Me: "Alright, let's buff our health and weapons!"

Grinding on a stage with lots of ants.

Erika: "Hey, I brought those snacks, so you gonna eat them?"
Me: "What are you, my mom?"
Erika: "Say "ahhh"..."
Me: "This again... I'll eat it myself!"
Erika: "Rather do mouth to mouth? Mwaaah..."
Me: "Stop that."

I pushed the cookie in Erika's teeth into her mouth.

Erika: "Hrm..."
Erika: "That's a virgin for you."

Me: "Alright, let's go."
Erika: "Yeah!"

To the problem mission.

Me: "Beat it!"
Erika: "Cake!"
Me: "Even though you died..."

But we very soon got stuck again.

Me: "Alright, let's make a plan."
Erika: "Sure."
Me: "The spiders come here, here, and here, so we take them out in order so we don't get trapped."
Erika: "Okay!"
Me: "Let's roll!"
Erika: "Yep!"

Me: "Ooh, this is working."
Erika: "Now it's a good mission!"
Me: "Sure is!"

Everything went according to plan, and we beat it.

Me: "Ahh... perfect!"
Erika: "Made me feel good just playing it."
Me: "Yeah..."
Erika: "Wanna do it again?"
Me: "I was thinking the same thing."

So for some reason, we beat the same mission again.

Then I noticed that again, Erika had gotten rather close to me.

Me: "Little close there..."
Erika: "Not so."
Me: "No, really, move a little over..."
Erika: "Shut UP!"

Erika suddenly leapt up.

Me: "This again? C'mon..."
Erika: "Nnngh..."

She pressed her face into my chest.

Me: "Come on, be reasonable..."
Erika: "Just let me..."
Me: "Geez..."

I gave up.
She held me for about a minute, which seemed really long.
I was kind of embarrassed to be smelling her.

Erika: "Whew..."
Me: "Seriously... Is that really how you are?"
Erika: "Why can't I be?"
Me: "...Sigh."

By the time it had gotten pretty dark.

Me: "Boy, it's late already..."
Erika: "Should I go?"
Me: "Yes, you do that."
Erika: "Well, I'd be glad if you escorted me..."
Me: "Didn't you take your bike?"
Erika: "I walked today."
Me: "On purpose, surely?"
Erika: "Gotta get in some exercise!"
Me: "..."

I ended up taking her home with both of us on a bicycle.

Erika: "My butt hurts..."
Me: "Deal with it."
Erika: "Right."

I took Erika to her apartment.
Erika warmed me up by hugging me all the while.

Erika: "Thanks."
Me: "Definitely take your bike next time."
Erika: "So I CAN come again!"
Me: "Shaddup. Bye."
Erika: "Right, see you! Take care!"

And so I returned home.

All that's left now is Itaru and Naohito.

What's your problem with Erika?

Well, I don't have a problem with her...
She's just kind of had a huge personality swing.
I almost feel like she might be emotionally unstable...
So I don't know how to approach that.

Also, this may seem unexpected, but...
I'm thinking I'll show this thread to the girls soon.
What do you think about it?

Why do that?

Well, I've been thinking they'd find out about it someday...

[ Itaru & Naohito ]

Today, I shall write about hanging out with Itaru and Naohito!

Before posting, let me note this was my first day hanging out with Naohito and Itaru since breaking up with Erika.

My plan for that day was to discuss the details of my breakup with Erika, and ask Naohito why he had kept quiet.

Me: "So, I broke up with Erika."
Itaru: "Ahh!"
Naohito: "Seriously?! Why?!"
Me: "Uh, well..."
Itaru: "Because of what you told me, right?"

I gave a simple explanation of things, from what happened at McDonald's up to Erika's house that night.

Itaru: "I see..."
Me: "But you encouraged me, right, Itaru? You're so nice."

I leaned on Itaru.

Itaru: "Get off!"

I was thrown off.

