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June 20th, 2021

Starting this year, after I release an album, I'll sell it again later with a few additional songs and a "G" added to the title.

Even in real life, when I see a torii gate in a weird place, I think "bet there's a note hidden there"...

Striving to be the strongest broadsword Vtuber, it seems I must resolve myself to take on nude training...

With it being on Xbox, though, seems like it won't come to Switch...

It's a game where Banjo and Kazooie resolve everything with violence.

Violence [Screenshot of Banjo-Kazooie (Xbox Live Arcade version) on the Microsoft store, with the rating only showing the tag "Violence"]

Come out with a Banjo-Kazooie remake soon, please, I'll do anything.

Controllers rumbling is just a standard feature now, but it's amazing how that was the pioneer...

I feel like kids these days wouldn't believe you if you told them you used to have to attach a big heavy special peripheral to the controller just so it could rumble.

I'm wondering if I should go back and play World Iceborne now, but I've gotten domesticated by the Rise controls.

I don't understand the reason God made back pain.

In practice, it feels like you need 5 billion times as much knowledge as can actually go into the work... The act of extracting from that repeatedly and ultimately wringing out the most suitable droplet... That's creation...

Feels like a beautfiul creation is born when knowledge and values are neatly linked.

Kenji Miyazawa has the absolute strongest body of work.

Memories can be both magic and a curse...

Living on with the thoughts of someone who passed away can sometimes be harder than death.

Urk... Campanella... (after-effects)

I don't want to age, but I want my birthday to be celebrated every day.

Today I had a dream where it wasn't my birthday, but I had my birthday celebrated with a cake with a stupid-huge firework on it.

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