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December 31st, 2020

I made it to next year, so praise me.

Wrapped up work!!!!!!! [right at midnight]

This year was a year I got to meet people who like me, so I was happy... Heehee.

Grand finale.

Puzzle Lord is an mode for otaku that you can only play after you've cleared every one of the main puzzles added to every week (currently 1871 stages).

I'm such a diehard Toro Puzzler, I got past Puzzle Lord Level 300.

[Retweeting the "murder comic"] So this is gonna be my last art of the year, huh...

I'm also glad about gaining a lot of followers this year from going viral a lot...

What should I do next year... :music notes:

Got my hopes up for 2021 OSTER-san.

Things that happened in 2020:
- Got over 50,000 likes on an aug video :music notes:
- Had two general anesthesia surgeries in one day :syringe:
- Had a song of mine play from a truck :truck:
- Became a Vtuber :music score:
- Made friends I could go wild with on a hot spring trip :hot spring:
- Started drawing a lot of art :palette:
- Made my own simple animation music video :video camera:
- Debuted as a singer :microphone:

[Retweeting Patchwork Marriage] Listen to my last song of the year.

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