Me: "That said... Dammit, Naohito, you knew everything, didn't you?"
Naohito: "Huh? Uh... hm..."
Me: "And that's a lousy suggestion you gave her."
Naohito: "Hey, I just told her what her little Takumi's preferences were!"
Me: "I like graceful girls? Did I really say that?"
Naohito: "You totally did! I asked you!"
Me: "..."
Naohito: "So I told the girl who had kind of a thing for you."
Me: "And you kept quiet about it?"
Naohito: "Course I did. She asked me to."
Me: "And didn't you think what'd happen if I found out? 'Cause we broke up once I did."
Naohito: "Even so, a girl with a foul mouth acting graceful for the guy she likes?"
Naohito: "Don'tcha think that's funny?"
Itaru: "Yeah, it totally is."
Naohito: "He's got my back!"
Me: "Shut up!"

Me: "Ugh, I'm surrounded by morons..."
Naohito: "Yeah, so whatever, it was my bad too. But why break up? Isn't that a waste?"
Me: "Well, it's already done."
Naohito: "What a wasteful thing you did. Can't you handle a girl like Erika, Takumi?"
Me: "Well, maybe if she'd just been that way the whole time."
Naohito: "So I guess you do like graceful gals!"
Me: "Not so much that as I don't like being lied to."
Naohito: "Can't say I understand how you feel. But loads of girls put on a show for the guys they like, you know?"
Me: "Dunno about that, but the girls always call me "virgin" when they meet up."
Naohito: "Nothing wrong with complaining about your boyfriend in front of your friends."
Me: "..."

Naohito: "That said, why not try to understand Erika's feelings? She's serious, isn't she?"
Me: "...Itaru! He's being so irritating, but so cool, dammit!"
Naohito: "*laughs*"

Afterward, the two just told me to do what I like, so I thought over it.
Itaru and Naohito sure are good guys.

I think that took place the afternoon of the day when Glasses came to my house.
Thanks to that conversation, I couldn't bring myself to be too cruel to Erika.

Now, one last event before the club trip.

It was after my outing with Ueto, and before Erika came over.
The three of us guys played The Game of Life.

Naohito: "Fixed things with Erika yet?"
Me: "Nope. We're still broken up."
Naohito: "She's not contacting you?"
Me: "Nah, she's sending texts and calls."
Naohito: "Hmm..."
Itaru: "Well, no need to rush."
Naohito: "Not meeting her?"
Me: "She came to my place once, and same for Glasses and Chihuahua after that. I also had an outing with Aya for some reason."
Naohito: "Huh? Why? You after Aya now?"
Me: "No, that's not it."
Naohito: "But have you at least repaired relations?"
Me: "Yeah. Heck, I think we're friendlier than before."
Naohito: "Man, dude..."
Itaru: "Takumi's a fast worker."
Me: "Yep."

Meanwhile, in The Game of Life, Itaru quickly got married.
But a strange name appeared for his partner.

Naohito: "Whose name is that?"

Itaru: "Oh, this? That's my girlfriend's name."


Me: "Huh?"
Naohito: "Huh?"
Itaru: "Huh?"

Me: "Serious?!"
Naohito: "Serious?!"
Itaru: "Totally."
Me: "You gotta be kidding!"
Naohito: "Got any pics?!"
Itaru: "From a photo booth, sure..."


We saw Itaru being snuggled by a woman.

Me: "Whoa, it's true..."
Naohito: "She looks mature..."
Itaru: "Yeah, she's five years older."
Me: "She's an adult!"
Naohito: "How'd you meet?!"
Itaru: "Uh, we just kind of met offline..."
Me: "Same interests!"
Itaru: "Will you stop shouting...?"
Me: "Naohito! They share interests!"
Naohito: "The hardest barrier is down!"
Itaru: "I was thinking that, too..."

Though shocked, Naohito and I gave Itaru our blessings.

Apparently they had met while I was at my parents' house, with her making the advances and eventually dating.

Me: "Man, I'm happy for you, Itaru..."
Itaru: "Thanks."
Naohito: "So how far you gone?"

Itaru: "Well, I'm not a virgin anymore..."

Me/Naohito: "?!"

Adults move quick...

Naohito: "Hope you can get a move on soon too, Takumi!"
Me: "Hey, I'm not that bothered about being a virgin..."

This is really how I feel.
Because all my sexual desires are fulfilled by the world wide web.

Me: "Even so, I can't say I'm not jealous."
Itaru: "Well, good luck to you."

And so The Game of Life went on.

