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June 21st, 2021

A dog girl utterly riding the high from hunting Diablos in the nude.

Roset-chan giving a theory about people bored of Monster Hunter Rise. [Clip from stream talking about how people say there's not enough endgame content in Rise, but This Is The Endgame Content Right Here Baby]

Showering after exercising feels as good as drinking Oolong tea after having curry.

I conquered nude Ring Fit, so now I'll go and conquer a nude bath...

The next-easiest one to try would probably be nude Rajang, but two Diablos has such an impact...

Stream over!!! Successfully hunted Magnamalo and two Diablos in the nude!!! I am the Monster Hunter!!!

Defeated Magnamalo, so working on two Diablos nude.


When you get up to Magnamalo, it basically approaches a no-damage run...

The potential range between a good avocado and a bad avocado is way too big.

:clock: Tonight at 9:00:
Let's do ittttt!!
[Monster Hunter Rise] Challenging High-Rank Magnamalo, No Armor Allowed [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

Would "what's the IR in IR Reverb stand for?" be a good question too...?

You see things like "Sci-Fi" when you're messing with timbre, but it wasn't obvious at all how to read it or what it meant... I spent years thinking it was something like Wi-Fi.

For those who can't sleep at night, here's the answers.
["How do you read these?
- Decibel
- Auxiliary
- Augment
- Diminished
- Suspended fourth
- Half-diminished
- Sai-fye
What do these stand for?
- Electronic Dance Music
- Digital Audio Workstation
- Musical Instrument Digital Interface
- Audio Stream Input Output
- Virtual Studio Technology instrument"]

Everyone uses ATMs, but not that many people know what ATM stands for... There's lots of that kind of thing in DTM.

EDM stands for edamame.

There's a bunch of things where IO is read "input-output," but it's kinda cute how it's like "year in, year out."

My face when I first looked up what VST and ASIO were.

A quiz of music terminology even music college graduates won't know.
["How do you read these?
- dB
- aux
- aug
- dim
- sus4 (full name)
- ΓΈ (chord)
- Sci-Fi [not much of a question for English speakers, but pronunciation can be unclear to Japanese speakers]
What do these stand for?
- VSTi"]

Thinking that there's people smack dab in the middle of the Caribbean listening to a yuri song I made makes my chest feel warm...

[Screenshot of notice that "kissing fish" hit 195th in the pop music rankings for the Cayman Islands] All of you from the Cayman Islands!!!

Since I set up memberships and all, I'll be doin' my best to find more opportunities to stream.

There was a super cool lady on the train who looked like she was wearing Rakna-Kadaki armor.

There's too many people good at games in the world!

I wanna play Monster Hunter Frontier. (you can't)

I worked hard on Monster Hunter, so can I drink?! Sure thing!

Naturally, nude Magnamalo is extremely dangerous, so I want to do that on stream.

In terms of nude difficulty, Narga seems like it'd be outrageously more difficult than Zinogre... The lunge timing gacha is wild.

How long's it been since I was this happy to just defeat a Zinogre...

I did it!!! [Screenshot showing Zinogre defeated with no armor equipped]

Every time I die, I shout really loud.

Since taking a hit will kill you no questions asked, you're forced to carefully consider solutions one thing at a time, taking another look at your usual behavior... Nude play is beneficial...

Time for nude practice.

I thought I'd played quite a bit, but I'm still only at 330 hours.

This song's taking shape, so I'm good to play Monster Hunter! Hooray!

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