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December 30th, 2020

Give your regards to Roset-chan-loid.

Patchwork Marriage feat. ROSET
I made :music score: Roset-chan's :music score: first original song! :music notes: :heart:
I'll keep doing my best as a Vtuber next year! :music score: :water pistol: #TesrosetTranmission

What I want to be in the future (grade school): Invincible
What I want to be in the future (now): Invincible

Mother's Calf Bacteria, on the other hand, is what Hannibal Lecter eats. ["Shokudou" can be read as "cafeteria" or "esophagus."]

Mother's Cafeteria [a brand of Family Mart products] is rooted in the bias that a mother must be a woman. (??)

Forget just being able to do anything, I do stuff because I wanna be able to do anything...

It's scary to do something for the first time, and you're gonna be super bad at it since it's your first time, but if you don't toss aside your shame, you can't express anything. You gotta start by letting others see.

What a multimedia creator...

:music score: Roset-chan-loid revealed! :music score:
Tonight at 6:00 PM, I'll release Roset-chan's first original song, Patchwork Marriage! :confetti ball: I also made the whole video myself! Look forward to it. :heart:

The Walkman I used to treasure long ago showed up in my dreams.

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