That's all for today.
The events of the trip will begin tomorrow.

Hot damn, Itaru...

[ The Trip, Day 1 ]

The morning of the first trip day.

I headed for the station with Naohito and Itaru.
We were the last to arrive.

After exchanging greetings, the four quickly approached.

Erika: "You're late."
Me: "Hey, we're 15 minutes early..."

Erika was putting on her act for the club members.
Apparently the others didn't know about our breakup.

Eventually the bus arrived, and we departed.
The buses had seats for two each, and I was next to Itaru, so it was cramped.
While on the bus, I, Queen in the seat in front, Sister, and the four girls all played cards.

Queen: "This is kind of an awkward position..."
Sister: "I feel so sick. Catch it if I barf, Takumi."
Me: "Sorry, I'm not good on buses either."
Queen: "You guys are wimps!"

So I played with the four for a while.

Queen: "Ugh, I feel gross..."

And so Queen conked out.
Considering she was insulting others, she was kind of worthless.

Somehow I managed to keep winning, always coming first or second in old maid.
Sister noticed this.

Sister: "You aren't cheating, are you, Takumi?"
Me: "I'm not! You want me to lose?"
Sister: "You piss me off! I'm gonna win!"

But I continued not losing until we arrived.
Sister sulked and tossed her cards.
We got off the bus and transferred to another to the inn.

We arrived at the inn, and though it wasn't large, it was very pretty.
There was a small room for three, a medium for five, and a large for the six girls.
Me, Naohito, Itaru, and two juniors shared the medium room.
Three male seniors took the small room.

We put our luggage in our rooms, had lunch, and got to our activities.
Which I'm not going to detail.

Once that was over, we relaxed in our rooms.

Afterward, we bathed and went to dinner.
The yukatas they leant us fit phenomenally well.
I was surprised to see the girls put on a minimum of makeup after the bath.
I asked them about it, and they replied in unison, "Why not?"
Dinner was also pretty tasty.

After dinner, we had free time.

The seniors and girls gathered in our medium room, talking about and playing and coming and going as they pleased.
Sister challenged me to cards for revenge, and I took turns playing her, Erika, and Naohito.
Also, others played an N64 one of the juniors had brought.

I kept winning, once again.

Sister: "The hell! How?!"
Sister was getting serious.

Ueto: "That's not right!"
Ueto was getting serious.

Erika: "You're so good, Takumi!"
Erika, still faking, was getting serious.

Naohito: "Takumi, give it a break already!"
So was Naohito.

I was the enemy of all.

Me: "I'd kinda like to play the N64..."
Sister: "No."
Me: "Fine, then I admit defeat."
Ueto: "No, you have to lose."

They demanded that it go on until I was poor.
But as we kept going, I continued being rich.
Naohito eventually gave up.

Me: "Can I just pass on all the rest?"
Erika: "Nope."
Me: "..."
Me: "Enough! I wanna play Smash Bros.!"
Ueto silently began dealing the cards.

Me: "Seriously, I want to stop..."
Sister: "Alright, how about if I lose the next round, I start undressing?"
Me: "I don't need that!"

Ueto: "Please, pleeease! Once more!"
Me: "Fine, but this is the last time!"

The others threw down their cards when I won.

Me: "Are you going to undress, Sister?"
Sister: "You should be the one undressing!"
Me: "Well, give me a pass on that for now."

So I went to play Smash.
Erika and Ueto fell to the ground.

After enjoying Smash Bros., with Itaru, Glasses, and Chihuahua, we got to bed for tomorrow.

I dragged Erika and Ueto off my futon and returned it to my room.
Sister and Queen had gone to the small room.
With things finally calmed down, the four talked on their pillows and fell asleep.
Also, one of the juniors slept in the closet for some reason.

And so the first night passed.

[ The Trip, Day and Night 2 ]

The second morning.

I woke up and saw Sister in my futon.
I had no clue.

Absentminded for a while, I didn't move, and tried to wake her up.

Me: "Sister? Sister Big-Boobs?"
Sister: "..."

She was a deep sleeper.
So as not to wake up anyone else, I lightly poked her and whispered her name.

Sister: "...loser."

She seemed upset.

