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September 19th, 2021

Tomorrow I'm going out for the first time in 50 years, but I'm super worried about my physical condiiton.

The cause was making too many videos and running out of hard drive space.

Couldn't stream today on account of technical difficulities... Real sorry...

[Photo of error message: "After Effects warning: (gibberish characters) \Mov\ (gibberish characters) 20896.1096.aep (gibberish characters)] It's hopeless... It's all over...

Wait a mocha for stream...

Wanna stream composition, but stamina is questionable... Gngh.

Want to make an instrumental.

It's sudden, but can I stream composition tonight? Sure!

All things in this world exist for a reason, but I want the foreleg hitbox for Magna's tail beam to begone forever.

Loosen up my body for all the time I've spent playing Monster Hunter...

At the hospital, I was told my body being super stiff is why I'm constantly hurting, but moving my body hurts, so I don't move it and make it more stiff... I'm hopeless...

The biggest dogs possible, please.

Please, walk dogs to enrich my heart.

Sitting down in a park and watching dogs being walked is when I feel most alive.

I was like "My back's doin' bad!!", but there's never a day when it's doing good, so business as usual!!

Feels good to take a stroll and feel the wind... It's been a long time.

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