Me: "Rise and shine!"
Sister: "Sleepy..."
Me: "..."

With no other choice, I got out of the futon.

But furthermore...
There was something small lying beside the futon.
It was no doubt Dimwit Queen.
Why was she there...?

Queen wouldn't wake up when I shook her, either.
So I quietly got up, and put her on the futon where I had been.
I picked up Queen damsel-style, and yet she still didn't wake up.

So, left without a bed, I went to have a morning bath.

Relaxed by the bath water, I went back to the room, and Naohito was up.

Naohito: "Mornin'. You're up early."
Me: "Morning. That's 'cause of them."
Naohito: "Sister was sleeping here?"
Me: "Seems so."

Breakfast was fast approaching, so I woke everyone up.

Me: "C'mon, Itaru, get up. Almost time for breakfast!"
Naohito: "Rise and shine, Queen, Sister!"

Itaru and the two juniors got up right away, but Sister refused.

With no other choice, I pulled off the covers and dragged her by the arm.

Me: "Come on, get up."
Sister: "...sleepy."
Queen: "...yaaawn..."
At least they were up.

Forced to stand up, Naohito and the juniors took them to the girls' room.
Queen wouldn't move at all, so I carried her.
Sister staggered into the girls' room.

Me: "Erika? You up?"
Erika: "Huh? Takumi? Yes, I'm up."
Me: "Take these off my hands."
Erika: "Queen? What happened?"
Me: "These two were sleeping in our room."
Erika: "Huh? Perhaps I should have gone, too..."
Me: "Do something about her, it's almost breakfast."
Erika: "Right!"

Erika managed to get the girls ready.
We got the seniors up too, and went to breakfast.

With breakfast over, we went to our activities.
We fit lunch in the middle of that.
We finished up early in the afternoon to prepare for the get-together that night.

Going with Naohito and the two juniors, we went out shopping and bought a ton of food and drinks.

We all relaxed in our own ways until the get-together.
Personally, I slept.

Virgins who don't do a damn thing in a situation like this irritate me.

Huh? What could I have done?

You could've bro-hugged Naohito in the bath.

I dunno, something with Dimwit Queen in the morning?

It would've been entertaining if you tried waking her up with a grope...

What, grope Sister?
Not a chance.
Though maybe it could've woken her up...

She's called Big-Boobs for a reason, though.
Biggest in the club, with Itaru a distant second.

After an evening bath, the get-together.

We had a toast at Queen's request, then ate and drank.
We moved seats a lot.
It was noisy.

Me: "You sure surprised me this morning..."
Sister: "Huh? Oh, right, sorry."
Me: "Yeah, well, it's fine... But how did that happen, exactly?"
Sister: "Well, I was talking on my way to the small room..."
Sister: "Then I went back to my room to sleep, but in front of your room, I remembered losing at cards."
Sister: "I told you I'd undress, but I didn't, so I wondered if I should sleep with you instead, haha..."
Me: "You make it sound like it was my reward..."
Sister: "Well, it kind of was."
Me: "All you did was freak me out!"
Me: "Plus I couldn't wake you up, and there was some little thing lying on the floor too..."
Sister: "*laughs*"
Me: "I lost my bed because of Queen, don't you know?"
Sister: "*laughs*"
Me: "Wait, why was Queen there?"
Sister: "Uh... I dunno!"
Me: "*laughs*"

Afterward, the seniors talked about being dumped by girls and their concerns for the future.
Everyone prodded Itaru about his girlfriend.
Meanwhile, Dimwit Queen used a straw to splatter me with my drink, so I punished her with having her mouth filled with marshmallows.

Suddenly Chihuahua grabbed my arm, and sat me down somewhere with the four girls.
There, we just had some friendly conversation.
We were all pretty excited and drunk.

Ueto: "Been a while since we five have talked, huh?"
Erika: "Yep."
Me: "Well, there's been stuff..."
Glasses: "Like Takkun being a virgin, say..."
Me: "Hey, I'll smash those glasses."
Erika: "Don't say that, Takumi..."
Me: "Oh yeah. Once again, you're faking."
Erika: "Huh? What?"
Me: "Are you gonna do this forever?"
Erika: "I dunno what you're talking about, Takumi."
Me: "Am I your main target?'
Erika: "Hmm... I wonder myself..."
Me: "So then what's the real you, huh?"
Me: "I mean, that one day was the worst of it, but you've gotten better since."
Me: "Somebody other than Erika answer."

Chihuahua: "Umm, well, they're both her..."
Glasses: "Yeah, that's it. Not like I've seen you and Erika talking since then, though."
Ueto: "Yeah, she was pretty harsh that day... She's gotten more serious since."
Me: "I see."
Chihuahua: "But Erika has changed a little since joining the club."
Glasses: "Sure has."
Erika: "Oh?"
Glasses: "When we weren't there, she got... angelesque."
Me: "Hey, stop it!"
The Four: "*laughs*"
Ueto: "It was like, "is this young lady in love?""
Erika: "Huh? No way!"
Me: "Stop it, even I'm getting embarrassed..."
Ueto: "Man, but it's true though..."
Erika: "Sheesh, you get mean when you're tipsy..."
Me: "Aha."

Me: "So, have you told anyone else we're broken up for now?"
Erika: "Not hiding it, but I haven't said it."
Me: "Seriously? I mean, Sister was sleeping in my futon this morning. Would a girl seriously do that with a taken guy?"
Me: "Or is that just the norm in college?"
Erika: "You kidding me? Huh? Crap, I should've been there!"
Me: "I'm glad you weren't!"
Erika: "You sly dog... I'm gonna be there tonight!"
Me: "Can you not embarrass me for once?"
Ueto: "I'm coming too!"
Glasses: "Alright, me too!"
Chihuahua: "And me four!"
Me: "Well, I can accept just Chihuahua."
Erika: "Why's that?!"
Me: "It's a matter of size. I'm big, Chihuahua's small."
Chihuahua: "I don't like that reasoning..."

Glasses: "Geez, Takumi, you like Chihuahua a little much. Said something about wanting to stroke her head on your lap earlier, too."
Me: "Yeah, well, how can I help it?"
Erika: "Huh? Well, I can do that. Hah!"

Erika forced herself onto me, cross-legged.

Me: "Oh god, I'm being crushed..."
Erika: "I'm not that heavy. Now pat my head!"

Erika took my hand and placed it on her head.

Me: "Enough of this. Move it."
Erika: "Huh?"

I moved her off.

Me: "See, that's why Chihuahua would be perfect for it."
Chihuahua: "Huh...? Well, just for a little..."
Me: "Come!"

Chihuahua sat in my lap.

Me: "Awww!"
Erika: "Ick."
Ueto: "Ick."
Glasses: "Ick."

Chihuahua sat for a while.

Chihuahua: "Takumi, did you bring Monster Hunter?"
Me: "Of course not!"
Chihuahua: "Huhhh?"
Me: "You should've told me to. Then we all could've played it!"
Chihuahua: "Yeah..."
Erika: "Monster Hunter?"
Me: "Yeah, you should try it. It's fun, and cheap right now."
Chihuahua: "I told them to earlier, but they didn't have any motivation..."
Me: "Well, four players would be perfect."
Chihuahua: "Right!"
Glasses: "Alright... I'll buy it as soon as we get back."

Finally, Chihuahua gained some more hunting buddies.

After talking about a bunch of irrelevant stuff, Chihuahua was called away and got off my lap.

Things kept being noisy until the get-together was over.

But the drinking and playing simply moved into the medium room again.

The futon I had slept in last night was occupied once more.

Erika: "This yours, Takumi?"
Me: "Nope."
Erika: "Nah, this totally smells like you."
Me: "Don't smell it... And how would you know?"
Erika: "Aha, I knew it!"
Me: "I'm gonna fold it, so get off."
Erika: "Nooo!"

Glasses and the rest arrived to further occupy the futon.

Me: "Fine, just treat it nicely!"

I watched the four roll around playfully.
It honestly made me wonder, what was so much fun about a futon?
Is this the power of alcohol?
Also, they had yukatas on, so... yes.

The seniors, juniors, Naohito, and Itaru started playing mahjong.
So I played Jenga with the four.
Others kept joining in and leaving.

And several rounds later...

I was once more undefeatable.

Erika: "Again?!"
Glasses: "Just lose already, Takumi!"
Me: "Nope, you have to defeat me. And then you can say you won."

It turned into a four-on-one.

Glasses: "Erika? Oh, she's an angel!"
Me: "Hey, stop! This is a delicate part!"
The Four: "*laughs*"

But I still didn't collapse it.

Me: "Erika? Oh, she's an angel!"
Ueto: "Pfft... AHHHHHHHHHH!"

The tower collapsed.

Me: "What's the matter?"
Ueto: "YOU aren't supposed to say it!"

However hard the four tried, they couldn't get me to topple the tower.
Whereas I assailed them with inside jokes and whatnot.

Ultimately, even with them blowing into my ears, I was unstoppable.

Around that point, the seniors who had been playing mahjong dropped off.
Soon after, the two juniors dropped off.
And one returned to the closet.

Those of us remaining played Smash Bros., played cards, and talked.
Sister and Queen got pretty drunk.
I was no longer able to completely dominate in cards.

Reaching my limit, I took back my futon and slept in the corner.
I was told not to go to bed yet, but fell swiftly asleep.

And that's how my second night ended.

And in the dark of night, Erika slips into the futon, with Chihuahua lying beside it.

What a player Takkun is, being so skilled at making people laugh...

Nah, it's all in the power of alcohol.
By the end, I could get them to laugh by just whispering their names.

[ The Trip, Final Day ]

Morning of the final day.

I woke up to my cellphone alarm...

And Erika was in my futon.

I was surprised, honestly, but it was the second day in a row this had happened. I didn't attempt to wake her.
I moved so as not to disturb her, and saw Glasses behind Erika.
And beyond her were still more, which meant there was an extra futon.
Did they bring it in...?

I stealthily patted Erika's head and left the futon.

Not waking anyone up, I cleaned up the horrible mess, and like the day before, went to the bath.

It calmed me down, but back in the room, still no one was awake.

They must have stayed up late last night, so I decided to get them up just barely in time for breakfast.
I sat by the window killing time on my phone, and woke everyone up when the time was right.

First was Erika.

Me: "It's morning, Erika. Get up already."
Erika: "..."

Just talking wouldn't do, so I shook her.

Me: "Heeey! Erikaaa!"
Erika: "...Mmm... Takumi... ah... mornin'."
Me: "Almost breakfast."
Erika: "...Yeah."
Me: "Come on, get up!"
Erika: "Yeah, I'm comin'..."
Me: "Right..."

I pulled Erika's arm and got her up.

Me: "Help me wake up the others."
Erika: "Carry me, Takumi..."
Me: "Geez, what's wrong with you, Erika?"
Erika: "I can't stand on my own. Carry meee."
Me: "Ugh, fine..."

I put my hands in position and lifted her up.

Erika: "Ah! Boob touch!"
Me: "I did not do that."

Erika clung to me.
I got her to stand up.

Me: "There, now wake everyone up."
Erika: "Right!"

Then the two of us woke up the others.
Everyone but Queen and Sister was able to get up easy.

Naohito was apparently the last to get up.
The sleepy girls took their futon and went back to their room.
Queen still wasn't up, so I carried her to the girls' room again.
And while everyone was getting ready, I went to wake up the seniors.

At any rate, everyone made it to breakfast.

After breakfast, we prepared to return.
We did lots of club stuff in the afternoon, thanked the inn workers, and left the inn.

Most everyone was sleeping on the bus ride home.
I ended up sleeping, too.

The bus arrived at the station.

And after some words from Queen, we dispersed.

On the way back, I went with Itaru and Naohito to a restaurant.
There, we talked about how much fun we had and so on.

It was getting a little late, so we headed home.
Itaru stuck with me until the last station.

I said farewell to him there, then went home.

And that was the end of those wonderful three days of the club trip.

Thus ends the trip.

Good night.

Has anything happened since the end of the trip and today?

Calls and texts from Erika.
Nothing much other than Skype and Monster Hunter with Chihuahua.
They've all gotten into Monster Hunter now, it seems.

So not a whole lot happened for a while. Until the unthinkable did...

And Takumi took some initiative.

Posted June 9th, 2012


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